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Andro 400 Reviews and Results

Review Summary

Andro 400 is marketed as a testosterone supplement which claims to boost your testosterone levels. It basically allows you to restore that same vitality you once had while you were still in your twenties. However, I won’t be so quick to accept that as truth.

I’ve heard a lot of talks about Andro 400, so I decided to give this supplement a try. I have some mixed feelings about this product. I can’t say it can’t provide results – it does. However, it’s not that potent enough based on my experience. But since results may vary, it may or may not be that effective for you.

Full Review

In this review, we’re going to cover both the good and bad aspects of Andro 400. It’s only been a few weeks since I started using this supplement. Therefore, I can’t really offer a lot of personal opinion in this matter. However, I’ve read tons of feedback about the product – some of which I’m going to include in this review.

What is Andro 400?

Andro 400 is a natural testosterone supplement manufactured by Natural Health Concepts since 2004. It’s a supplement that claims to boost your testosterone levels, which in turn can promote muscle growth, increase your stamina, and enhance overall sexual performance. It is essentially ideal for men who have reached andropausal stage.

Judging from the ingredients, Andro 400 doesn’t appear to contain any artificial components; that in itself is a plus. Also, the supplement has been on the market for more than 10 years already, so I think its long track record can be an indicator of just how effective it is and can be.



As men reach the age of 40, they begin to suffer from a massive decline in their testosterone levels. This phenomenon is what we refer to as “andropause”, a condition that is similar to menopause in women.

When the levels of testosterone drop significantly, you will start to notice some major changes in your body. First of all, you begin to gain more weight at a much quicker rate, especially around the abdominal area. Second, you start losing muscle mass. Third, your endurance level drops, thereby causing you to get tired easily. Lastly, you lose the ability to perform properly during sexual intercourse.

This is where Andro 400 enters the picture. While it’s primarily marketed as a testosterone booster for men who experienced andropause, younger men can also benefit from the product by giving them an increase in their overall energy.


Ingredients Included in Andro 400

This might come as a shock, but Andro 400 only has one active ingredient. That is none other than Eurycoma Longifolia, or in it’s most common name, Tongkat Ali or longjack. It’s a native plant commonly found in tropical Indonesia and Malaysia and is commonly used for its medicinal purposes. It’s proven to be effective as either an anti-diabetic, antimalarial, or aphrodisiac.

Based on WebMD’s finding, Eurycoma Longifolia increases testosterone levels and improves one’s libido. However, the exact dosage required to get such significant effect is still unknown. Maybe it’s due to this reason that the manufacturer has decided to put a lot of this ingredient into this product.

Aside from an increase in libido, it also provides you with increased energy levels and muscle mass, making it a good supplement to use if you go bodybuilding. However, if you plan to restore your body and circumvent any problems associated with andropause, it is a necessary ingredient which you should consider.

Despite the presence of only one active ingredient, there have been a number of studies that support the effectiveness of Eurycoma Longifolia. Various researchers found that the ingredient helps in promoting testosterone production. Meanwhile, another study conducted in Taiwan found out that the ingredient is known to be aggressive against breast and lung cancer cells. Simply put, Eurycoma Longifolia has the potential to decrease the potency of cancer cells.


Clinical Studies

I’ve taken a look at Andro 400’s website and found that there have been several clinical studies conducted to support the product’s claims about improving one’s sexual health. However, I haven’t found any research that concludes the product’s effectiveness when it comes to losing weight; but I think that’s fine because weight loss isn’t the only benefit that a testosterone supplement can offer.

Various studies were linked to the product’s one and only ingredient. A 2014 clinical trial, for example, used 300mg of Eurycoma Longifolia in a formula in an attempt to improve sexual performance among its male participants aged 40 to 65. During a span of 12 weeks, researchers were able to notice improvements in the subjects’ libido and sexual performance.

Several studies have also concluded that the ingredient may help increase testosterone levels among older women after five weeks of taking the supplement. Also, another ongoing research noted that the ingredient may help protect our body from the harmful effects of chronic stress.

While there’s no clear conclusion about Andro 400’s effectiveness in weight loss, a research which looked at the possibility of the supplement to help you lose weight has revealed one study which found that Eurycoma Longifolia can be beneficial for losing weight.

In particular, middle-aged males who have sub-normal testosterone levels were found to have experienced mid-section fat loss. Since Andro 400 is created to help men aged 40 and above, this study is promising for individuals who want to lose extra pounds with the help of the supplement.


Are there any side effects associated with Andro 400?

I’ve read a number of reviews about Andro 400. So far, I wasn’t able to find any serious side effects that are associated with using the supplement. I think it actually makes sense considering that the supplement only has one ingredient that is 100% all-natural and is widely used and proven effective for hundreds of years already.

Eurycoma Longifolia is generally safe. However, it can be toxic when taken at extremely high dosages. Since the supplement only contains 300 mg of the active ingredient, you don’t have to worry about its safety. Also, you should take note that when consumed for extended periods of time, it can affect your liver, prostate, and kidney. From what I’ve read, you can take this supplement safely for a period of up to 9 months.

Some users complained experiencing the following:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Dizziness
  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Lower blood pressure

I can’t really confirm how true these claims are. So far, I wasn’t able to experience any side effects associated with using the supplement. Just to be safe, make sure you consult with your doctor first, especially if you have some underlying medical conditions.

Keep in mind, however, that while Andro 400 can increase your testosterone level, there are some dangers associated with too much production of this hormone. One example is that excess testosterone is converted to estrogen, which in turn leads to unwanted weight gains.

Despite being marketed as a natural testosterone supplement, the product also claims to benefit both men and women. However, the recommended dosage for women is different, with only just one capsule a day or every other day compared to the usual two capsules a day for men.

Can Andro 400 lead to weight loss?

As mentioned earlier, a scientific study has been conducted to research the possibility of Andro 400 to help in weight loss. Aside from that study, the manufacturer also states that the supplement helps increase the production of testosterone by stimulating the body’s pituitary gland.

An increase in testosterone levels means an increase in muscle mass. Since muscles use a lot of energy, it can, therefore, result in increased metabolism and fat burning rate. Therefore, Andro 400 can, in theory, lead to weight loss based on a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.


Where to buy Andro 400?

Despite its popularity, the supplement can only be purchased from two online sources.

If you choose to purchase the product from its official website, the price will be $39.95 for a one-month supply. However, you can expect discounts if you order in bulk. Also, if you want to enjoy even cheaper purchases, you can choose the auto-shipping option which will only cost you $29.95 a month.

Meanwhile, if you purchase the product from eBay, you can expect to pay around $27.99 to $38.99 depending on its supplier.

The best part about purchasing the product straight from its website is that it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. Hence, if you can’t observe noticeable results within that period, you can return it to the manufacturer and receive a full refund.

The return policy as outlined on the website states that you can return the bottle either empty, unopened, or partially empty and expect your refund within two business days.

When looking for Andro 400, make sure you don’t confuse it with Andro 400 MAX. The latter is an alternative product that contains L-Arginine and L-Citrulline in addition to Eurycoma Longifolia. This product is ideally used as a testosterone replenisher and is recommended for men above 40 years of age.


Does Andro 400 really work?

I love how Andro 400 is made of a natural ingredient, but at the same time, I’m having mixed feelings due to the fact that it’s made of one ingredient only. Simply because of the fact that Eurycoma Longifolia works, then there’s no reason why Andro 400 shouldn’t. I, myself, can personally attest to this.

Most reviews indicated that the supplement only contains a single ingredient. This is my first time seeing a testosterone supplement that contains only one ingredient. Also, the fact that a single dose is only 150mg makes it all the more bothersome. This caused the supplement to have a very low overall potency. In fact, it has the lowest overall potency you can ever find in the market. It’s no wonder why some customers think of it as a scam.

In my opinion, Andro 400 does work; however, it doesn’t work quite well than what I expected. Its overall potency is quite low. Now if you’re wondering, allow me to explain how testosterone supplements are supposed to work:

“A good supplement comes with a huge potential since the formulation can increase your body’s testosterone production theoretically. To put it simply, by taking a supplement that consists of natural testosterone-boosting ingredients, it will be possible to increase your testosterone levels in a safe and effective manner – which is a healthy and natural approach compared to using synthetic testosterone which is rather harmful.

 Natural supplementation can be quite helpful for those who want to experience a significant increase in free testosterone. However, it’s even more effective for those who are suffering from low testosterone levels. Consuming a natural testosterone booster can help relieve your symptoms and get your testosterone levels to normal once again.”

There’s no doubt that Eurycoma Longifolia does offer some benefits. However, how about the supplement’s muscle increase, weight loss, and increased sexual performance claims?

Natural Health Concepts has stated that Eurycoma Longifolia helps stimulate your pituitary gland, thereby causing an increase in the body’s testosterone production. This can lead to increased muscle mass, increased metabolic rate, and enhanced fat burning capacity. In theory, this means you can benefit from weight loss benefits.

With the help of the company’s aggressive marketing campaign, they were able to dramatically increase product sales. This also led to an increase in clinical studies as more and more consumers are looking for clinical trials to back their claims.

According to a study in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine and Phytotherapy Research, the recommended dosage for Eurycoma Longifolia to achieve noticeable results is at 400mg. Various studies were conducted on animals, particularly rats, which was shown to exhibit an increase in their testosterone levels.

Although there were also some positive results found in studies involving human participants, it’s been found out that the plant can’t be fully absorbed by the body when taken in pill form. While Eurycoma Longifolia is known to be effective in treating various issues, it is only when taken in its liquid form. To conclude, the best that Andro 400 can do is to contribute to an overall increase in testosterone levels.

Though there’s not much evidence to support such claims, it seems that Eurycoma Longifolia in its liquid form is more effective, especially since it’s been added to various energy drinks and liquid supplements.




These are the following benefits you can get when taking Andro 400 supplements:

  • Increases sexual performance– this is the result of an increase in testosterone levels. As you suffer from low T levels, your sex drive and libido starts to plummet. By taking the supplementation, you can expect to regain that once youthful vigor and stamina for a more pleasurable experience in bed.
  • Improves your energy levels– a reduced energy level is an indicator of lower testosterone levels. Since Andro 400 aims to return your testosterone levels to normal, you can normally experience an increase in your energy levels too.
  • Burns excess fat– this is the by-product of an increased testosterone level. Although there’s not much research about this, an increase in testosterone level can, in theory, lead to weight loss benefits.
  • Moneyback guarantee– buying the product from its official website allows you to enjoy a money back guarantee plus a full refund in the event you’re not satisfied with the results. You can also enjoy discounts when you order in bulk.




  • Contains a single ingredient– the problem with the supplement is that it only contains a single ingredient. This is opposed to most of the testosterone-boosting supplements out there in the market. While proven effective, Eurycoma Longifolia can’t do that much on its own.
  • No scientific formula – the scientific formula for Andro 400 is not publicly disclosed, making a lot of consumers wary of trying the product.
  • Low overall potency – anotherdisadvantage with the product is that it has a very low overall potency. This makes it rather ineffective when compared to other supplements.
  • Dosage is too low –I’ve come across various testosterone supplements in the market. However, the dosage for this product is too low in my own opinion.
  • Too expensive –then again, the product only contains a single ingredient. In my case, I find it rather too expensive than other supplements that may have similar effectiveness, or even higher.


The Final Verdict

I think I can safely say Andro 400 is an effective product. However, it’s not as effective or as potent as other brands. Despite its effectiveness and the benefits you can experience, you can find a lot of other supplements that have more active ingredients and are way more potent.

It’s only active ingredient, Eurycoma Longifolia is no doubt an effective ingredient, but it’s not good enough to stand on its own. From my personal standpoint, I would give it a 7 out of 10.

There are a number of positive feedbacks from customers regarding Andro 400’s effectiveness. However, it’s far from being the #1 testosterone-boosting supplement in the market. But if you want to give it a try, go ahead. Just make sure you take advantage of their money back guarantee.




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