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Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review 2021

Review Summary:

Instant Knockout Fat Burner is relatively new but currently one of the popular  natural fat burning supplements sold in the market. It promises to burn fat like MMA professionals (company cites Diego Sanchez and John Dodson,two of the biggest MMA pro)

I have noticed some results (76Kg to 72Kg) in my body during my first few months of using the product. I found this product superior to other leading brands of fat burners for faster weight loss with  visible changes in just a span of three months. I highly recommend accompanying it with a balanced diet and regular exercise for better results. Note that it is not a magic fat burner pill. Fat burners should be used when you are stuck at a certain weight despite best diet.

Beware of fake products sold on Ebay or Amazon with a name similar to brand name and buy only from official website.

Full Review:

You can find a various number of user reviews (at the end of editorial review) about Instant Knockout Fat Burner, and each review contains the specific user’s experience with the product. Please take note that this review is going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this product.


What is Instant Knockout Fat Burner?

This fat burner supplement was originally developed by Roar Ambition ( Testofuel, top ranked testosterone  is their product as well) for MMA fighters to lose weight before their match’s weigh-ins; but today, it is available to aid anyone who wants to burn their fats  while still retaining good muscle form.

Instant Knockout Fat Burner has lots of loyal customers with countless positive reviews. This product has become one of the most searched instant fat burner products online with repeat orders from many satisfied customers. Instant Knockout Fat Burner is a 100% legal and safe fat burner that is sold in the market today.

This supplement works as an effective instant fat burner that suppresses your appetite, boosts your metabolism, and serves as an energy booster.



Many people have suffered from obesity and struggle to lose weight. Unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle choices are the main reasons why people gain so much unwanted weight. While they seek the right supplement to help them lose weight, generally they end up buying the wrong product.

Instant Knockout Fat Burner does not only focus on weight loss. It also helps you keep your body’s metabolism high and prevents fat from being stored in the body. It also works as an appetite suppressant that keeps your food cravings at a minimum level. As a result, your cravings for unhealthy foods will be suppressed. This unique combination of both is hard to find in other fat burner pill products and explains why I like the product.

If you are an athlete that carries a bit of extra weight, this supplement is perfect for you. It will help you burn out those extra fats to have a leaner body suitable for fighting and maintaining your physique.

This product, as mentioned earlier, has undergone clinical studies & research and has been proven to help you boost your overall health aside from aiding you in weight loss.


What Ingredients are in Instant Knockout Fat Burner?

Instant Knockout Fat Burner claims to be made of one hundred percent natural ingredients. These ingredients are mixed together to help you achieve your desired results effectively along with a various number of benefits. They are as follows:

  • Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is an essential ingredient that helps you see better results in your weight loss mission. This ingredient contains bioactive polyphenols called ‘catechins’ which attacks your body fat from different angles. It boosts your body’s metabolism and burns out stored fat in your body. It increases your internal heat by stimulating the release of norepinephrine in your body.

Also, a study shows that green tea extract does not only help you lose weight but also keep you from gaining weight.

  • Caffeine anhydrous

This ingredient fires up a hormone in your body to convert more energy by burning more calories to help you eat less and have lots of energy to use for the day. Caffeine is also a natural stimulant that enhances your energy levels and stamina and helps you stay alert and focused.

  • Glucomannan

This ingredient’s main function is to reduce your food cravings by giving you a feeling of fullness. This ingredient is a complex source of carbohydrate that has a beta-D-Mannose and beta-D-glucose long chain reaction. This means that this ingredient can pass through the stomach without being digested, thus giving you a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time.

This nutrient is a great ingredient because it does not only reduce your appetite but also improve your metabolic health.

  • Vitamin B6

This is the one that pulls all the ingredients of the supplement together. It improves how your body synthesizes your energy to help you support a healthy lifestyle. It also helps in fat burning by accelerating your metabolism.

Vitamin B6 aids your body in absorbing amino acids to help you build muscle. Moreover, it also regulates fats and carbs, thereby helping you control your diet with ease.

  • Vitamin B12

This ingredient also helps convert your food into useful energy. This helps you last longer during exercise and increase your body’s metabolism. This vitamin also improves your immune system.

Vitamin B12 helps in breaking down fatty acids, maximizes protein synthesis, and improves carbohydrate digestion. Mix it all together, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for a more athletic and leaner body with better physical performance.

  • Cayenne Pepper

This spice is contained in most diet pill supplements in the hopes that it will raise body metabolism. A higher and faster body metabolism means the better ability of your body to burn calories. A study also shows that this ingredient increases fat burning especially when paired with regular exercise.

  • Zinc

This ingredient is one of the most popular and important nutrients when talking about a leaner health composition. It boosts the hormone called ‘testosterone’ which is responsible for increasing protein synthesis.

This nutrient also helps your body in converting fats, protein, and carbohydrates into energy. Having enough energy to fuel your body is important especially when you are exercising to get in shape.

  • GTF Chromium

GTF Chromium regulates your cravings for sugar and carbs which contributes to unwanted weight gains. This mineral is commonly found in meat, whole grains, and vegetables. Due to its properties, the sugar and carbs that you take are converted into energy.

  • Piperine

This is an extract from black pepper with a bioactive chemical formula that aids in weight loss, digestion, and thermogenesis (the body’s process of heat production). This also suppresses the storage of fats in the body.


  • Green Coffee Bean

For those people who haven’t heard of green coffee beans before, they are simply unroasted coffee beans. They don’t have a caffeine content but have a compound known as chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is a substance that slows down the fat absorption rate from food.

This ingredient reduces your sugar cravings and also lowers your body’s cholesterol level, thereby boosting your health and body composition.

instant knockout ingredients

instant knockout ingredients


Clinical Studies

To ensure that Instant Knockout Fat Burner is safe and effective, the product claims to have undergone rigorous research and quality testing.

Instant Knockout Fat Burner stands out from other brands in terms of ingredients used. Other similar brands are just mere remixed versions and are basically the same except with their brand names. On the other hand, Instant Knockout Fat Burner has proprietary ingredients that make the product unique. The major ingredients used in the formulation has been shown to be effective for weight loss in many scientific clinical studies.


 Does Instant Knockout Fat Burner have any side effects?

Like any other medication or supplement that provides results, Instant Knockout Fat Burner has some unavoidable side effects that can be experienced. Nevertheless, they are quite rare that most people who took the supplement did not notice any slight difference in their daily lives.

Before taking Instant Knockout Fat Burner, a doctor’s consultation is advised for people with heart disease, history/risk of stroke, high blood pressure, heart rhythm problems, diabetes, kidney problems, glaucoma, mental issues, prostate problems, and other health issues.

A doctor’s consultation is also needed for pregnant women, people with eating disorders, breastfeeding mothers, and people who are sensitive to caffeine. Taking Instant Knockout Fat Burner should be stopped at least two weeks before the surgery.

Normal people without health issues and other conditions mentioned above need not consult a physician. The potential side effects of Instant Knockout Fat Burner are the following:

  • You may notice an increase in gas and belching
  • Mild headaches in very rare cases
  • Sleeping difficulties and insomnia due to caffeine
  • There might be a slight increase in your heart rate
  • Mild perspiration or sweating in very rare cases

If symptoms persist, just consult your doctor. And when in doubt, just show the ingredients of Instant Knockout Fat Burner to your doctor or physician. Dietitians and pharmacists are also good sources of information.


Can Instant Knockout Fat Burner really help you lose weight?

It’s been only three months since I started using Instant Knockout Fat Burner and I can notice slight visible changes in my weight. Though there are slightly noticeable changes, it’s still far from my desired results. Maybe after a few months of consistent diet, exercise, and consumption, my desired weight will be achieved. But for now, I’m contented with the weight I’m losing with the help of this product.


Where to buy Instant Knockout Fat Burner?

Instant Knockout Fat Burner has a good reputation among its customers. If you want to give this product a shot, you can purchase it online from its official website. This way, you can avoid any potential scams and frauds.

Don’t buy Instant Knockout Fat Burner over the counter. As of now, the product isn’t available in local stores yet. Fake Instant Knockout Fat Burner products are everywhere because of the product’s popularity and demand, so it pays to take caution.

You can buy a one-month supply for $59 plus an additional $7.95 for the shipping fee. There’s also the two-bottle package which costs $118 plus free shipping to the US and UK. Lastly, there’s the $185 package with free worldwide shipping, three bottles for a three-month supply, an extra bottle for free, and a free T-shirt.

When you buy the product, you can take advantage of their 90-day refund policy. However, it is only applicable if you purchase the three-bottle package. It is because the manufacturer has indicated that you follow the 90-day regimen first.

In other words, you have to take the supplement for at least 90 days. If you are unsatisfied with the results, simply return the bottles along with your name and order number.


Does Instant Knockout Fat Burner really work?

Yes. Instant Knockout Fat Burner does actually work! Just be careful of the side effects that may possibly occur. Before taking the fat burner, always consult your physician or doctor if you have health concerns other than obesity.

Always keep in mind that when a fat burner claims no negative side effects, then it is probably ineffective. There is no way to higher the body metabolism without having side effects. According to an old saying “No pain no gain”. If you are not yet convinced of the fat burner’s effectiveness, here are some of the benefits you can experience when using Instant Knockout Fat Burner:

  • Suppresses your appetite

Instant Knockout Fat Burner helps you suppress your appetite, thus making make you eat less which in return will allow you to lose weight. This is because some of the product’s ingredients give you a feeling of fullness.

  • Burns fat

Instant Knockout Fat Burner helps improve your metabolism and internal heat. This means that your body will burn more calories because it will need a lot of energy.

  • Increase in energy levels

The product will give you a lot of energy to help you last throughout the day. The caffeine ingredient will also help you keep your focus and keep you alert all day. Just don’t take the pill at night or else you won’t be able to sleep properly.

  • Enhances your mood

This fat burner pill contains mood enhancing ingredients that will help you improve your mood.

  • Stops the storage of fats

Because of the acceleration of the body’s metabolism, the excess fat will be burnt easily, thus stopping the storage of unwanted fats.


  • It supports your body’s digestion
  • Burns fats effectively
  • Helps curb your appetite
  • Stops the storage of excess fats in the body
  • Burns around 1500 to 2500 calories each day, which means that you will be able to lose 3 to 5 pounds per week
  • Has a lot of loyal customers that can attest to its effectiveness
  • You will feel a lot more energetic, thus helping you improve your mood


  • This fat burner contains a lot of stimulants which are not recommended if you have health issues
  • You may experience some side effects
  • Should be taken by adults only
  • There are no other distributors aside from Roar Ambition
  • The caffeine ingredient can affect your sleeping patterns
  • Available only in solid form


Now that you already have everything you wanted to know about Instant Knockout Fat Burner, you sure are good to go.

The science behind this wonderful product is very strong, the customer reviews are mostly positive, and the data is also reliable and well-documented. With these in combination, I can conclude that Instant Knockout Fat Burner is effective and safe to use.

Though the product has a premium price tag, it might be worth the money. I recommend Instant Knockout Fat Burner to all people out there who are planning to burn excess stubborn fat quickly.

If you are thinking why I’m recommending you this product, I can give you a bunch of reasons.

Number one, Instant Knockout Fat Burner has the benefits you can get from different supplements in a single pill. Instead of buying one pill for boosting your body’s metabolism, one for suppressing your appetite, and another one for losing weight, you can just have it a single potent pill.

Number two, its main ingredients have undergone a lot of clinical studies with positive results.

And three, it has given me visible results in just a short period of time.

A balanced diet and a regular exercise should be combined in order to obtain a better and much healthier result. Remember that losing weight is useless if you are losing it in an unhealthy manner. Your health should come first.

Always keep that in mind!


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