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PeniMaster PRO (PMP) Review

If you are looking for an option to enhance your penis’ size, you can check out PeniMaster PRO (PMP). This was introduced by MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG; a German company reputed for its product.

PeniMaster Pro comes in 2 types. Such variation is meant to offer options for users on how to attach the device to the penis’ glans.


1. PeniMasterPRO

Though this has some similarities with PHALLOSAN forte, it also differs in many ways (check out our detailed product review of PHALLOSAN forte here). It is different from the other types since this one is connected using a vacuum head piece. By employing this device, PE exercise can be done with ease. This can be used using weights, extender rod and belt. A lot of people use this. In fact, it has been touted as the PeniMaster’s flagship extender.

2. Penimaster

This one resembles Size Genetics (Check out Size Genetics review here). There are many downsides on this product. For one, the quality of materials used does not meet the highest standard. On top of that, it is also uncomfortable to use. The discomfort can be attributed to the strong pressure exerted to keep the penis glans in place.

Considering the cons of Penimaster type, we opted to focus our review solely on PeniMasterPRO.


Mechanism of Action

This device works through pulling. When you do this to your penis for a long period of time, this organ will be forced to create new cells that will occupy the space formed. Eventually, it will transform your penis to a longer and thicker one. Though you may initially experience temporary result in the first weeks of use, the effect can be permanent when pulling is done for a long time.

How to Use

If you buy this product, you will find an instruction manual and DVD together with the package. These materials will clearly teach you how to connect the head part of your penis to the device using an external pump. You will also find several attachments included in the package.


PeniMasterPro is sold in different parts of the world. Hence, the values we indicated below will still be converted to your local currency. You will also need to add around €10 Euro for its shipment fee.
PeniMasterPRO Belt Expander System – €229 Euro
Using a belt, you need to wear this around your hip, going to the torso then to the shoulder or knee. This works the same way with rod expanders. And the best thing about this belt expander system is its ability to prevent tissues from bruising when in use. Since it is very flexible and ideal for any type of body, you can wear it overnight.

PeniMasterPRO Rod Expander System – €249 Euro

This is a tool that you can use together with PeniMaster Pro. Its basic purpose is to provide comfort to the user while using the device. The best thing about this belt expander system is flexibility, making it very easy to adjust. It is also made of high-quality glass fiber which is very stable. You can wear this under your clothes and can be used even in the absence of any accessories.

PeniMasterPRO Basic – €159 Euro
Since this is a replacement parts package, it can’t be used alone. It has to be worn together with belts and rods to work as a penis expander. It is comfortable to wear and will not need gliding. However, users still have the option to use gliding oil when needed for the protection of foreskin and lymph nodes. Its good design makes it easy to attach to the glans. It is devoid of deformation issues, even when squeezed. So, if you are looking for replacement parts, this one is best for you.

PeniMaster (Traditional/Classic) – €139 Euro
Its flexible fastening slots make it easy to use. It is designed for safety and comfort. With its use, you can straighten, thicken and lengthen your penis. With it, more potency and stamina is attainable.

Complete Package – €289 Euro
It contains both belt tension system and rod extenders. This package includes PeniMaster PRO, rod extender, and belt strap. It doesn’t cause any circulation issue and allows you to use different application systems together with the glans chamber. And since it can be carried anywhere, you will never miss the needed penis enlargement routines.

What package to choose

If you want the best result, choose the complete package since it offers many options on how you can wear it. Buying this will also allow you to save in your expenses. If you are fond of traveling, the belt tension system is best for you. Its easy portability and small size give you an added advantage. But for more control and tension which offers quicker results, to expanders are more preferable.


Buying Guide

Though PeniMasterPro is available on many sites like eBay and many others, you must be cautious when choosing which store to buy. You have to remember the prevalence of fake resellers these days. In fact, bogus coupon links are very rampant and the last thing that you would want to happen is to fall on their bait.

If you really wanted to be sure that you only get the authentic product, only buy PeniMasterPro from their company’s official website. On the other hand, you need to know that cheaper options may surface but always remember that it is better spending at a slightly higher price and enjoy the effectiveness of the product than availing the cheaper option and end up with no result.

Final Words
Gone are the days when men only rely on pills to enhance the size of their penis. The truth is; these supplements can only improve one’s sexual stamina. Stretching has been proven to increase the size of your penis. And a penis extender will make this task easier than you expected. That’s why PeniMasterPro will always be worth the investment. Just be extra careful when buying the product online to avoid its counterfeit and losing your money for nothing.