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Extenze Reviews

Male enhancers are very popular these days but not all men are using them, even those who have problems with their bedroom performance. Why? Some have negative preconceptions about these products and some of these are as follows:

  • Prescription drugs cause fatal complications like heart disease.
  • Surgical implants can result to complete dysfunction or permanent erection.
  • Injections can only treat impotence, not penile size enhancement.
  • Erection devices compromise one’s ability to erect without the device.
  • Suppositories cause a lot of complications like burning sensation, urethral bleeding and pain to name a few.

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However, some male enhancement products are reputed for what they are. It can be because they are easily accessible and can even be bought from convenient stores, ExtenZe is one of them. However, the issue is not just about where to purchase the supplement. It is more on not knowing if it works 100% as claimed. Hence, you get yourself into a “trial and error” experience. But things are a lot different now, especially when product reviews such as this are made available to the public.


Knowing  what ExtenZe is for


ExtenZe made a lot of buzz after the famous porn star; Ron Jeremy made infomercials about it. It was a good way to get everyone’s attention but it is not the reason why the product thrived until now. Users are satisfied with this supplement and this made ExtenZe stay on the market. As a natural supplement, ExtenZe is formulated for the following reasons:

  • Enhancement of penis’ size, both girth and length.
  • Helps circulate blood to the penis. This is how the supplement increases its size and tenacity every time you have erection.
  • For longer and bigger erections
  • Increased sexual pleasure with minimal effort
  • Energized sexual sessions and improved vitality

What is it made of?


This product uses natural herbal compounds, amino acids and nutrients like:

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  • Korean Ginseng
  • Micronized DHEA
  • Tribulus Extract
  • Eleuthero Extract
  • Pumpkin Extract
  • Deer Velvet Antler
  • Hops Extract
  • And many more…

Does it have any side effect?


Take note that it contains Yohimbe. This is a stimulant. Though taking it is not an issue for some, it can cause serious problems to others.

How is this taken?


It comes in a capsule form though but is available in liquid forms as well. You can take this in short drink bottles but you can have it as over-sized energy drink cans too. It is better taken in liquid form since it absorbs better. But some can’t tolerate liquid, so capsules can be another option. For liquids, one bottle or can daily will suffice. But take note that cans are hard to be found since many stores don’t stock them. A capsule a day can be another option.


What its users have to say


Some of them reported to have 20% increases in their penis’ size after using the product consistently. However, others did not have the same luck. Hence, it is highly recommended that the product be used continuously to achieve the desired results. Though this product may not grow a 9 inch penis out of the blue, its users claimed considerable growth in their penis size, ejaculation control and longer erection. On top of that, its reasonable price makes it more sellable to the public.


ExtenZe is available in many convenient stores. But you can also buy it easily online.

Does it really work?


Some men who want to revitalize their sex life turn to ExtenZe. After all, this is a healthy and safe option compared to cosmetic surgery and harmful pills. Some who were willing to wait were rewarded with the results that they desire. But those who are not patient enough give up even before they see the prize for their effort.



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