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Clenbuterol – Cycle, Side Effects, Dosage, and All Details

Review Summary

 As most people have a hard time dieting and exercising, they usually turn to supplements that will help them lose weight and gain muscle faster. Clenbuterol by Crazy Bulk is one of those supplements that have gained quite a lot of popularity among gym buffs and people who want to lose weight.

I, myself, am a big exercise buff who has tried a lot of different ways to bulk up. In fact, I’ve tried everything from hardcore strength exercises to protein shakes and other fitness supplements. The first time I came across Crazy Bulk’s Clenbuterol, I was pretty skeptical about it but decided to give it a try anyway since it’s made of natural ingredients.

In this review, I’ll be delving deeper into what Clenbuterol is, what makes Crazy Bulk’s variant different, and what you should watch out for if ever you decide to try it. This way, you’ll know everything there is to know about the supplement. You’ll also be able to decide if it is for you or not.


Full Review

 One of the reasons why I decided to try this product is because there are a lot of good reviews and testimonials about it — aside from the good feedback that I got from my friend who introduced this product to me in the first place.

Also, I found a lot of favorable reviews when I searched for the product on the internet. In most of the legit reviews that I found, I discovered both the pros and cons. The reviews I discovered seem to emphasize that the pros outweigh the cons. That’s also exactly what I’m going to do in this review so that you can decide for yourself if the product is for you or not.

Personally, I quite like the effects. I’ve been using it for a few months already and have seen some gains already, albeit only slightly noticeable. I believe I’ll have to wait a little longer before I see the full results, but here’s my review.


What is Clenbuterol?

 Clenbuterol isn’t the name of the brand. The brand is Crazy Bulk and Clenbuterol is a type of drug that is categorized as a Beta 2 sympathomimetic amine. This drug has been used for more than 30 years often for respiratory problems such as asthma.

However, it was actually discovered to be really good for both weight loss and for muscle growth. Due to this, a lot of celebrities and bodybuilding buffs use it. Now, most of you who are already familiar with Clenbuterol might immediately assume that it is the illegal steroid used for gaining muscle mass quickly. Yes, Clenbuterol is often regarded as a steroid and is only taken if absolutely necessary by prescription of a doctor. However, this version is a safer alternative created by Crazy Bulk.

What makes Crazy Bulk’s version rather different is that instead of predominantly synthetic ingredients, they choose to use natural ingredients instead. That’s why it is both very effective and also very safe to take as compared to the usual steroid.

The brand is created by Wolfson Berg Limited, a Cyprus-based company that’s known for creating quality and safe supplements in the market.



 Of course, this begs the question of “how can something that’s used for asthma be good for weight loss and exercise?” Trust me, I was also asking a question when I first started using the product. I did some research on how the product works. Only then was I convinced.

Basically, Clenbuterol promotes the production of beta 2 receptors inside the body. Beta 2 receptors act as a metabolism controller by making your body break fat at a much faster speed. It copies adrenaline so that the body will help the body convert glucose into energy.

When this happens, your body will naturally burn fat so that it can keep on creating heat and allow the overall body temperature to normalize. The body will then just continue to burn fat to try to create more energy.


Ingredients included in Clenbuterol

 As already mentioned above, Crazy Bulk’s Clenbuterol is very safe because it only uses natural ingredients. I’ve gone through the list of ingredients (you can find it at the back of the bottle) and have done some research on them as well. Basically, Clenbuterol is made of four main ingredients namely Garcinia Cambogia (150mg/capsule), Citrus Aurantium (150mg/capsule), Guarana seed (114mh/ capsule), and Nicotinamide B3 (21mg/capsule). Let’s go through them one by one:


  • Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia literally has the nickname “the fat preventer” because that’s exactly what it does — it prevents you from gaining excess fat. Now, Garcinia Cambogia is actually a fruit that has a high level of hydroxycitric acid, otherwise known as HCA. What HCA does is lessen your appetite so that you don’t crave for more food than you already need. When you eat less, you don’t put on more weight.

Aside from its appetite suppressing characteristics, it also suppresses the creation of fat by suppressing the natural enzyme citrate Iyase. Do you notice that people who eat a lot of carb-loaded food like rice, bread, or pasta are the ones who tend to get fat faster?

It’s most likely because of citrate Iyase. This enzyme is created by the body to turn carbs into fat. The more carbs you eat, the more of them are converted to fat. HCA “turns off” the citrate Iyase so that your body doesn’t convert the carbs into fat anymore. Simply put, it prevents the creation of fat.


  • Citrus Aurantium

While Garcinia Cambogia prevents the creation of fat, Citrus Aurantium burns the ones that are already there. Whatever accumulated fat you have in your body, this compound can take them away. Citrus Aurantium has a special substance known as synephrine which can speed up the process of burning fats. At the same time, it can heighten your metabolism and lessen your appetite. It’s a pretty good 3-in-1 formula that can surely help you lose weight.

  • Guarana Seed

The Guarana seed extract is an ingredient that is often used in most energy boosting coffees or teas because that’s exactly what it does — give you more energy. Due to this, drinks that have guarana extract are so popular among exercise buffs because it helps them run more laps, do more reps, and last longer in general. The reason is that of its high amount of caffeine content which is even higher than coffee. This allows you to perform at your peak every time you go to the gym or get in the ring to do a little sparring.

 Other than its energy boosting capability, it also has some metabolism increasing effects that can help you lose weight faster. Combine those characteristics, and you’ll be losing weight in no time. You’ll also be getting muscle cuts faster as well.


  • Nicotinamide

When I mention nicotinamide, most people think it has something to do with cigarettes. However, don’t mistake it for nicotine. Nicotinamide is a mineral that can help you get more energy. Just like the Guarana seed extract, Nicotinamide can give you an energy boost and also aid in DNA repair. This is very good for muscle repair which can also contribute to overall muscle gain.


Other than the four main ingredients, the supplement also includes the following:

  • Magnesium Stearate

If you take a look at the bottle, you’ll see another ingredient named “Magnesium Stearate” and probably wonder what it is. Just for your peace of mind, it is actually used as a lubricant so that the contents can easily go into the tablet. It can also help the efficacy of the contents by being a flow agent for absorption in the body. Don’t worry though. It’s completely safe for consumption. In fact, it’s the most common lubricant that’s used for capsules.


  • Gelatin capsules

The capsules, on the other hand, are made of a special type of gelatin. Most gelatins are made of either beef or pork materials — this is no exception. It also contains a few amino acids which can add to the nutritional benefit to the body. However, if you’re concerned about safety, gelatin capsules are generally safe for consumption. They’re used by pretty much all other soft gel capsule supplements anyway so you don’t have to worry about it.


Clinical Studies


Unfortunately, there are no clinical studies about the Crazy Bulk’s Clenbuterol product. There are, however, studies about general Clenbuterol drugs and specific studies about the main ingredients of this product. There are specific studies on the efficacy of Garcinia Cambogia, Guarana Seed, and Citrus Aurantium. We will go through some of them one by one.


As a drug, Clenbuterol has been shown to have some muscle improvement characteristics if taken in certain dosages. One certain study by the researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine led by G. Kalamakkanan reports about the usage of Clenbuterol for lean muscle mass.


According to the results, there has been a significant increase of 27% in lean mass and lean to fat ratio in the team of participants who have taken Clenbuterol. This shows us that in general, Clenbuterol does work for both weight loss and muscle building.


Now, to get more specific to the Crazy Bulk product, let’s take a look at some studies regarding the main ingredients which are Garcinia Cambogia, Citrus Aurantium, and Guarana Seed.


For Garcinia Cambogia, a set of clinical trials conducted by Igho Onakpoya and his team gathered various materials to test whether or not there is significant evidence of the effectiveness of Garcinia Cambogia. According to the results of the trials, the researchers concluded that there is a short-term weight loss effect. This is because the existing studies on the extract are not robust enough.


If there are more robust studies, then we can have a better idea of the effectiveness. However, we can infer from a lot of testimonials (both from customers of Crazy Bulk and other products) that it really is effective. And I can testify to that too!


The next ingredient we’re going to look at is the Citrus Aurantium which is the heavy-duty fat burner. One notable study conducted by Sidney J. Stohs and team. This study tackled existing studies of the effectiveness of Citrus Aurantium or bitter orange. The results of the study showed that taking this had no adverse effects on one’s health and even had some significant weight loss claims.


The last is Guarana seed extract, the energy booster. A study by Dimitrios Moustakas and his team of researchers conducted research regarding the effects of Guarana compared to caffeine. They found that Guarana had a positively higher energy boosting effect compared to caffeine alone, thereby rendering the ingredient effective.

By putting all of these studies in place together, we can really conclude that Clenbuterol is really effective as a weight loss and muscle building supplement.


Are there any side effects associated with Clenbuterol?

 One of the major questions that a lot of people ask me is whether Clenbuterol has any side effects especially since people are more familiar with the steroid Clenbuterol. Well, since the Crazy Bulk version is made of natural ingredients, I can guarantee you that there are no nasty side effects. However, there are still a few minor ones that you may have to take note of, especially if you’re a first-time user of these types of supplements.

Here are a few minor side effects you might experience:

  • Nausea
  • Mouth drying
  • Slight palpitations
  • Muscle cramps
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Headaches
  • Sweating
  • Increased heart rate
  • Allergies


Basically, they carry some of the same side effects that caffeine does, most likely because of the metabolism increasing and energy boosting properties. Therefore, if you want to avoid these side effects, then I suggest you take it slowly during your first few days. Afterward, gradually increase if you feel like it’s okay to do so.

As for allergies, some people might be allergic to some of the ingredients like the Garcinia Cambogia or Bitter Orange. It’s always best to consult with a doctor before taking the product so that you’ll know if you can take it or not. If the doctor gives you the go signal, then you can take it.


Can Clenbuterol really help you lose weight and build muscle?

As I have only been using Clenbuterol for only a few months, I can’t really say whether or not I’ve gotten the full experience of the product yet. However, I can say that in these past few months, I have noticed some changes in my body and performance. For one, I don’t feel so sluggish during my gym time as I used to. I can do more reps and can jog longer rounds ever since I’ve been taking the supplement.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that my tummy fat has trimmed down, especially at the love handles. I admit that I don’t have abs or side cuts yet but I can see that my side fats are slowly lessening. Of course, this is also because of matching exercise. From my own observation, I’ve seen that the tummy fats have been lessening faster than before.

So far, I’m pretty satisfied with my experience with Clenbuterol. With that, I can say that it does help with weight loss and muscle creation. However, don’t skip the exercise otherwise you won’t get the full benefits of the supplement.


Where to buy Clenbuterol?

Since Clenbuterol is pretty popular, you can expect there to be a lot of fake distributors trying to rip you off with fake products with the Crazy Bulk Clenbuterol name. This is why I really recommend you to buy the product directly from its official website. This way, at least you’ll be assured of safety if you buy there.

One bottle of Clenbuterol costs $82, but you can get it at a discounted price of $61.99. One of the more recent offers of Crazy Bulk is a buy 2 get 1 free package. You simply buy one bottle and buy another product so you can get another one for free. It’s a pretty attractive promo that will prompt you to try their other products as well. I got the entire muscle cutting collection, but my main focus is on the Clenbuterol since it’s the most popular one on the list.

That said, I recommend that you avoid buying from websites such as Amazon or eBay. Chances are, the sellers there are not even legit. You’ll also be paying a higher price anyway. Therefore, it’s really more worth it to buy from the website. However, if you do want to buy from the online marketplaces, then you have to make sure that the seller is the official Crazy Bulk seller.

Always check the seller before you make your purchase. If it’s not Crazy Bulk, then don’t buy from them. It’s most likely some bogus seller who’s trying to make a quick buck. It might not even be the real product.


Does Clenbuterol really work?

I find it really great that this alternative of Clenbuterol isn’t harmful, unlike its steroid version. Since the product is made of natural ingredients, there aren’t going to be any side effects if you know how to take it correctly. Here are a few of the benefits that I’ve noticed it can give:


  • Decrease Body Fat

This is one of the primary benefits of the product that you can see only after a few months of taking. You’ll be able to notice that the amount of body fat in your body will significantly lessen. This is an especially good product if you’re trying to lose a lot of weight and replace them with muscle.


  • Prevent Fat Accumulation

One of the things that I absolutely love about this product is that it doesn’t only decrease fat but lessens the chances of you accumulating more fat afterward. Most products just decrease your body fat without helping your body balance out. Due to that, you’ll experience some kind of a yo-yo effect where your fat will just come back. This product helps maintain your weight and controls your appetite so you can avoid food that isn’t good for you.


  • Increase Muscle Cuts

With a good workout regimen, the fats that you lose can be turned into muscles. It may take a while before you really bulk up, but you’ll notice that your muscles are more toned and well defined. It’s especially good for getting rid of those pesky abdominal fats and love handles that are so hard to burn.


  • Retain Muscle Cuts

It’s also great for the maintenance of muscles as well. A lot of people complain that after they stop working out, their muscles disappear. Well, taking these supplements regularly can help retain the muscles even if you stop working out for a while. The bulk might lessen if you take too long but the definition will still be there.


  • Enhance Overall Performance

The last thing that I absolutely love about this supplement is that it gives me a lot of energy. Usually, I drink coffee an hour before my workout because I’m usually sleepy within the day. However, I no longer need to ever since I started taking Clenbuterol. In the first few months that I’ve been taking it, my energy significantly increased. Because of that, my performance also increased, giving me the ability to do more reps and even sets!



Based on my own experience, the experience of my friends who are also taking Clenbuterol, and a few reviews that I have seen online, here are some of the pros of taking this product:

  • It helps speed up your metabolism
  • It increases your energy and improves overall exercise performance
  • It decreases body fat and increases muscle mass at the same time
  • It suppresses your appetite in a natural way
  • It does not result in major side effects nor does it have any to begin with
  • It’s completely made of all natural ingredients
  • It’s completely legal (unlike the steroid version of Clenbuterol)
  • You don’t even need any prescription to start taking it



Of course, there are also a few drawbacks that you have to take note of so that you’ll know whether the product is for you or not. In order to make an intelligent decision about whether to take it or not, you have to compare the pros to the cons. If you think the pros outweigh the cons, then the product is definitely worth trying out. Here are some of the product’s cons:

  • It contains quite a bit of caffeine
  • In some cases, it may result in a few minor side effects such as the ones that I’ve mentioned above
  • There’s no physical store, and the product can only be bought online from its official website
  • It does not produce very fast effects; rather, the effects can be seen after a long-term use


The Final Verdict

 In the few months that I’ve been using the product, I can definitely say that it’s a pretty good product. In fact, it’s one of the best weight loss and muscle building supplements that I’ve come across so far. If you’re after consistent weight loss or after gains, then this is something you’d want to buy.

Once again, this is different from the drug Clenbuterol. This is the natural alternative that is manufactured by Crazy Bulk. Always look for the Crazy Bulk alternative if you’re looking for a good Clenbuterol supplement.

Of course, my claim isn’t just my own experience. Its efficacy is backed by actual studies. Scientific research that tackled each major ingredient shows us that the product is definitely effective in terms of weight loss, weight maintenance, and even energy boosting.

 It’s not only backed by scientific research and clinical trials but also by a lot of reviews and testimonials. If you search the internet for Crazy Bulk’s Clenbuterol, you’ll see mostly good feedback from legit customers like me.

Scroll down to the comments section of these reviews, and you’ll see that a lot of people are commenting about their positive experiences too. There are also a lot of testimonials on the website that you can check out. Lastly, it’s not just men who’re commending the product – a lot of women use it too. Women who desperately want to lose weight have sworn by the effectiveness of the product.

To conclude, I’d like to recommend the product to anyone who wants to achieve physical fitness. However, don’t think that you’ll get fit just by taking the product alone. I still maintain my stand that it should just be a SUPPLEMENT, which means that you supplement it with a good diet and exercise.

Make sure that you eat a balanced meal every day and have a regular exercise regimen. Take Clenbuterol regularly to supplement your healthy lifestyle. If you consistently take the product and maintain that kind of lifestyle, you’re sure to produce some results in the long run. It worked really well for me so I’m sure it can work for you too.

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