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Increasing Your Semen Volume: Here are 5 Natural Ways to Do it

If you have 2 ml -5 ml of seminal fluid volume, you are basically within its normal range. But if you are ejaculating just a little of it, you can tell that reaching the climax is not as pleasurable when you have more of it.

The amount of semen a man has may start to reduce as one ages. You reach the highest semen production by the age of 30-35 years old but it declines to its lowest volume once you reach 55 years old or even older.

There are many products formulated to increase your seminal fluid production. However, nothing compares to a natural alternative such as Pro Solution Plus. Below are the lists of suggested ways to normally increase your seminal fluid production:


Keep you penis away from too much heat exposure

You need to know that this organ is very sensitive. Hence, it is not good to expose this to too much heat. If you do so, it will wilt. Normal daily routines make it expose to a very warm condition. It could be during long car rides, when in a steam room or during a sauna bath.

Increase fluid intake

Do you know that the amount of fluid you take affects the volume of semen you ejaculate when you reach the climax? Since seminal fluid is water based, this explains why its amount is directly proportional to water. This lubricates the sperm, and this is the reason why it has to be water based. Water is an essential component of our body to function properly, the reason why we need to take 2-3 liters of it every day.

Wearing very tight underwear

Temperature is very important, especially when it comes to your sperm and semen. It determines their ability to function well. They normally thrive in a temperature that is lower than your body temperature. However, once you wear tight undies, the temperature around the area increases and this result to lowered sperm and semen level.

Soda intake

Soda is bad for your health, especially to your liver. Why? This is because of its high fructose content.  But more than just affecting your liver, it also affects your sperm count and your seminal fluid volume. According to a study conducted, men who drink soda have 30% lower semen volume compared to those who do not drink this type of beverage. This is true, even to those who only drink soda in a minimal level.

Sitting with crossed legs is not good for you

You may wonder what’s the relation between your sperm and seminal fluid production with that of your body posture? Well, when you cross your legs, it pushes your scrotum towards your body. Once this happens, it increases the temperature in your scrotum more than what it needs. Hence, sitting with crossed legs indirectly affects your sperm and seminal fluid level.

For men; having normal sperm counts and seminal fluid volume matter. And if you have any problem on this, may as well try the above mentioned normal ways to resolve your seminal fluid issue.


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