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10 Signs Showing That You Are a Lousy Partner on Bed

How do you know that you are good in bed? This is one instance where action speaks louder than words. If the woman commends you for an amazing orgasm but you noticed coldness afterwards, you are stupid enough if you can’t read the message along the line. Everything that your partner tells you is a lie. Truth is; your performance sucks!

If you really want to know if you are performing well then may as well refer to the following guidelines. If you are doing any of this, you need to double time and find ways to make your bed performance exciting, even before your girl leaves you.

  1. Failing to caress your partner after sex

You don’t have to turn away from your partner or sleep right away after sex. She still needs cuddling, touched or even want to talk with you. It sends the message that you care and that you are not just after the satisfying desire that sex can offer.

  1. Skipping foreplay

Most of the time, women does not feel the urge right away. Hence, she needs to be warmed up even before the action starts. If thinking about your ex wants you to go to the action part right away, you need to understand that it wouldn’t be as exciting as you thought it will be unless your girl plays along. Worse is going through the process with your partner not enjoying what you are doing at all.

  1. Failing to discover something new

Sex can be boring if you do the same thing over and over again. Why not try doing the position you have just read? Experimenting on it may mean not doing it right the first time. But this will also mean exploring ways for you and your partner to have fun.

  1. Skip the need to go down on her

Once cold thing that a man can do is forgetting one’s partner’s need and diving right into the intercourse part. Truth is; your girl will only enjoy sex if you do it haphazardly.

  1. Silence

Normally, a woman will make some noise during the process and this happens even to those who are shy type. If your partner is silent then something must be wrong.

  1. You feel that your partner’s orgasm all depends on your performance

It may hurt your ego to know that your partner did not reach the climax. Hence, you end up feeling pressured to do well on bed to boost your partner’s pleasure and feed your ego at the same time. However, you forget that this may also mean making sex less fun for you.

  1. Assuming what your partner likes instead of asking her about it.

Each of us is unique, even on bed. Hence, don’t assume that what can be satisfying for one woman will also be satisfying to another.

  1. Ignoring your penis issues

If you think that you are not “armed” enough to take action on bed then better do something about it. You can explore on the best male enhancement products and maximize your potential.

  1. Failed to pleasure your partner after you have reached your climax

Many times, you will never reach the climax at the same time with your partner. So help her get into it even if you are already done.

  1. Your girl is overacting

If you noticed that your partner is behaving like a porn star, tendency is, she may just be overacting and faking her feelings.

If you are guilty in any of the abovementioned conditions then better make it up with your partner before it’s too late.


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