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10 Secrets to Last Longer in Bed: Tested and Proven to Be Effective

Some men are struggling with their premature ejaculation. This is a condition when they cannot last long in bed, making sex less pleasurable. Hence, they often become the subject of ridicule and it surely becomes bothersome for men who try so hard to perform better. Hence, they end up losing their confidence.

Men are known to be tough and survivor when it comes to sex. And the inability to last longer in bed seems to lessen their “manliness”.  And with such incapacity to perform as expected, one usually ends up looking for ways to have the endurance that he needs.

One option that a man can turn to is to take the natural male enhancing products and pills offered in the market. And many of them assert that they can rise up to the challenge. However, if you wouldn’t take chances and prefer to go for tested techniques and scientifically proven ways, may as well try any of the suggested lists below:


Pay attention to your partner’s body

It can be very stressful to anticipate premature ejaculation to happen even before you are having a good time on bed. The best way to address this issue is to remove your mind from this thought. Instead of thinking about your problem, may as well focus on your partner’s body, show your partner that you are having a good time and just enjoy the moment. You will be surprised to know how effective this can be.

Prescriptions and Medications

Sometimes, premature ejaculation is triggered by one’s medical condition. To solve this issue, doctors may prescribe  blue pill. These types of medications are proven to delay ejaculation and promote erection. If the person’s endurance is affected by one’s depression, one can take anti-depressant drugs. There are also topical solutions meant to prolong bed performance but they can only be accessed when prescribed by your doctor.

Pelvic floor exercises can do a lot of wonders

Another way of delaying ejaculation is by knowing how to control your orgasm. Well, you can develop such skill if you do pelvic floor exercises regularly.  This contracts your pubococcygeus muscles; the same muscle that you use to stop your urine flow halfway in your urination. Once you have located this muscle. You can try to clench and release it for ten seconds. After doing this for a few weeks, you will notice a favorable difference.

Go for a vegan diet

Do you know that eating veggies can favor your sex life as well? Eating vegetables help you prevent sugar crash. After all, these types of foods are devoid of processed sugar. Fruits and vegetables are also good sources of sustainable energy. The best example is banana. This is a good source of potassium, helps with sex hormone production and boosts energy. In fact, if you would compare the stamina of a vegetarian and a meat lover, the first one will always surpass the latter.

Try to pleasure yourself beforehand

It pays to give yourself some time before you engage to an actual sex. With this, you can develop the confidence that you can really last longer in your performance. This may mean getting lesser pleasure when the real action sets in. But you need to accept that in life, you need to compromise some to earn some.

Opt for long lasting condoms

Since these types are built to reduce sensitivity, your bedroom endurance will be prolonged. One example for this is Durex Extended Pleasure. They are formulated with Benzocaine; an anesthetic causing a mild numbing effect. This reduces sexual sensation and keeps your sexual response within manageable level. This condom is meant to build your stamina. This will practice you to develop such skill until such time when you will no longer need to use the condom to last on bed longer.

Know how to do the “start Stop Technique”

You need to have the ability to let yourself mellow down from heat. Hence, you halt stimulation and just allow the excitement to fall a little. After all, you can always start all over again. Hence, you must know how to determine when excitement is starting to set in. With this, you will be given the warning to switch off your engine to mellow down a bit. Having a partner who understands your situation can also make things less stressful.

Take advantage of your big belly

Though big bellied men may not look sexy, they can use such flaw to their advantage. A study conducted showed that these men actually last longer in bed! They can hold their urge to as long as 8 minutes compared to the regular men who can only last up to 3 minutes.  What’s with the big belly then? Well, this contains a lot of estradiol; a female sex hormone which causes inhibition of orgasm.


Do you know that men who are circumcised can endure longer in bed than those who are not? Such procedure makes the penis less sensitive and the person is rewarded with longer ejaculation time.

Do some deep breathing exercises

All you need to do is to take one full breathe for 5 seconds, hold it for 3 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds. Practice doing this for 5 minutes and once you master the skill; you can apply this in the bedroom. This can be effective to prolong the urge to let go. But more than that, you need to know that deep breathing exercises will help promote blood circulation and keep your mind alert.

For men, it matters to last longer in bed and following the techniques above can help them achieve this ultimate goal. Synthetic and laboratory processed products may promise men to get what they need but natural ways are still more preferable because sex comes out more pleasurable when done in a natural way. If you are still in doubt if these techniques really work, you need to know that trying them won’t hurt. Who knows, they can be the ultimate solution you have been looking for all along?




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