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Best Spin Bike Reviews and Indoor Cycle Comparisons 2018

There are lots of physical exercise equipment available in the market to help you in improving your health and shape. One of them is an indoor cycling bike. Some of the best indoor bikes in the market are Mad Dogg Athletics’ spin bikes, Schwinn’s A.C. performance cycles, and Keiser’s M3 Plus cycles. The following reviews will help you choose the best equipment to use at home.


What is the Difference between “Spinning” and a “Spinning Bike”?

The two terminologies have completely different meanings which people tend to get confused often. While “spinning” might sound like the term used to refer to the indoor cycling activity, it’s actually a copyrighted word which was registered by the founders of Mad Dogg Athletics. Words such as Spinner® and SPIN® fall under the same category.

Due to the Spinning® empire doing such a good job of marketing their high quality indoor cycling products, people were led to thinking that it’s the term used to call indoor cycling. However, to make things clearer, we’ll stick with “indoor cycling bikes” as the generic term and only use the word Spinning when it comes to things that are related to the company.

Is It Okay to Have Indoor Cycling Bikes at Home?

Sometimes, it can be tiring and demotivating to go to the gym each time you need to use a cycling bike. You’re basically taking chances since you are not sure about getting a free bike. When you are not lucky, you might end up going home without having an opportunity to use one.

At the gym, you get sweaty after the exercise, and you do not get a chance to take a proper shower before going home. Therefore, you leave the gym smelling sweat, and arriving home all sweaty and tired.

To prevent all the hassle, it just makes sense to have an indoor cycling bike at home. Sounds crazy right? If you look at it from a positive angle, it’s actually a good idea. But how will you do it?

The answer is simple: you buy it from reputable retailers such as Amazon and have them ship the product to your address. You will be able to get it at your doorstep in a few days as long as you provide the correct address.

Home exercising is more efficient since you can use the cycling bike whenever you want. It also helps save time since you don’t have to drive long distances to use one. You also don’t have to get any membership since you own the equipment. Thus, it allows you to save on cost.

Our Top Picks for Indoor Bikes in 2018 

  1. Keiser M3i


It is the most recent addition to Keiser’s M Series of indoor cycling bikes in the market. Its design is sleek yet very efficient. Additionally, it’s the first indoor bike to ever pass EN ISO 20957-1 certification by the European organization TUV Product Services.

Like the Keiser M3 Plus, the M3i comes with a sleek design and a revolutionary technology. You can find four-grip position handlebars that allow different cycling positions. Additionally, you can adjust the handlebars and seat easily using a pull-pin system which is not available in most cycles.

Other notable features of the M3i come in its Bluetooth wireless computer, ergonomic handlebar, and the ability to download workout data via a wireless connection. Just like the other products in the M Series, it also uses a magnetic resistance system which gives you the feel of riding on a real road bike while minimizing noise output compared to other indoor bikes.

Lastly, its compact and lightweight design makes it really easy to store and carry. It’s truly a notable indoor bike that’s worth every penny.

Some of its most outstanding features include:

  • A pull-pin for seat adjustment
  • Transport wheels to ease the storage process
  • A resistance system with a magnetic Eddy current
  • A water bottle holder
  • Ability to support Bluetooth devices
  • Backlight sensor
  • A seat that can be adjusted in four ways
  • Display readouts
  • 3-year warranty
  • 6-month warranty for wearable parts

Assembling the M3i needs a bit of time, typically around an hour to complete. You can use the Expert assembly service which is offered by Amazon to do the assembly for you. However, do take note that the expert who will perform the assembly is not affiliated with the Keiser company.

If you don’t want to avail of the service, you will have to join all the parts on your own. Fortunately, this process is not too complicated since it comes with an operating manual to guide you on how to assemble and use the machine.

One issue with regards to assembling the Keiser M3i is that it does not come with assembling tools. Thus, you have to use yours. Sometimes you may be forced to borrow tools from a friend or buy them from a nearby hardware.

What Makes Keiser M3i a Choice for the Many? 

The following are the reasons why the M3i a good choice for most:

It comes with a good design and functionality

The machine comes with a sleek design along with a beautiful color mix. Also, it gives you a smooth gear transitioning using its magnetic current.

It features Bluetooth connectivity

The ability of this equipment to support Bluetooth has made it popular among indoor cyclists. The Golnd app helps in connecting the equipment to a Bluetooth, thus allowing users to record data in their tablets and phones. This data will then help them track their overall performance and health improvement.


  • It does not provide programmed workouts on its computerized system. Thus, you need to look for extra materials to keep you going. It may lead to a lack of motivation, especially for people who don’t like spending time looking for an item.
  • It comes at a high price as compared to its competitors that offer the same services. If your budget is not enough, this model might not be for you.
  1. Sunny Fitness & Health SF-B901 Pro


The SF-B901 Pro is a durable equipment which is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders alike. It gives you both fitness and body shaping services, and it’s also one of the most affordable cycling equipment that comes with a number of favorable features such as:

  • Adjustable resistance using a small knob
  • A steel frame
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat
  • Base wheels to ease the storage process
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • A heavy flywheel weighing 40lbs
  • 1-year warranty
  • 90-day warranty for wearable parts

With its affordable price tag, the SF-B901 Pro is actually one of the best indoor cycling bikes within its range. It has a very durable construction along with various adjustability options. You have the freedom to adjust the handlebars and seat to easily suit your body type.

Meanwhile, its chain drive mechanism allows a smooth and quiet ride, making it ideal for home use especially if you don’t want to disturb anyone inside. With its heavy flywheel, you can appreciate its overall stability and get a feel that’s similar to cycling on the road.

Overall, it’s a really lightweight yet durable indoor cycling bike. It only weighs 97 pounds but is capable of supporting up to 275 pounds. Perhaps its best feature is its 40-pound flywheel as it lets you enhance the overall efficiency of your workout sessions.

Assembling this equipment is quite easy and would only take you 20 minutes. Most of its parts come while assembled, and you only need to assemble simple ones such as the pedals.

Why People Go for the SF-B901 Pro 

It comes at a friendly price

You can get this equipment at a price that’s below $300. While it does not contain quite a lot of features that most higher priced bikes have, it can certainly get your work done. It is durable, and if you want to save some money for an indoor bike, this is the right choice for you.

It’s easy to assemble

The bike does not need a lot of technical input to have it assembled. Anyone can assemble it, and once done, it can give you the stability and durability to last for years.

It has a reliable flywheel

It has a heavy flywheel that weighs 40lbs. This weight is larger than the usual flywheel’s mass. As a result, you can enjoy a road-like biking experience.


  • The light padding of the seat may cause discomfort after some time since it will thin out after using several times.

Features to Consider When Looking for an Indoor Bike


Due to the number of indoor bikes currently on the market, choosing which one to purchase might be a difficult task. Therefore, you need to consider the following features:

  • Indoor bike computer

An indoor bike that comes with a computer is more effective as compared to one without. The computer helps in tracking your cycling progress. This includes various statistics such as the resistance level, revolutions per minute, trip distance, and pedaling time. These are quite important as they allow you to monitor your progress, thus letting you know if your routine is effective or not.

  • Customization Options

In most cases, what separates a good indoor bike from a poor one is customization. A product that comes with tons of customization options allows you to configure the equipment based on your preferences. The best bikes on the market come with adjustable seats, handlebars, seat height, etc. This will allow you to enjoy a comfortable experience while riding on your indoor bike.

  • Ability to Change Resistance

A cycling bike should have an adjustable resistance feature. A weaker resistance allows you to cycle with ease, while a stronger resistance makes pedaling a lot of work. Consider buying a bike that allows you to adjust the resistance to match your workout needs.

  • Flywheel

A bike with a heavy flywheel allows you to enjoy a road-like biking experience. A heavy flywheel gives your bike improved stability and is suitable for heavy workloads.

  • Handlebars

Choose a bike which handlebars are adjustable. They help in giving you a good ride when combined with other adjustable features.

  • Pedals

Your bike’s pedals should be adjustable to give both your legs and feet a good workout. Pedals are essential parts of a bike since they are the core of the cycling activity. They determine the success of your exercise.

  • Seating Position

A very high or very low seat can cause accidents and injuries to your body. Since we all have different heights, it is wise to choose a bike with an adjustable seating position. An adjustable seat helps you have a vigorous exercise as you position it to suit your comfort.

  • Water Bottle Holder

You lose a lot of water in the body in the form of sweat during workouts. You, therefore, need to drink water to keep yourself hydrated. A good cycling bike provides a holder for your water bottle to make sure you hydrate your body during workout sessions.

  • Weight Capacity

A good bike should be able to handle a considerable amount of weight. This feature allows people with larger body weight to use the machine. Most high-quality bikes on the market can hold a capacity of up to 250 pounds.

Positive Impacts of Indoor Cycling 

  • It helps you save money

Indoor cycling helps in saving gas cost which you use for driving to the gym. For you to participate in the gym, you have to enroll in a membership. You will have to cover the fee on a monthly basis. Fortunately, this is eliminated with you have your own indoor bike at home.

  • It improves your cardiovascular health


While doing this exercise, the rate at which your heart beats increases. As a result, it pumps blood harder to all parts of your body, helping you achieve its primary function. An increase in the rate of your heartbeat will improve the health of your blood vessels and protect you from cardiac-related issues.

  • It’s a low impact routine

Indoor cycling doesn’t have a sharp reaction on your joints. It’s a low impact exercise compared to actual running which can be seriously painful.

  • It helps you burn calories

You need a lot of energy to cycle. Calories that are deposited in your body burns out to provide the energy to keep you going. On average, you can burn around 400 to 1,500 calories for every workout session you perform.

Also, your body’s metabolism is improved, thus helping you burn calories even after workouts.

  • It makes you feel good

Your body releases endorphins when you work out, making your body feel stimulated. You then start feeling great about yourself and feel like doing it more. Indoor cycling is actually a good way of controlling your mood while reducing depression.

  • It keeps your entire body moving

The exercise works on your entire body. Cycling works on your lower body while the handlebars work on your upper body.

Here’s a quick video regarding the benefits of indoor cycling:

How It Works

An indoor bike works just like an outdoor bike except with some slight differences. For one, it is stationary and you only need to use it inside. You can sit on it like you would with an outdoor bike.

You can achieve a road-like biking experience with an indoor cycling bike by adjusting its resistance. The ability to adjust different parts of the bike is what makes it feel more realistic. You can customize it to match your speed, and it’s usually strong enough to accommodate more weight.

The efficiency of the indoor bike is found in how committed you are to your exercises. It works on both your upper and lower body.

Other Factors to Consider in an Indoor Bike 

  • Indoor Bike Workouts

Look for virtual trainers to help you remain motivated during your workouts. They also help you to identify where to start and maintain the consistency. You can get virtual trainers from workout DVDs and YouTube channels.

  • Workout Shoes


Choose a quality shoe that is not too tight or too loose on your feet. Your workout shoe should protect you from friction between your feet and the exercise equipment. Thus, it should be made from a material that serves you regarding good quality and feet protection.

  • Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your bike will help you enjoy its services for a long time. Always wipe your bike dry after working out to avoid corroding its parts with your sweat. Make sure to grease it every once in a while.

  • Proper Clothing

Do not wear baggy clothes for your cycling sessions. Extra clothing may get stuck on the parts of the bike which may cause severe accidents. Instead, put a fitting pair of pants and top which do not leave extra clothing after wearing.


A good indoor workout includes getting a quality indoor cycling bike. Using some of the most outstanding models such as Mad Dogg can help you achieve wonders. Make sure that your spin bike comes with the best features to make your experience fun.

If you need more clarification, do not hesitate to contact us and we shall be ready to feed you with more information.

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