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Alpha Fuel Review

Alpha Fuel Review

Review Summary

Alpha Fuel is one of the well-known testosterone booster supplements. Like most of its kind, there are a few documented clinical trials which left consumers exposed to various health and financial risks.

My experimentation with the supplement yielded some moderate results both in muscle building and sexual enhancement after taking it for a span of three months. This amounted to three doses of the supplement – taking two pills two times a day before hitting the gym in the morning and after work.

The supplement is natural-based, hence you don’t have to worry about adverse side effects. I would, however, advise reading this review further in order to establish whether this supplement drug works for your case or not.


Full Review

There are several websites that aim to review Alpha Fuel along with its effectiveness and ingredients. A majority of them have no prior experience with the supplement and often base their reviews on customer feedbacks.

As a result, there are numerous negative reviews out there; some half-truths, while others are unsubstantiated. The other few websites are basically marketing sites. As a person who experimented with the supplement, I believe I can do better.

In this review, I have made it a concern to describe both the pros and cons of this product, while at the same time deliberate on the question of whether Alpha Fuel is a scam or not.

I bought this product a few months ago, and from my experience with natural-based products, it is never over for some time. To achieve the desired results, you need to use it for a longer period. The question is, is it worth it?


What is Alpha Fuel?

Alpha Fuel is a natural-based supplement that has hit the market by storm. The manufacturer of the supplement is a little-known company known as Science of Alpha. They have a website and phone contact information with a non-defined location.

The manufacturer claims that Alpha Fuel is effective in maintaining healthy levels of testosterone. Contrary to popular belief, it does not claim the product is a testosterone booster. It simply states that the natural-based product assists the body in reviving and increasing the levels of testosterone, a vital hormone for a happy sexual life and more energetic physique.

In addition, Science of Alpha claims that Alpha Fuel aids in bodybuilding. It also states further that the supplement is very helpful in boosting proactivity and focus.



There are several similar products on the market such as T-complex that claims to be very effective as a testosterone booster. The emergence of these supplements did not happen in vain. They were created to solve the common sexual problems faced by men. It is estimated that at least six men out of ten experience a decrease in libido at some point in their lives.

On the other hand, sexual problems are not all new. It dates back to antiquity when ancient civilization mastered various herbs that they found useful as aphrodisiacs. It was considered a natural omen for a man to lose his virility, and thus several herbs and diets came at hand.

This art of herbs and spices has passed down eons, and it is left to the best mix-match master to create the best supplement based on these proven aphrodisiacs. Better still, while there are little clinical trials on testosterone-based boosters, the fact that most of their components have been proven to be effective through clinical research is assuring.


What ingredients are in Alpha Fuel?

As I highlighted earlier, the Alpha Fuel supplement is natural-based. However, the product manual itself does not list the ingredients, and hence most of the ingredient information is gathered from marketing sites and affiliate review websites. They are as follows:

  • Magnesium (has 300 metabolic functions)

Magnesium plays a vital role in several metabolic functions in the body. Magnesium ions in the body are generally used by cells in metabolism for both the production and storage of energy. Moreover, it helps in regulating electrolyte balance as well as the prevention of mutation.

The supplement contains 20 gms of magnesium in the form of magnesium oxide. Its use in the supplement has to do with its reputable function of freeing bound testosterone. It happens because magnesium usually binds the SHBG that is responsible for decreased testosterone.


  • Zinc (essential for the synthesis of testosterone)

Zinc is a vital element in the body. It is used in numerous body repair functions. Its inclusion in the supplement is no doubt a great accomplishment for this product. This is because zinc is a primary element in the process of synthesizing testosterone.

Nevertheless, the absorption of this mineral into the body system is very low. The suitable method of adding more zinc into our bodies is through feeding on zinc-rich foods and vegetables. The inclusion of the oxide together with other natural extracts makes it more likely that a little amount of it will be absorbed.


  • Long jack (improves physical strength and boosts sexual performance)

Eurycoma Longifolia is a popular extract obtained from a shrub-like tree native to South East Asia. The herb has been used for several centuries in the region to aid in sexual performance, cure erectile dysfunction, and boost sperm production.

Its inclusion in the supplement emanates from its rationally accepted effectiveness in curbing stress and improving physical strength. This makes the extract effective as a bodybuilding agent.

In addition, the extract has been tested in various clinical trials and confirmed that it possesses aphrodisiac properties. It even has a potential T-boosting property.


  • Bioperine (boosts absorption of nutrients)

This is an extract from black pepper and is the one responsible for giving black pepper its spicy taste. The extract has a record and proven nutritional effect in the body. The use of black pepper to spice foods dates back to antiquity.

Piperine is essential as an ingredient in the supplement. By helping in the absorption of nutrients, it is basically vital for bodybuilding. Also, it can aid in the absorption of minerals such as zinc and magnesium that are included in the supplement. The extract, in addition, possesses anti-depressant properties.

For the extract to optimize the absorption of the supplement in the body, a correct dosage should be followed. This is because overabsorption is particularly hazardous. Alpha Fuel claims to use only a few grams of the dosage, though this is available as patented information.


  • Oat straw (reputed for boosting vigor and stamina)

Oat straw has been used since antiquity as a food crop and also as a bodybuilding food preference. It has also been prescribed as a herbal cure for several nerve-related ailments.

There is a significant correlation between grains and testosterone levels as well besides bodybuilding. The effect of Avena extract on the levels of testosterone nevertheless remains a question open for debate.

One of the ingredient’s compounds, the Avena extract, is reputed for lowering cholesterol levels. This is also very useful in bodybuilding as it boosts your metabolism and overall health.


  • Nettle leaf extract (vital for a healthy prostate and in boosting your metabolism)

The nettle plant appears fairly due to its stinging leaves. Nevertheless, the plant has been used for numerous medicinal purposes since antiquity. The herb is reputed for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Clinical studies have shown that the extract from the herb has T-boosting properties, especially when used with other ingredients. Meanwhile, solitary use of the extract may not yield T-boosting properties.

Nettle extract, however, has shown considerable diagnostic properties of treating and maintaining a healthy prostate. A healthy prostate is vital for a healthy sex life, especially because it is the body organ where semen is manufactured and stored in the body. It has effectively cleared cases such as enlarged prostate and various urinary tract infections.


  • Mucuna seed extract (boosts libido and energy, and improves physical posture)

The seed extract, which is available either as black or white, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. It has been proven by clinical studies that the seed extracts have numerous health and medicinal properties.

First, the extract is effective as an anti-depressant and also in supporting a healthy nervous system. In addition, it helps boost energy and promotes healthy motor skills and physical balance. Moreover, the extract possesses T-boosting properties and enhances libido.

All of these benefits make the extract vital as an ingredient in the Alpha Fuel Supplement. The fact that the extract was proven very effective in revitalizing male reproduction systems in clinical trials involving rats adds to the supplement’s credibility.


  • Ashwagandha (boosts testosterone levels)

The herb is native to India and has significant effects on testosterone levels in the body. The herb also has anti-depressant effects due to its adaptogenic property. When combined with physical training, the herb extract can increase testosterone levels by over 15 percent in both fertile and infertile men.


  • Saponins (boosts testosterone levels by enhancing production and inhibiting hormone conversion)

The extract, which was derived from plants, has proven effective in boosting testosterone levels. This is through a number of biological mechanisms such as its ability to boost precursors. The mechanism is important in the process of synthesizing the hormone. Closely related to this is the extract’s potential in promoting the release of the luteinizing hormone which is a catalyst hormone in the production of testosterone.

The plant extracts also help suppress enzymes that either inhibit or convert the hormone into other forms, thereby lowering its level in the body. Also, it makes the body androgen-sensitive. A body that is proactive and androgen-sensitive can respond quickly and successfully to love-related hormones.


Clinical Studies


Like a majority of T-booster supplements in the market, there is less information on clinical trials and experiments. This does not, however, disclaim its use as the manufacturers basically rely on the clinical trials of its ingredients. Almost all the supplement’s ingredients have undergone clinical trials.


Numerous studies have been done to prove the effectiveness of zinc as a testosterone booster. The most prominent of these studies were done in 1996 on men. The study found that giving men a dosage of zinc after a prolonged period of zinc abstinence resulted in doubling of testosterone in their body; meanwhile, the abstinence had resulted in a decrease in the levels of the hormone.


Another study conducted in the US on the correlation between magnesium and testosterone in 2008 showed that magnesium is very vital in the human body and in boosting testosterone levels. The study conducted on a sample of 400 men concluded that magnesium acts by inhibiting SHBG.


Various clinical trials have been conducted on the natural extracts in Alpha Fuel, and each of them has proven a significant correlation between the extracts and testosterone. Most of these clinical trials are first done on rats before experimenting on humans. The studies are the basis of using the ingredients in the supplement, despite the fact that there are fewer data out there regarding clinical trials with the supplement.


Are there any side effects associated with the use of alpha fuel supplement?


I did not experience any side effects while using the supplement. This is more likely because the product is made from natural extracts. After reading several customer reviews, I did not find any major complaint of side effects emanating from the use of the drug apart from the usual shipping inquiries.


However, the product includes ingredients that should be taken in the right dosage. Overuse of ingredients such as Bioperine results in hair loss.


It is also highly recommended that you seek medical advice in case you are using other types of supplements. Pregnant mothers and those who have undergone surgical treatments are particularly advised not to take the supplement.


Upon taking the product, you may experience a few minor side effects, although they don’t last for long. Moreover, they rarely occur. They are the following:


  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Uneasiness
  • Digestive issues


Can Alpha Fuel really help you boost your testosterone?


I started using this product in the last six months. I combined the supplementation with a healthy diet and regular exercising. I cannot exactly state whether I have discovered and benefited from all the claims of the product.


I have been taking two pills a day before hitting the fitness center, and after two months, I started experiencing a surge in energy that helped me in exercising. I have also cut a lot of belly fats since then. In addition, I have noticed that I am lasting more in bed, and my libido has been boosted.


Where to buy Alpha Fuel supplement?


The supplement is available for purchase on Amazon and the Science of Alpha website. I encourage purchasing the product from the manufacturer’s website as it has an elaborate customer care department with a good turnaround time.


There are several affiliate marketing sites that also sell the supplement. However, you should conduct due diligence before buying from these sites due to the number of scams online.


A single bottle of Alpha Fuel containing 60 veggie capsules costs $69.75. Fortunately, they also offer a 30-day trial just in case you’re hesitant about the product.


Does the supplement really work?


Various reviews indicate the Alpha Fuel is really effective. In case you’re wondering, here are what you can expect from the supplement:


  • It helps in boosting sex libido – the ingredients are all proven aphrodisiacs and thus have a huge potential for boosting your libido.


  • It boosts your energy– by improving your energy levels, the supplements can help you improve your workout time. This is important especially if you’re into muscle building.


  • It burns fat – with an increase in energy levels, you can tackle regular exercises more frequently, which in turn helps you cut extra weight.


  • It enhances your mood levels– the ingredients in the supplement make it a potent stress reliever. This could also be the reason behind the supplement’s ability to lead to a healthier sexual life.



  • You can experience a major boost in your testosterone
  • It increases muscle stamina
  • It improves sexual performance
  • It’s made of natural ingredients, thus making it safe for consumption
  • Some users reported seeing noticeable results only weeks after using the product



  •    Slow results as it is based on natural enhancers
  •    Only little clinical trial information is available
  •    A bit costly compared to other similar products
  •    Available in solid forms only


How to use the supplement?

The supplement is 100% based on natural extracts and therefore do not necessarily need any doctor’s prescription. It is, however, important to be patient while taking the pills as positive results will take some time to manifest.

The manufacturer recommends taking Alpha Fuel two times a day before hitting the gym or performing any other form of physical exercise. A lot of water and healthy diet should also be taken. The supplement should not be taken as an alternative for healthy foods.


How to maintain the healthy levels of testosterone?

After taking the supplement, it is advised that you continue with a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Since it is a based on natural ingredients, you can also keep on taking it without experiencing any side effects.


The Final Verdict

I recommend the Alpha Fuel supplement because it eliminates the need for pharm-based solutions that have proven hazardous for several people. The drug is effective in the long run and has little to no side effects at all.

However, it is a bit expensive if you compare it to other supplements that may share the same effectiveness.




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