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GenF20 Plus Review

Everybody knows that health is wealth. But a lot of people take it for granted. Others look for a cheaper way to boost their health. They go for natural and more affordable alternative to expensive prescription meds, thus giving rise to health supplement industries like the anti-ageing products such as HGH releasers. Examples are GH Advanced+, Somatroppine HGH and HypoerGH 14x.  But GenF20 Plus from Leading Edge Health stood up among others.



GenF20 Plus is formulated to increase your body’s human growth hormone production. This supplemental stack is a 2 part system which contains oral sprays and tablets. When combined, they create a secretagogue which triggers the pituitary gland so it will produce more HGH.

What is it made of?

The ingredients of GenF20 Plus are quite impressive. The tablets for example come with 16 different components and are enteric coated to ensure maximum absorption. Once you take a full dose of the pill, you are taking the following substances too:


This is necessary for metabolism. It is also responsible in cell growth, muscle maintenance, alertness and energy. It helps boost the immune system, reduce BP and lowers cholesterol. It also works well in preventing diabetes, arthritis, cardiac illnesses and many more.


This triples your HGH levels. It also boosts exercise performance, muscle build and fat loss. This boosts immunity and prevents cancer. It speeds up healing as well as improves male fertility.


It encourages secretion of HGH from the pituitary gland. It also relieves stress and improves prostate health.


This is needed for thyroid gland in the production of Thyroxine; a hormone that relieves depression and fatigue. This is also essential in the body’s metabolism and growth.


This has an important role in one’s sexual function and immunity. It increases the effectiveness of Arginine up to 10 times more compared to using arginine alone.


This is two times more potent than arginine. Arginine can triple HGH level. So, imagine what L-Ornithine can do for you. And for a more powerful effect, combine this with glutamine, lysine and even arginine.

GTF Chromium

It maintains blood glucose levels by improving insulin activity. Also with low glucose level, there will be increased HGH production. This also spikes energy, fat loss and metabolism.

Anterior Pituitary Powder

It improves the pituitary glands functionality thereby increasing HGH at the same time. It also alleviates a lot of health related health issues like decreased muscle tone.


This is a branched-chained amino acid for tissue repair and growth. It is also needed in the body’s nitrogen balance and muscle metabolism.

Bovine Colostrum

This is almost similar to the colostrum found on the mother’s milk. This improves immunity, augments lean muscles and bones and slows down ageing. Its IGF-1 content is also a precursor of HGH, attributing to the hormone’s anti-ageing properties.


This stands for Gamma Aminobutryic Acid. This is a potent amino acid acting as a neurotransmitter. This is also need for HGH production.

Deer Antler Velvet

This is a natural source of collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine. It strengthens cartilage tissue. It also contains a liver hormone called IGF-1 which is needed for HGH stimulation.

Astragalus Root Extract

This is effective for fast wound healing and also boosts immunity. It is also essential for digestion, metabolism and lung function. This is also sustains GIT and adrenal glands. It also helps in alleviating fatigue.

Phosphatidyl Choline

As a great emulsifier, it aids in the absorption of the supplement’s ingredients. It is also responsible in fat deposit emulsification. It helps you stay away from atherosclerosis, gallstones, cardiac problem, liver issues, memory loss, depression and neurological disorders.


Using Guide

Four tablets in total must be taken daily. Two of them have to be taken an hour prior to lunch and the other 2 tablets an hour before dinner. You will therefore need 120 tablets for a month’s supply. For more effect, combine the tablets with oral sprays.  Spray thrice an hour before meals and do this twice daily. This will lead to more increase in your HGH levels.

Any side effects?

There has been no reported side effect of GenF20 Plus, regardless if this be in tablet or spray form. No undesirable drug interactions were also noted. However, if you prefer to be on the safe side, it is always best to consult your doctor before starting on this type of supplement.

Who should use it?

This is ideal for anyone who has reached the age of 40. This will benefit you in many ways. It will improve your mood and increase your energy levels and sex drive. This will also improve the quality of your sleep and will cause skin rejuvenation for a more youthful looking you. But if you feel that GenF20 Plus is just low for your age range, you may opt for a stronger formula. Try HyperGH 14x; another product of Leading Edge Health.

Buying Guide

You can buy GenF20 Plus online through their official website. Make sure not to buy the spray and pills separately since you can buy both in one package at a cheaper price.  Apart from online purchase, you can also order through fax, mail or phone.

Trying GenF20 Plus will always be worth it considering the fact that they offer a 2 month money back guarantee. So, it’s a win-win offer!

Final Words

GenF20 Plus is not only backed up by its positive customer reviews. This has also been tested and proven to be effective by experts. One example is the study conducted by Vedic Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.  So, if you want more HGH production but want to do it safely, use GenF20 Plus. Experts have made their final say about the product. You have nothing to lose. After all, you can have your cash back within 2 months if you think this is not effective.

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