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How to get the Best Results From Jelqing

It’s no secret that to some degree, men are insecure about the size of their penises. This is why jelqing is steadily becoming a common practice, attributed primarily because of the fact that it doesn’t cost anything as well as providing actual results. Most people Jelf along with penis extender or pumps.

How does one Jelq?

The name for this method of increasing penis size is admittedly a little comical and doesn’t offer any contextual clue on how one should do it. Though some would claim that ‘to jelq’ is along the lines of ‘to jerk’, it’s not as simple as that. In fact, jerking or simply pulling the penis without knowing the actual technique might pose some risks.

To start jelqing, the first step is to make an “OK” gesture where the tip of the index finger and the tip of the thumb touch to form a circle. Take note of this finger position and grip the base of the penis with this finger position when it is erect. While keeping a good balance between firm and gentle, slowly move the hand towards the head of the penis. The nearer the hand is to the head, the less pressure should be applied.

What to avoid

Jelqing provides observable results when done right. Avoid applying any pressure at all on the glands. The tip of the penis doesn’t need to be a part of the jelqing procedure. Also keep in mind that the goal is to lengthen and increase the girth of the penis, so mindlessly pulling is a bad idea. Pulling the skin too much is also not recommended. If it gets in the way, consider using lubricants.

On use of special devices

As mentioned earlier, jelqing is practically free. However, it doesn’t hurt to invest in devices that can facilitate a more accurate motion. But it’s a good idea to check with review sites first before buying any device for jelqing to make sure that it’s already been tested and proven to be safe and most importantly, effective.


Just like anything that has something to do with building the body, jelqing will require rest so that the body can overcompensate in reconstructing mildly damaged tissues. The most frequent jelqing sessions anyone should aim for is around 4 to 5 days in a week. Keep in mind that muscle is torn at the gym and rebuilt during sleep. Use this analogy to fully appreciate not going all out seven days of jeqling.


For people who need immediate observable results as feedback, they might just disappoint themselves. Though the penis does swell up after jelqing, hoping for tissues to repair themselves immediately is expecting too much. This is one of the reasons why a lot of men who start trying to jelq end up quitting. Worse, claiming that it doesn’t work even though their experience with it is minimal. Results will be more apparent after a few weeks. Beginners can see tangible results in a few days, but they should always consider that gains in girth and length for penises have diminishing returns.


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