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Lumonol Reviews


Are you looking for the best cognitive supplement in the market these days? Well, this is not surprising since such brain enhancement tool has built an overwhelming reputation in the supplement world nowadays.

Such fame can be attributed to Bradley Cooper’s illusive “Limitless pill”. In the movie, Bradley completed a book in just one night! Obviously, the story is just a fiction, but still, many hoped to find similar help.

Truth is; there are substances that work just like the “Limitless pills”. Though they may not give you spectacular results as shown on the film, they can help maximize your cognitive function. These are the Nootropics.

If you are searching for the most effective Nootropic then I suggest that you try Lumonol. It will surely give the best bang for your buck. This is ideal for everyone, whether you are still experimenting on Nootropic drugs to know if you can be as limitless as Bradley or a veteran in Nootropic supplements who is looking for better products that can bring out your innovativeness and turn your boring world into something exciting.

Lumonol is a product of Nutraceuticals; hence this is not just another ordinary Nootroopic that you find at a store.

Understanding Nootropics


If you are familiar with Adderall, the ADD/ADHD treatment prescribed by doctors, then you have an idea what nootropics can do. In some sense, nootropics work the same way with Adderall. It calms your mind so you can focus more or pay more attention. This will clear out your mind and help you recall things better and longer.

People with ADHD depend on Adderall to live a normal life and be productive in whatever they do. This is in expense of experiencing its adverse effects at the same time. Nootropics on the other hand offers a safer alternative to these people. These are counter supplements, promising Adderall like effects. It can be hard to buy Adderall illegally. So if you want to know the easier way to alleviate ADHD symptoms, why not resort to a legal option? Nootropics do not need any prescription from the doctor. Hence, you can get them without any hassle and still enjoy Adderall like effects. This can be used together with another supplement that will maximize its effects.

What Lumonol Can Do For You

Lumonol has benefits which all its users can’t deny. By taking this supplement, you will have:

  • Better memory
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Maximized overall mental performance
  • Decreased mental fatigue and anxiety
  • Become more creative.

What’s in It


Lumonol can never as effective as it can be without its ingredients. Here are some of their highlights:


This is common among body building and fitness supplements. But it has significant effects on the brain too. It’s considered as MAO; a dopamine inhibitor which works in improving human’s intelligence.  It also affects mood, memory as well as other various mental functions. It boosts mental energy, making it ideal for work sessions and extended study.

Panax Ginseng

This is often called as “true ginseng” because of its natural memory enhancing effects. It affects the person’s memory, mood and cognition. It is also effective in reducing anxiety and resolve issues in memory loss and other age related mental problems. It also boosts the immune system, energy and increase libido. When added with Gingko (which is part of Lumonol’s ingredients),  Panax Ginseng will have great cognitive benefits.


This is best in relieving anxiety. It offers calming feeling, improve mental energy and better focus as well as longer attention span.


It offers the highest effects when it comes to memory improvement. It boosts focus, learning ability as well as concentration. It works by stimulating the brain so there will be production of neurotransmitters which thereby improve concentration. Limitless pills may not be real but noopept is the one closest to it.

Gingko Biloba

This helps in clearing your body from toxins as well as waste by increasing your blood flow. It also boosts dopamine production, thereby improving your mood.

CDP Choline

This helps the brain’s neurotransmitters to function well.

Pros and Cons

As with other products, Lumonol has its own pros and cons and here are some of them:


  • Users claimed that significant results can be felt in just 2 weeks of use.
  • Very affordable. You will only spend $1.97 dollars per day.
  • Information provided on this product is devoid of marketing hype.
  • Sold with a money back guarantee.
  • It’s a perfectly engineered supplement added with Noopept to make it very effective.


  • Needs to be taken with multi-vitamins to maximize its effects.
  • Not available in stores.

Instruction of Use

An initial reduced dose is highly recommended which is to be taken in the morning. This is to gauge your body’s tolerance to Lumonol and detect for any possible side effects. This has to be done for the first few days until such time when you can tolerate taking 2 capsules daily. This can be taken with meals but an empty stomach is more preferable. You are discouraged from taking it close to bedtime since this would make sleeping difficult for you. To prevent tolerance, you need to take 15-30 days off every 90 days of taking the supplement.

Side Effects

Although the manufacturer of Lumonol claims that their product is side effect free, we can’t deny the fact that there are people who may react negatively to some of its ingredients like caffeine. This is the reason why initial dose has to be taken half of its actual dose. But other than this, such supplement is safe to use.

Customer Reviews


Unlike other types of Nootropic, Lumonol effect can kick-in in just 20 minutes from the time you take the supplement. It is a feeling as if a fog has been lifted up from your head after drinking a cup of coffee or tea.  This doesn’t mean feeling like being amped with Adderall but it is a drive to do more than just a cup of coffee can provide. Its users also noticed its Guarana Extracty taste, resembling a coffee flavor. Sometimes, such taste can leave you with a dry mouth.

Important fact to Know

Drinking alcohol while taking Lumonol is discouraged. After all, alcohol can affect your concentration and focus.

Buying Info

You can buy this from their official website for a month supply bottle amounting to $59.97 dollars. But if you buy 3 bottles at once, each bottle will only cost $40 dollars. The thing is; they offer 90 days money back guarantee.

Final Words

Lumonol is best for short term need of brain enhancing product. Its fast-acting feature explains why it is so. However, when it comes to long-term effects, it does not offer dramatic effects like Optimind and Mind Lab Pro do.




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