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Male Extra Reviews

A lot of women would say size is everything. But many men would refute such claim. After all, they are not only concern about the size but they strive to have intense sexual drive and stamina at the same time. And they feel it is impossible to have all three. But there is one product which offers to enhance the size, increase libido and prolong stamina at the same time. This is the famous “Male Extra”

Here is why a lot of men use this product:

  • It increases sexual drive
  • Promote erection quality
  • Helps you stay in power
  • Increase penis size
  • A good nonprescription alternative
  • Effective for male potency problem and erectile dysfunction
  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • Manufactured by the Advanced Health; a top US and UK supplement manufacturer
  • No known complication, 3 pills daily will do wonders
  • Clinical studies conducted showed this to be the most potent enhancers for males
  • Sold with 60 days money back guarantee


What’s in it?

The product has safe yet interesting ingredients that would make you understand why Male Extra is getting all its fame. It contains:

Pomegranate Extract

This is known for its plethora of benefits. In fact, many men use this to prevent prostate cancer and other types of cancer. It is also effective in decreasing cholesterol level and blood pressure, boosts immunity and slow down Alzheimer’s disease. It also aids weight management, control diabetes and hasten workout recovery.

But why would Advanced Health add this to their male enhancing product?…..Well, simply because this fruit showed to relieve symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Its direct effect to nitric acid explains everything. Studies showed that Pomegranate does not only elevate nitric oxide level in the body but augment its functions as well. Nitric oxide is important to retain erection, which is why you need to have abundant amount of it to increase your bed performance.


Its effect is maximized when paired with pomegranate extract. L-arginine is a type of amino acid that serves as nitric oxide production precursor.


These are fungus known to eradicate cancer cells, enhance aerobic capacity, improve athletic performance, increase mental and physical energy, increase production of testosterone and most importantly, heighten libido.

Other ingredients include creatinine, MSM, Zinc, Niacin and L-methionine; all playing significant roles in making Male Extra what we know it to be.

Possible Side Effects to Watch Out for


This product is safe enough that you can purchase it over the counter since no prescription is required. After all, its ingredients are all natural so there’s no reason for you to abuse or be overdosed by it.

However, as with herbal supplements, there are rare reports of the following symptoms:

GIT Problems

This includes nausea and stomach cramping which can be attributed to one’s sensitivity to creatinine. However, these are mild symptoms and do not cause fatal problems.


This is an erection that does not go away, even after one’s orgasm. No, you can’t consider this a plus since it will ultimately end up taking you to the ER to get epinephrine injection on your penis and this is a scenario you obviously do not want to be into. How does this happen? Well, it is when you take Male Extra with another ED meds. Just remember that too much of anything is not good, even penile erection!

Here’s what users have to say…


Results are astonishing. Many claim that they gained 2.6 inches growth after 6 months. The increase goes beyond the length but in size as well. Many end up having illusive bedroom control which even fueled their sexual desire. Life just got so much better after they used Male Extra.


Buying the Product


For first timers who just want to give it a try, you can buy 1 bottle that will suffice for a month supply. You will just need to spend around $64.95 dollars for it. However, for long term use, it is wise to buy it in bulk. Six bottles will cost you around $249.90 dollars. You can even get freebies for this such as erection gels and perhaps performer5. You can buy Male Extra conveniently from their official website here.


Last Words…


Unlike other types of male enhancers, Male Extra is backed up medically. Customer reviews also showed the product made their sex life so much better. A product sold with money back guarantee must be potent enough to work as claimed. And that’s how Male Extra is marketed these days.