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iGrow Reviews,Results & Price

Do you have a receding hairline, thinning or losing hair in general? I can just imagine how awful you feel every time you look at the mirror in the morning. Well, there are 2 things you can do about it. You can simply shrug your shoulders and accept it as part of life’s realities or you can explore modern ways to resolve such issue.

A lot of people rave over hair loss products. If you are one of them, you can surely empathize how hard it is to choose among the hundreds of them available in the market these days. If you are not lucky, you may even end up with a crap for sale, hence doing an informed purchasing decision comes very crucial.

Amidst all hair loss products, some stood out to be effective. One is the Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).  The Evolution Hair Loss Institute is one of the reputed manufacturers of this product. Their famous iGrow laser Helmets are very effective as claimed by men and women who use them.


What is it?

As you look at iGrow Laser Helmet, you may wonder what in the world this product is. It can be so embarrassing to flaunt your laser studded bike helmet that comes with ear muffs to your friends. But if re-growing hair is worth all the embarrassment then may as well give this product a try. After all, it is just like wearing a hat for several minutes. And the perceived embarrassment is just a pre-emptive thought.

The iGrow Laser Helmet is simply a hands-free solution for thinning or balding hair. And unlike other types of laser hair therapy, it offers a lot of advantages:

  • FDA approved
  • Low level laser treatment
  • Has maximum scalp coverage
  • Hands-free
  • Can be done at home
  • Painless
  • Effective
  • Easy to use, devoid of messy topical solution
  • No prescription drug needed
  • No brushing needed (unlike laser comb)
  • Headphones can be used for listening music or can be plugged to any gadget


The low level laser therapy is the modern and most current way to stimulate hair follicle’s epidermal stem cells. This wakes the dormant follicles, restoring their normal growth. Hence, this becomes a promising treatment option for hair loss problem.  Studies were conducted to show LLLT’s measureable results. And authors; Guota GK, Avci P, Hamblin MR and Wikonkai N showed that LLLT is not just effective but safe to use too.

Method of Use

All you need to do is to wear the helmet for only 20 minutes initially (increased to 25 minutes eventually), two times a week. You will find significant results after 3 months of regular use.

If you like the result after a year of use, you can increase the frequency of treatment to 3 times a week.

Here are some facts stated by William Gaunitz, the Evolution Hair Loss founder:

  • iGrow Laser Helmet works to 70% of men
  • This is ideal for those who have dark complexion and dark color of hair
  • Perfect for people who are at the early stage of hair loss (Must not experience hair loss for more than 5 years).

Side Effects to Watch Out For

Apart from the weight of the helmet that you have to wear on your head, iGrow Laser Helmet has no known side effects. It is comfortable to use and devoid of any irritation of any kind.

Where to Buy

You can purchase iGrow Laser Helmet from their official website. Shipment to any part in U.S. is also free. Because you are paying what you are getting, this product can be costly for your budget. However, you are offered a win-win deal since the purchase is protected by its 6 months money back guarantee.

Final Words

It has been proven that iGrow Laser Helmet works as claimed. It halts hair loss as well as regrows hair. Come to think of it, FDA has not approved any laser helmet therapy aside from this. And this is ideal not just for men but for women too!

iGrow Laser Helmet is considered to be the most reputable product of its kind. Most of all, it is not a scam!

Experimenting on various hair loss products can really be daunting. And using prescription drugs or topical solutions can be a hassle. This leaves you with no other option but to try solving your hair loss problem using the easier way. Give iGrow Laser Helmet a try and maximize your hair’s growing potential.

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