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Phallosan Forte Reviews

You may have known guys wearing a penis enlargement device around. But these devices need to do more than just expanding and lengthening male organs. The best ones must also be medically useful. Phalosan Forte for instance is a male enlarger that helps resolve penis curvature otherwise known as “Peyronie disease”. This is equally helpful in allowing early recovery of patients who have undergone prostate surgery.

Phallosan Forte is a German invention in 2001. It is a penis extender that is worn sideways which comes with an orthopaedic belt. As an FDA approved product, this is commonly found in pharmacies of Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Other medical problems resolved by this device are as follows;

  1. Retraction penis

This is a result of obesity where the penis retracts back to the subcutaneous fat. With this, it is impossible to engage into any sexual activity. Phallosan works by pulling the penis out from the subcutaneous fat tissue. This is especiallye helpful when the person finds it hard to lose his weight.

  1. Innate Incurvate Penis

Prove to treat such condition.

  1. Prostrate Surgery

It is ideal for post-operative procedure after prostate surgery to regain sexual function.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction due to Diabetes

It improves blood flow to the penis which allows sufficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the area. This allows the person to have stronger erections.

How can this be possible?

Science explains it as the body’s response to constant use. Once force is applied to any part of your body, it causes muscles to be stretched consistently, resulting to reproduction of cells. The outcome is a lengthened and enlarged body part. That’s why using Phallosan Forte cause enlargement of your penis.

Proof that this principle is true:

Ethiopian women belonging to Mursi tribe do lip piercing to expand the size of their lips. Doing this constantly prior to their marriage makes their lips heavier than it used to. For this tribe, women with larger and heavier lips are beautiful. They do this on their earlobes too.

On the other hand, Maynmar’s Kayan women use big brass rings to elongate their necks. As it adds pressure on their collarbones, the neck lengthens slowly over time.

Since stretching was proven to increase length and size, this is now employed as an effective and gentle method to enhance the size of everyone’s manhood.

Expected Results:

Anyone who is planning to try any new product has one thing in mind; what to get from such experience. For Phallosan Forte, here’s what to expect.

  • Longer penis (1.9” more) after 6 months of consistent use.
  • Longer erection of up to 1.5” after 3 months of use. This even grows to 1.8” after 6 months.
  • Additional girth of 1.9” after 3 months.

All these advantages can be yours without compromising your comfort and safety. In fact, a study was conducted in Germany’s urological clinic. There is 1.14” average increase on the subject’s un-erected penis. For erected penis, there’s 1.41” additional length. The highest length even reaches 1.9”. The good news is; more growth is to be seen after 6 months of use.

About the package

Phallosan Forte kit contains:

  • 3 way valve suction ball
  • Elastic Belt (contains buckle, ring and suction bell adapter
  • Protector cap for irritation and swelling prevention
  • S, M and L suction bells
  • Tension clip as well as tension spring attachment
  • Suction Bells; S, M and L
  • Sleeves for the bells

Side Effects

In very rare cases, there reports on reddening and swelling of glans; an expected result when very high tension is applied to the area. However, this must not happen if users follow the procedure and make necessary adjustment for one’s comfort and safety. A tension that is more than 3 kilogram must never be applied.

How to Use

Here are the steps on how to use Phallosan Forte:

  1. Attach the tip of the penis to the protector cap.
  2. The rubber condom sleeve must be rolled over while taking the glass bell, fitting the head of your penis to it. This applies a pressure to the penis and holds it in place. Attachment is done with the use of a bell or vacuum suction cup, fitting tightly on the head of the penis as well as with the use of the condom.
  3. Use the orthopaedic belt, spreading it in front of you. Make sure that you adjust it according to its longest length with the use of the buckle.
  4. You can know of your accurate suction bell size through the enclosed measuring template. To measure, position the flaccid penis away from your trunk and measure its shaft.
  5. You can wear this device for 12 hours every day. And don’t worry; the glans won’t slip out since a negative pressure is created through the suction bell.
  6. In case of discomfort, simply use a 3 way valve. The tension level is controlled through the tension clip. This is equipped using a calibrated pull of the system.

User Reviews

Some users start out being skeptical about using the belt. They perceive this as uncomfortable to use for a prolonged period of time. But to their surprise, the belt does not cause them any discomfort at all. “I can barely even notice that I am wearing the device”, one of its users said. The thing is; you can adjust it so you can fit it to your unique body type. Hence, you can be sure that it will stay there comfortably all the time.

The thought of “vacuum” also cause apprehensions to those who have not yet tried Phallosan Forte. They can’t help about the thoughts of bearing the irritation and swelling that may happen next. But once these critics tried the product, they were surprised to know that their apprehensions are not really real after all. Thanks to its protector cap. This is very helpful in protecting the glans ad foreskin from becoming swollen, even if the suction becomes very strong.

Users also delight to the fact that the material used for the device is allergen-free and this does not exclude its sleeve. Its silicon material is perfect for those who have latex allergy.

Most of all, users of Phallosan Forte users are contented with the fact that it does not slip off or fall from their pants, something that they hope would least likely happen.

Where to Buy

You can buy Phallosan Forte directly from its manufacturer. Transaction can be done online for your own convenience. And don’t fret about the delivery of the product since it comes with a discreet packaging.  Hence, nobody will know what’s inside the package unless you tell them.

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Final Words…

In life, it takes time and effort to get what you want and this does not exclude realizing your desire to have a bigger penis; in length and girth. The good news is; Phallosan Forte makes the transition as comfortable as possible. This device claims to as much as 1.9” gain. No wonder why lots men just can help but give it a try.