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PeniMaster PRO (PMP) Review 2021

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Given personal nature of the male enhancement niche, it is hard to find genuine short/long term effect reviews.  This review is based on my personal experience and reviews shared by verified users of our MRZ forum (Put your genuine experience/review to receive an invitation to join the community).


Review Summary

PeniMaster PRO (Official website) is one of the less popular (in the USA) but outstanding best selling product in the international market(especially EU).

The PeniMaster Pro’s design lies between a traditional penis extender and a Phallosan stretcher.It works just like a penis extender with a vacuum pump on the top.

If you are looking for a device to enhance your penis’ size and ready to work on it for at least 6 months,  PeniMaster PRO (PMP) is a good option.Penimaster Pro (auto-country select).

You can expect to see results in 4-8 months.

  • Increase the length of the penis during erections by 3-4 cm.
  • Increase penis length in the flaccid state by 2-5 cm.
  • Increase the penis size by 1 cm.
  • Straighten the tendril by at least 70%.
  • Result to permanent changes
  • Better control of ejaculation* (due to decreased sensitivity)

You can buy from the official website to get money back guarantee and get genuine product. Stay away from fake replica websites or unauthorized distributors.

What Is PeniMaster Pro?

PeniMaster PRO was introduced by MSP Concept GmbH & CO. KG; a German company reputed for male enhancement products. It is one of the most modern penis extender devices in the industry today. Vacuum fastening is much more convenient than a strap or a tourniquet.

This is the only penis extender device that’s a combination of features from the best penis extenders that you can think of.

PeniMaster comes in 2 types. The main difference between the two is how the device is attached to the penis


1. PeniMasterPRO

Though this has some similarities with Phallosan forte, it also differs in many ways (check out our detailed product review of PHALLOSAN forte here). It attaches to the penis using a vacuum headpiece. By employing this device, all types of PE exercise can be done with ease. This can be used using weights, extender rod, and belt. It has been touted as the PeniMaster’s flagship extender and is more popular than Penimaster.

2. Penimaster

This one resembles SizeGenetics but it uses a slightly better quality material. It attaches to the penis using a strap, which can get a bit uncomfortable with prolonged usage. The discomfort can be attributed to the strong pressure exerted to keep the penis glans in place.

Considering the cons of Penimaster type, we opted to focus our review solely on PeniMasterPRO.


Belt System Expander – (used as a belt tension system)

This system is designed specifically for penis enlargement and muscle training. The belt can be worn in a variety of ways, for example, attaching to the shoulder, hip or even the knee. Each mounting method has its own advantages, as described more fully in the manual. This system does not restrict your daily routine, you can even exercise with it (like running or cycling).

Rod System Expander – (use as an axial symmetric stretching system)

Combined with PeniMaster PRO, the lengthening of the penis extends symmetrically through the power of the metal rod. It does not require any specific clothing. Using this device with a rod system, the penis can be lengthened by selecting the most comfortable position (when the bell is raised up or down or diagonally). This device can be used in casual clothing.



How does it work?

This device works by pulling. When you do this to your penis for a long period of time, this organ will be forced to create new cells that will occupy the space formed. Eventually, it will make your penis longer and thicker. Though you may initially experience temporary result in the first weeks of use, the effect can be permanent when pulling is done for a long time ( 4 to 8 months).

The Penimaster Pro vacuum extender is an innovative German design for a comfortable penis enlargement. The Pro series has surpassed the popularity and the number of positive reviews of even Penimaster Chrome’s own best seller, which for a long time occupies a leading position among all possible extenders. The secret of popularity is the vacuum-adhesive fastening of the penis head, which allows you to wear the device for a long time without discomfort, and with minimal risk of injury. Favorably differing from loop and strap models, Penimaster Pro eliminates the possibility of rubbing, giving the user the ability to fasten the extender in the shortest possible time.

The attachment for the head is a small anatomical bulb in which a vacuum is created, which allows the device to reliably and permanently hold the genital organ in the desired position. The main difference from all vacuum analogs is the vacuum-adhesive mechanism that avoids the occurrence of hemorrhage or the appearance of vesicles with lymphatic fluid on the surface of the penis head. Adhesion and a safe covering of the head skin are provided with special latex membranes, which complement each Penimaster Pro kit.

The metal elements are made of brass, they have chrome and even golden sprays, which are polished by hand. Plastic elements are made of high quality medical polymeric materials, which are hypoallergenic.


How to Use

If you buy this product, you will find an instruction manual and DVD together with the package. These materials will clearly teach you how to connect the head part of your penis to the device using an external pump. You will also find several attachments included in the package.


PeniMasterPro is sold in different parts of the world. Hence, the values we indicated below will still be converted to your local currency. You will also need to add around €10 Euro for its shipment fee.

PeniMasterPRO Belt Expander System – €229 Euro
Using a belt, you need to wear this around your hip, going to the torso then to the shoulder or knee. This works the same way with rod expanders. And the best thing about this belt expander system is its ability to prevent tissues from bruising when in use. Since it is very flexible and ideal for any type of body, you can wear it overnight.

PeniMasterPRO Rod Expander System – €249 Euro

This is a tool that you can use together with PeniMaster Pro. Its basic purpose is to provide comfort to the user while using the device. The best thing about this belt expander system is flexibility, making it very easy to adjust. It is also made of high-quality glass fiber which is very stable. You can wear this under your clothes and can be used even in the absence of any accessories.

PeniMasterPRO Basic – €159 Euro
Since this is a replacement parts package, it can’t be used alone. It has to be worn together with belts and rods to work as a penis expander. It is comfortable to wear and will not need gliding. However, users still have the option to use gliding oil when needed for the protection of foreskin and lymph nodes. Its good design makes it easy to attach to the glans. It is devoid of deformation issues, even when squeezed. So, if you are looking for replacement parts, this one is best for you.

PeniMaster (Traditional/Classic) – €139 Euro
Its flexible fastening slots make it easy to use. It is designed for safety and comfort. With its use, you can straighten, thicken and lengthen your penis. With it, more potency and stamina is attainable.

PMP Pro complete package – €289 Euro
It contains both belt tension system and rod extenders. This package includes PeniMaster PRO, rod extender, and belt strap. It doesn’t cause any circulation issue and allows you to use different application systems together with the glass chamber. And since it can be carried anywhere, you will never miss the needed penis enlargement routines.

What package to choose

If you want the best result, choose the complete package (it has both the rod and belt system) since it offers multiple options on how you can wear it. Buying this will also allow you the flexibility depending on your usage and personal preference.

If you are fond of traveling, the belt tension system is best for you. Its easy portability and small size give you an added advantage. But for more control and tension which offers quicker results, rod expanders are more preferable.



What Do Experts Say?

Andrologists are not great supporters of surgical intervention with a physiologically small penis size(unless it is a case of micropenis ie less than 2 inches when erect). For this reason, patients wishing to increase the size of their “dignity” artificially, the use of an extender is usually recommended.

Penimaster PRO can be used in following cases.

  • The curvature of the penis as a consequence of Peyronie’s disease.
  • The congenital curvature of the genital organ (prolonged exposure makes it possible to significantly adjust the angle of curvature).
  • Moral discomfort in a man due to the inconsistency of the size of his penis to the conventional and his own thoughts.

Penimaster Pro gained popularity with andrologists due to its ability to stretch the penis as comfortably as possible with a minimal risk of injury in the groin area.

The mechanical effect on the male sexual organ is prohibited in the presence of the following conditions:

  • Prostatitis of any form and etiology.
  • Inflammatory processes in the structure of the penis.
  • Varicose veins and other vascular wall permeability disorders.
  • Neoplasms in the groin area.
  • Atherosclerosis, as well as other pathologies of blood coagulability.


Recommendations for Use

Regardless of the version of the kit, the customer receives the device in assembled and ready to use form. The presence of additional components can be useful in the presence of anatomical features of the genitals, to change the length of the device or the diameter of the opening of the vacuum element. The manufacturer claims that with some training, the individual concern will be able to put on the extender himself in as little as 1 minute, which is justified by the convenience of adjustment and simplicity of the design.

To achieve a noticeable result, in the shortest possible time (6-8 months), it is necessary to carry the device at least 6 hours a day, daily, following the instructions for use exactly.

Training programs may differ in time and frequency, but it is very important to observe the daily duration of wearing, because only then can you hope for a visible result. A man can wear the device 6-8 hours in a row or 3 hours in the morning and 5 hours in the evening, but it is important to remember that wearing should be divided into two-hour sets, after each of which the device needs to be removed, a light massage to normalize the circulation and put on the device again.

It is forbidden to use the extender in the following cases:

  • When itching, irritation, soreness in the groin area.
  • During the taking of pain medications (as a man just does not feel the discomfort caused by a violation of blood circulation).
  • During sleep. This requirement is due to the possibility of violating the duration of the set and causing irreparable harm to the sexual health of a man.

Each user of the magnifying device should know that the pain, slight swelling, redness and itching of the penis or its head during wearing testify to a violation of the use regimen. In the norm of such feelings should not arise. It is necessary to remove the device, wait for the disappearance of discomfort and put it on again. If discomfort appears again – repeat the manipulation until the device is properly worn.

Training programs may differ in time and frequency, but it is very important to observe the daily duration of wearing, because only then can you hope for a visible result. A man can wear the device 6-8 hours in a row or 3 hours in the morning and 5 hours in the evening, but it is important to remember that wearing should be divided into two-hour sets, after each of which the device needs to be removed, a light massage to normalize the circulation and put on the device again.

Possible Outcomes

The desire to add centimeters to a member causes men to abuse the use of the extender. Doctors warn that uncontrolled use of the device can lead to complications and manifestations of side effects:

  • Thinning of the skin of the genital organ.
  • The occurrence of injuries and rubbed.
  • Irreversible impairment of blood circulation.
  • Loss of ability to an erection for several hours.
  • Edema of tissues.
  • Itching and pain due to ischemia of the organ.

The effectiveness of using the extender depends on the general and individual factors. So, the age of a man strongly affects the speed and intensity of cell division: the younger the concern individual, the better the penis enlargement. In addition, the individual characteristics of the body, the presence of bad habits, the rhythm of life, the quality of nutrition also have their influence, so the guarantee for achieving this or that effect is not given by any manufacturer.




  • Elongation, Increase In Thickness And Penis Head

This is by far the most effective way to enlarge the penis. It is stretched in the extender for 6 hours a day. Such a prolonged stretch gives result faster than any other technique of magnification.

Growth, for 6-8 months of wearing, can be 2-4 cm in length (with an erection). The volume of the erect penis will increase by 1.5-2 cm in the girth. The increase in thickness occurs due to the overall growth of the penis, the size of the head will proportionally increase. Therefore, do not be afraid that your penis will be longer, but thinner.

When using the extender, all the dimensions of the penis are enlarged.

  • Straightening Of Curvature

Congenital Bending

Very poorly amenable to adjustment. Perhaps the extender will cope with the curvature to a small angle or reduce it. But this cannot be guaranteed, the usual treatment in this case is surgery. However, the operation leads to a decrease in the length of the penis, and the extender can help restore lost centimeters.

Acquired Curvature, Peyronie’s Disease

In Peyronie’s disease, a dense protein plate forms on one side of the penis, it does not allow this side to stretch during erection, and the penis curves in this direction. With the disease, you can successfully fight with the extender, and this type of treatment is gaining popularity. For example, Dr. Moncado (Dr. Ignacio Moncada Iribarren), a major specialist in Peyronie, necessarily applies an extender for treatment in combination with drugs that soften the protein plate. If you still have to resort to surgery, the extender will restore the original length of the penis and significantly reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of curvature after surgery.

  • Prolongation Of Sexual Intercourse

Premature ejaculation occurs because of the hypersensitivity of the head of the penis. This is a common problem, especially in uncircumcised men. In this case, the use of the extender reduces the excessive sensitivity of the head. With normal sensitivity, this effect will be less noticeable, the sensations from sex will not become less vivid. Also, the constant stretching of the penis strengthens the muscles responsible for ejaculation. You can have longer sex and better control the onset of orgasm.

  • Improved Erection And Libido

Improving erection and libido is a very frequent effect, which many users describe in reviews, after several weeks of using the extender. After prolonged stretching, the blood flow to the penis is much higher than normal, often the penis looks swollen. An erection occurs more quickly, the libido increases. Since not only the penis tissues are trained, but the pelvic muscles responsible for blocking the blood in the penis, the hardness of the erection and its duration are significantly increased.


Buying Guide

Though PeniMasterPro is available on many sites like eBay and many others, you must be cautious when choosing which store to buy. You have to remember the prevalence of fake resellers these days. In fact, bogus coupon links are very rampant and the last thing that you would want to happen is to fall on their bait.

If you really wanted to be sure that you only get the authentic product, only buy PeniMasterPro from their company’s official website. On the other hand, you need to know that cheaper options may surface but always remember that it is better spending at a slightly higher price and enjoy the effectiveness of the product than availing the cheaper option and end up with no result.

Final Words

Be extra careful when buying the product online to avoid its counterfeit and losing your money for nothing. PMP Pro is a top choice if you want the best of both worlds ie comfort and effectiveness.


What Other Customers Are Saying?

“I used Penimaster Chrome. But the strap fastener still makes itself felt: the maximum wearing time for one set is 1 – 1.5 hours, then unbearable pain begins. Therefore I decided to improve the extender and bought the Upgrade Kit 1. Now there is no pain, not even the slightest discomfort. The time of the set can be easily increased to 3 – 4 hours of continuous wearing. I have been wearing the second month for an average of 6 – 7 hours per day in 2 – 3 sets. Zamerov did not do, but visually there is an increase, especially in a relaxed state, and the thickness also slightly increased. Most likely, the growth of the penis has a non-linear dependence, i.e. hardly it is possible to receive the same amount of growth every month. In the first 1 – 2 months is just the adaptation and stretching of tissues, and only for 3 – 4 months of their growth. I also encountered sucking a bridle in a vacuum chamber, but, adding a split adapter, solved this problem (although the diameter of my penis is larger than the ranking in the instructions, and according to it, I should not use a split adapter). To everyone who is just going to buy an extender, I advise to immediately buy Penimaster Pro and not to consider the strap fastener neither Chrome nor Male Edge. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s about your body and health, and saving on it is stupid. You just pay twice, and then still go to the vacuum-adhesive mount. Believe my experience. But it’s about your body and health, and saving on it is stupid. You just pay twice, and then still go to the vacuum-adhesive mount. Believe my experience. but it’s about your body and health, and saving on it is stupid. You just pay twice, and then still go to the vacuum-adhesive mount. Believe my experience.”

Stanislav, Russia

“I bought Penimaster Pro for a very long time … vacuum suction is a complicated matter, but when the hand is stuffed everything happens in 30 seconds. After the selection of membranes and splitter began to ache, swell, the bridle of the penis, I had to go to the doctor to correct. Once I started, I need to go to the end. Growth is, I recommend to buy, I think a year to vilify and finish. Before the vacuum penimaster was a self-made mechanical hanger, I thought it would be costly, in the end: wasting time! Outside the house I never wore. I do two sets for 2 hours, after work, with a break of 10 minutes. The tension is average. Size does not matter as long as it grows =)”

Alex Sullivan, Tatarstan

“What results were achieved: +2 cm, it was 14.5 became 16.7 for 8 months. With what tension the extender was started: 1000 gr, before that 2 months I used a strap extender, boly. What kind of tension do you use now: 1000 gr. What difficulties experienced at the beginning of work with the extender and now: unpleasant sensations were present at the base of the penis, in the places of support of the extender a strong grinding, and now with each use of the riser, it really hinders. Are you satisfied with the results: yes. What results do you want to achieve: another +2 cm. What has changed in your sex life after using the extender: potency enhancement, which was not expected, and for the worse, an increase in volume in the girth of 1.5-2 cm, the wife is not pleasant!”

Vitaliy71, the Republic of Moldova

Where to Buy

You can buy Penimaster Pro online from the official company website.

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