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ProSolution Reviews

There are endless options of male enhancement products available in the market these days. Hence, picking the one that is right for you can be such a challenge. But looking at the brighter side, this gives you plenty of rooms to choose the one that will fit your needs best.  There are men who opt for patches and pills. But others are satisfied with pumps and extenders.

If you are not convinced about the convenience and speed that lotions and enhancement creams can do for you then you may have missed one option; the ProSolution Gel. It has been making a wave in the market these days. It’s neither a cream nor lotion but a gel that is formulated to boost nitric acid levels in the penis instantly. This relaxes the smooth muscles to relax causing dilation and better pumping of blood. And since effects are immediate, there’s no need to wait before the “action” begins.

The transdermal delivery of the product’s ingredients allows ProSolution Gel to work immediately. Hence, you can have harder and bigger erection which is more powerful at once. This means, you can now get rid of a daily supplement intake.

Here’s what ProSolution can do to you:

  • Have a sustained erections that is larger and firmer
  • Improved sexual function
  • More pleasurable sexual performance


It has hand-picked ingredients that are best for a product with topical application. And since these are combinations of all natural herbs, this makes the product safe as well. Among these ingredients are as follows:

  • L-Arginine

This is a type of amino acid that works in boosting nitric oxide level. This is needed to dilate vessels on the area and increase blood flow to the penis. More blood means harder erection as well.

  • Vitamin C

Do you know that according to studies, Vitamin C is considered as a sexual nutrient? It heightens libido, improves recovery time, allows more frequent sex and most importantly, increase erection and sustain power.

  • Bearberry Extract

If you trace history, you will know that Bearberry Extract is an effective treatment for urinary tract issues. It can promote fluid flow, causing a satisfying orgasm and more firm erection.

  • Algae Extract

It is a powerful agent in making the skin pliable. With such condition, ingredients are better absorbed, encouraging arousing sensation.

  • Aloe Vera

This is essential in the delivery of ingredients via transdermal route. This method is quicker than oral route.

  • Mango Butter

This is a very effective lubricant. It has mango essence which contains male enhancement properties.

  • Menthol

Stimulates penis and keeps you in power so you can rock in as much as you want.

All these ingredients combined will yield a powerful products works as a very effective enhancement option for men.

Side Effects

Some users said that ProSolution comes with a distinct smell that puts them off. However, others don’t mind about it since it just smells like a ripe mango for them.

How to use

ProSolution Gel is very handy so never forget to bring it with you. However, if you are a freaky person or a deal breaker, better use enhancement pills instead. Using this gel can be as simple as A, B, C. You just need to squeeze out some of it and apply this to your penis. And yes, you are ready to rumble right away. But if you want your partner to stroke the gel on your penis for you then it will be much better!

This gel is very safe for use since it is non-toxic and can be used even with a condom. And if you have been taking it for some time, you will find the effects to even get better over time (usually after 1-2 months of taking). Results can even become permanent once you use the gel regularly. If you want to double the result, use it with a potent male enhancement pill as well like VigRX Plus. To improve performance, you can use a penis extender and pump your way to become a “virtual force of nature”

User Reviews

Its users describe the experience as having “porn star level” result. Indeed it packs a punch! So if you need more pep in all your sexual encounters, it will do you well if you always have a ready ProSolution Gel on your bedside all the time. Trying this is a win-win solution since it comes with 2 months money back guarantee. It has 4/5 star rating and have a topnotch rank on ease of use, sustained power and speed of results.

Consumers of this product love using it because it is easy to use, safe, cause harder and bigger erection, comes with a long money back guarantee (60 days), have cool bonuses available and more affordable than many of its counterparts.

Where to Buy

Unlike other male enhancement products, ProSolution is not something you can simply buy from your local retail stores. But you can conveniently order it by fax, mail or online from its official website. However, it will be impossible to find ProSolution gel in your local stores. However, it you have other options like through mail, fax, phone or online, all from the ProSolution Gel website.

Meanwhile, if you buy the product in bulk, you will be rewarded with unbelievable bonuses. This can even pay for the product itself. So check for promotions and grab such saving opportunity. And don’t worry since regardless where you are in the globe, the product will be shipped to you.

Is it Effective?


Obviously, ProSolution won’tr soar high in its global product distribution if it’s not as effective as claimed. Enough has been said by its users; ProSolution results to a larger and firmer erection that last for a long period. This gave them a better sexual experience. They couldn’t be asking for more!