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Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review

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It is hard to trust a product unless you have proven it to be effective. That is why I always try anything new first and experiment with it, especially when it comes to supplements. The sad fact is; most of them are full of promises and end up with undelivered results. Some fat burners merely have placebo effects that don’t deliver anything at all. So when I heard about Instant Knockout Fat Burner, I thought of it as another bogus product that is only circulated for money. But I admit; its unique packaging has caught my attention. And upon knowing that this is a new product from Road Ambition, Ltd.; a company known for its products’ amazing track record, my curiosity to try the product grew even more.

About Knockout Fat Burner

Knockout Fat Burner is not just like any ordinary weight loss supplement that you know of. This is made with a purpose. Initially, this is formulated for MMA fighters and pro boxers. As we know it, they are required to lose a significant amount of weight without affecting their strength and muscle gains to qualify for the official weigh-in. There is so little time given to lose weight and employing the traditional diet and exercise alone won’t suffice. That is why, MMA fighters and boxers need the Knockout Fat Burner. This acts by:

  1. Increasing metabolism
  2. Boost endurance
  3. Shed off fat

You can take this in combination with a unique formula and well-timed dosages every day. By doing so, you will be rewarded with a continuous fat burning state while retaining your muscle and definition at the same time.


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Its 10 natural ingredients are thermogenic and non-thermogenic. Their combination produces synergistic effects which can switch off the body’s fat-storing ability. Here are examples of them:

Caffeine Anhydrous

Interestingly, caffeine has become very popular these days. It is more than just a cup of coffee now that it is also used as a reputable workout and diet supplement. It is proven to boost metabolism, consume stored fats for energy and even shed off to as much as 30% more fats when taken before you hit the bench. This is also good in stabilizing your blood’s sugar level for a longer period of time and can even control appetite. When it is anhydrous, it is in its most potent state. Meaning; it is devoid of impurities or stripped off from its unfavorable side effects. Once taken with green tea (which contains catechins), caffeine can boost the body’s metabolism, which further shed off excess fat storage.

Green Tea

Green tea is known for its herbal qualities that heal a lot of illnesses but do you know that this is also very effective in terms of shedding excess fats? This is because it contains polyphenols. This compound is responsible in elevating metabolism, resulting to increased fatty acid consumption of the liver and muscles. And because this reduces triglyceride levels, this sheds off the body’s overall fats.

Green Coffee Bean

Raw coffee beans lower the liver’s glucose production. Thanks to its chlorogenic acid content. With this follows the reduction of fat absorption in food digestion, thereby reducing fat storage. This is healthy for the individual too since it lowers cholesterol and sustains healthy sugar level in the blood.


This occurs naturally which swells up in one’s stomach. Such powerful dietary fiber makes you feel full faster so you have fewer chances to overeat. Since Knockout Fat Burner contains cayenne too, the appetite stimulating effect of this supplement is even made to be more effective.

Cayenne Pepper

This contains “capsaicin”. It elevates calorie consumption and lower fat stores. It also lowers down “ghrelin”, the famous hunger hormone.

GTF Chromium

This is effective in stabilizing your blood sugar level. This is essential during fat loss. Though this is touted to increase the body’s growth hormone level too, this claim still has no scientific basis.


This is found in black pepper extract. It acts by blocking new fat cell formation and increases nutrient absorption. With the help of Piperine, the nutrients in Knockout Fat Burner supplement become more potent.


Zinc is an essential mineral, especially among men. This is needed to sustain the testosterone’s optimum level as well as in processing nutrients. It is also interesting to note that overweight men have low zinc levels.

Vitamin B6 and B12

There’s no need to add all B-vitamins to this formula considering the fact that you are already taking a good multi-vitamin. Taking extra won’t hurt but additional vitamins won’t hurt either.

Side Effects

There’s nothing to worry about taking Instant Knockout. After all, it is made by Roar Ambition Ltd so it must be safe. Its formulation is regulated by UK and US facilities as well. If there is one side effects to be considered, these are the effects of its natural stimulants. Hence, make sure that you retire to bed 4-5 hours after taking the last dose. However, take note that it has lesser stimulants than many of its counterparts. Though 4 capsules daily is the recommended dose, you may lower it to three capsules a day of you are not a coffee drinker or if you are caffeine sensitive. This will not only work well with you but it saves your budget too. You can just adjust the dosage one you get used to it. And yes, the rest are just common sense like not taking this supplement together with other stimulants. Most of all, know that this supplement is devoid of any prohibited substances. Hence, there is no need to worry that this will show false positive results.

Where available

You can purchase Knockout Fat Burner from its official website. This may come expensive than other brands but it is better to invest on something that is worth buying than spending for a cheaper option that don’t deliver positive results. The company also has distribution centers in UK and US, sending shipment to various countries around the world. For militaries, APO address will suffice.

Buying Knockout Fat Burner is a win-win decision. You are backed up with 90 days money back guarantee. After 3 months of ineffective use, you will get 100% reimbursement of your money spent. This is because they are confident enough that they will deliver good results as expected.

Final Words

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I would say that some products are just worth the investment and Knockout Fat Burner is one of them. You will never see any flaws regardless if you look at its quality, ingredients or purity. I find this effective in increasing my metabolic rate, fuel my energy and reduce my hunger cravings. It’s also very safe to use. And this is not just for bodybuilders or athletes. This product is for anyone who would want to shed off one’s excess fat. And you can enjoy its optimal effect with regular exercise and proper diet.






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