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How to Grow Taller & Increase Height


“I Wish I can be taller”; this a common phrase among men, even those with average height. In today’s society, height often defines a man’s masculinity. If gives you more advantage in sports and even at work. If you are short, will you accept this as part of your life’s package or will you do something to correct it?

If you are in your teenage years, don’t lose hope. Anatomically, you have more chances for additional inches to your height. Your growth plates are still open. These are the cartilages at the end tip of your long bones. These parts will still extend up to early adulthood. When you reach 21 years old, this transforms into a bone. However, this does not mean that you are no longer left with any options to be taller after that.

Here are some tips on how to increase your height, and the younger you start, the more effective these will be. But then again, these can still be applicable regardless of your age:



Exercise offers a lot of advantages. Apart from the fact that it also boosts HGH production, this in itself will also improve your height.

The ultimate goal of exercise is for:

  1. Spinal column extension.
  2. Knee and joints extension
  3. Permanent lengthening of cartilage through stretching.

Below are some examples of height increasing exercises:







This is intended to lengthen the spine and is done with the use of a pull-up bar. All you have to do is to reach for the bar and grab it with both hands. Allow your lower extremities to hang freely at least 10 seconds. This will stretch your vertebrae. As you progress, add some ankle weights for greater effect.






If you look closely to the different swimming strokes, you would notice that this entails a lot of reaching and stretching. As you frequently do this, it will add more to your height too. For best results, do at least 5 swimming sessions per week.




There are a lot of stretching exercises but choose the one that focuses more on your legs and back. Stretching is very common in yoga classes and it helps you grow a couple of inches if you enroll to this form of fitness program.

Inversion Therapy





This is still hanging but in an upside down position. This requires the use of gravity boots or inversion table. Such technique is very effective in lengthening your spine even in your adult stage. A lot of people who use this form of exercise reported an increase in height of 1-2 inches and even more.


     Correct body posture will not only improve your appearance, it makes you look taller too.

Rest and Diet

Teens need sleep, not just for their health but to grow taller as well. HGH; a hormone responsible in overall growth and development will only have greater production when you are asleep, specifically during delta wave sleep cycles. Hence, it is advisable that teens will sleep for at least 8-11 hours per day. This is one way to maximize their growth potential.

Adequate rest will not be enough to fuel your body to grow more inches. Your diet plays a vital part too. Eat healthy and avoid junk foods. Add more vitamins to your diet specifically Zinc, vitamin D as well as calcium. Protein will work wonder on your height too. Adequate hydration will also help your body work in as much as it could. So drink plenty of water daily.

Using Shoes and Lifts

Shoes are not only for protection and fashion. They can be used as height lifter too. Some brands are even purposely made to add to your height. There are height increasing shoes specially made for those who want to be a few inches taller while some would use shoe inserts to create an illusion of one’s height. You can be ¾ inches to 2 inches higher by wearing shoe inserts or height increasing footwear.

Some are not comfortable wearing shoe inserts though, so they opt for customized shoes that can lift you 5 inches higher. Some shoe brands are reputed for their heightening shoes in various fashions and styles. They have sneakers, dress shoes, boots and even sandals. For those who have height problems, know that as long as there are tall shoes to wear, you can always fake your height.

Invasive Method- Height Surgery

If you are too desperate to increase your height, why not go for the invasive option- surgery. Even before, surgery is sought for to address problems on dwarfism and uneven leg length. Today, a lot of people use the same method for cosmetic reasons. Hence, they go for height lengthening surgery.

The procedure will not be easy. Initially, shin bones have to be broken then the telescoping rods need to be inserted. The rods then will be extended in tiny increments. This will slowly lengthen in the space of 3 months.

Taking Supplements and Pills

Taking supplements or pills can be the easiest thing to do. It helps to take calcium, vitamin D as zinc. Glucosamine sulfate can also improve your cartilage tissue’s volume. It also prevents spinal disc compression; a condition that is very common as you age which cause you decrease in height. Peak Height is one example of a formulated supplement that improves height.


Attending Programs on Height

You can also turn to the internet and attend any of its home course programs. They will teach you effective techniques to grow taller. Examples of these programs are Grow Taller Pyramid Secret, Get Taller 4 Idiots and 5-inch Height Gain.

Final Words

A taller height is something you can work on. And don’t assume that you are no longer fit for this after you have passed your adolescent stage. You don’t even need to undergo surgery just to live your dreams of getting taller. There are many factors that will affect in the process like your age, the method you use and a lot more. However, if you push through with your goal and exert a lot of effort to achieve it, you will surely find a significant result in the long run.

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