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Mind Lab Pro Review


Do you know that the quality of your life relies greatly on how your brain works?

There are a lot of evidences supporting this point and here are some of them:

  • The smarter you are , the more money you get (Ohio State University Study)

The study revealed that in every 1 point increase in the person’s IQ, extra $616 is added to one’s income.

  • Happiness is dependent on one’s IQ (Published article in The Journal Psychological Medicine)

Those with 120 IQ or more live a happier life than those with only less 100 IQ.

Since it has been established that life can only be good if you have a better mind, everyone turns to various ways to improve their IQ. Dietary supplements even sell like hotcakes these days because of it. This is to fill their system with essential amino acids, vitamins and herbals which they can’t get from their usual diet.

In my quest for a brain supplement, Mind Lab Pro stood out among the rest and this article will explain why.

How It Works

This was manufactured by OptiNutra using a research based approach which ended up with satisfactory users’ ratings. Prior to the birth of this supplement, OptiNutra hopes to create a Nootropic that functions as a:

  1. Brain optimizer, supporting one’s overall mental performance.
  2. Improve your mental performance in anything that you do, regardless of your identity and need.
  3. Meet the demands needed for your cognitive function.
  4. Do away with additives and stimulants and come up with a formula that is safe for everyone to take.
  5. A supplement that can have satisfactory nootropic performance that enables a long term brain function and health.

The end product yields the following results:

  • Better study and learning
  • Speed in mental processing
  • Satisfactory test taking performance
  • Better creativity and abstract thinking
  • Better mood, relaxation and mindset
  • Improved attention, concentration and focus
  • Better memory recall
  • Empowered strategic thinking
  • Better communication with verbal fluidity

The main function of Mind Lab Pro is restoring normal levels of neurotransmitters. These are the ones that send signals to the brain.  By protecting neurons against damage, regenerations of new ones are made possible.


  • Cognizin

Cause increase in the production of neuritis which are protective structures of neurons.

  • Phosphatidylserine

This improves cognitive performance.

  • Rhodiola Rosea

It stimulates the activity of the brain which improves mental work capacity at the same time.

  • Hericium Erinaceous

This is a type of Asian mushroom that boosts cognitive ability.

  • L-Theanine

A type of amino acid coming from tea leaves which is effective in boosting cognitive function, focus and attention.

  • Vitamin B6

It is effective in restoring the normal level of neurotransmitter which may be depleted because of stress. This is common found in energy drinks.

  • N-Acetyl L Tyrosine

It promotes neurotransmitter production like norepinephrine, dopamine and epinephrine.

  • Bacopa Monnieri

This is effective in boosting the person’s memory and processing.

  • Pterostilbene

This works like resveratrol but with higher bioavailability.


  • Huperzine A

It gets rid of a certain chemical that destroys your brain’s acetylcholine.

  • Vinpocetine

It comes with a lot of cognitive benefits.

Customer Review

Many of its users commend Mind Lab Pro because it lacks stimulants.  Hence, it has no side effects. Some feel its effects after 2 days of taking the pill. Clarity is the first improvement you will notice. No need to wait for an hour after waking to clear up your foggy mind. But many of its users feel its effects only after a week of use. The good thing is; it does not give you a feeling of getting a hard crash at the end of the day. Abstract thoughts and information will just flow through. Boring things will start to be exciting and your life will never be the same again.

Facts to Know

Mind Lab Pro is meant for long term use. Hence, you can enjoy its long term cognitive effects. Unlike other types of Nootropics, this can be taken regardless if you are an adolescent or elderly. Its 11 potent brain nutrients have gone through clinical researches and published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

As for the product’s safety, you can be assured that this is safe. After all, it is all natural; a blend of amino acids, vitamins, herbs and plethora of nutrients.  Hence, it has no side effects. Though Mind Lab Pro does not work on improving your IQ, it however helps your inner potential surface by maximizing your brain’s power.

Where to Buy

You can only buy this product from their official website. It is not available in other stores, regardless if it be online or offline.  The good news is; they are offered in big discounts. If you purchase 3 boxes, you will have one box free as well as free shipment. For now, they do not offer any samples, free trials or coupon codes.

Final Words

Truth is; there is no supplement that works overnight. If you are looking for one, then you will only end up frustrated. But if you are searching for a supplement that will bring out the best in you over time, Mind Lab Pro can give you that result. All you need to do is just to take 2 capsules daily. And if you want a stronger hit, 4 capsules a day can also be preferable. However, it does not work right away in just one take. You need to wait for 1-2 months to feel its significant effect. And though you will see some improvement in your cognitive function in just a few days of taking, it is still best to take this a month ahead of your exam or board presentation. A lot of its users commend Mind Lab Pro for its ability to accelerate learning, promote optimal brain health, enhance better problem solving skills and prevent age related decline. It is your time now to try it for yourself. After all, if enhanced cognitive function means a better life then it is worth knowing how to maximize your brain’s power.

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