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Best Penis Extender (Stretcher) 2019


 A penis extender is one of the few clinically proven equipment if you’re looking to enlarge your penis. It does not require any surgery or complicated procedures. If done right, a penis extender can assist you in effectively increasing the length and girth of your penis to help you perform better in bed.

However, it should be noted that the device may take some months to show results. The process could take anywhere between six months and a year, given that you use the product on a regular basis for close to six hours every day. The extender works by stretching the muscles of the penis. However, you have to make sure you choose only the right kind of equipment, one that fits right and feels comfortable.

While not many talk openly about this, you can find many reviews of penis extenders online. It takes some months for the results to show and will require some time to get used to wearing a one for hours. However, the benefits it offers to make penis extender a good device to invest in.

Though there are many cheap extenders in the market, it is highly advised to use only clinically tested FDA approved devices.

#1. Phallosan Forte .Bestseller in USA and UK market. You can check my full review here.

#2. Penimaster PRO .The bestseller in EU countries. You can check my full review here.


What is a penis extender?

Many people confuse a penis extender to that of a sex device. Please note that a penis extender won’t aid with your sexual activity nor heighten the pleasure you can experience during sex. It only helps in building the muscles of your penis which can later produce the desired results. Misconception and confusion surrounding this topic create a lot of taboo around it, and people do not talk openly about penis extender.

Simply said, it is just another equipment to build extra muscles in the penis. It is also known as penis extender sleeves, penis stretcher, or penile traction device. The device works on a simple mechanism – it holds the penis in traction position, thereby inducing growth. The growth happens when hyperplasia is triggered.

Owing to the taboo surrounding this topic, there is not much awareness about penis extenders. However, the device has been in business for more than two decades now. Experts do not shy away from recommending it to people who want to enlarge their penis because correct usage almost always gives positive results.

It is important to understand that an extender is like any workout equipment. It should fit right for best results. To meet this challenge, the market has introduced various kinds of extenders available in different sizes and shapes. As the penis extender has been around for a long while, companies have improvised to rule out discomfort that people used to have in the past with respect to the extenders. These days, companies now offer extenders that are easy to use and can easily become a part of your lifestyle. However, the decision to choose wisely depends on you. For beginners, it is always advisable to seek the help of an expert while choosing their first extender.

How does Penis Extenders Work?

A penis extender works by bringing cell hyperplasia into play. In our body, when any organ is extended for long periods of time, it triggers growth, and the cells of that region start growing to meet the requirements of the stretched muscle. A penis extender keeps the penis in an extended or stretched position for close to six hours. This is called traction. Doing this every day will trigger the cells in the penis which will then start splitting and duplicating for enlargement which results in permanent size gain.

In our bodies, this growth takes place naturally until puberty. This is because of the hormones present in our body. Until puberty, they take on the role of triggering the growth of different body parts including the penis. Therefore, ‘til you attain puberty or even sometime after it, your penis continues to grow. During this phase, you will not require an extender. A penis extender enters the scene after puberty when the natural growth slows down and eventually stops.

During this period, growth is stimulated not by hormones but rather by traction. While to some this may seem like an unbelievable idea, it’s true. Over the years, after being used by many, experts and researchers show that traction indeed helps stimulate growth and can be used as a confirmed help in cases that seek penis enlargement. It only means that surgeries are not the only way to increase the size of your penis.

What types of penis extenders are available?

Before you use a penis extender, it is best to know its many types. Penis extenders available in the market can be broadly divided into two categories which are as follows:


  1. Rod-based extenders

This traditional extender is made up of a spring system, a noose, and a rod. This was the first type of extenders introduced in the market. To use them, you need to slip the noose over the base of your glans and tighten it. Then, you can adjust the rod and the spring to suit a comfortable degree of traction. Keep in mind not to stretch it too hard as it may injure the muscles of your penis due to its rigidity. Over the years, rod extenders have fine-tuned the amount of pressure that can be applied.

The only disadvantage with rod based extenders is that they cause a bulge in the pants owing to their rigid nature. This makes it difficult to wear it outside of your house.


  1. Pulling extenders

This type of extender is a bit easier to use. It uses the natural instinct-based pull to create traction. This is done with the help of a flexible part that grips the top of the penis which is anchored to the base with a belt. This device is not as rigid as the rod based extenders; instead, it is more flexible. The reason is due to the soft materials used in making the product which allows you to wear them under your pants without getting noticed.

 These days, companies are even making extenders that can be worn and removed within seconds. The materials used to make such extenders are also under scrutiny. Companies are taking care and making extenders out of materials that are easy to slip on but hang on to your penis and does not slip out. It is also concluded that an extender does not constrict the blood supply to your penis which might cause it to turn cold and stunt its growth.

Clinical studies

Many studies have been conducted on penis extenders owing to the sensitive nature of this topic. Most of them point to the fact that extenders work and are even better than surgeries in many cases.

According to a study published in the British Journal of Urology, men who were part of the study gained approximately one inch of flaccid penis length by using an extender continuously for six months. Other studies also revealed that non-surgical methods of penis enlargement, which include the use of extenders, have reported a gain of close to 0.9 inches in flaccid state and 0.67 inches in an erect state.

While the size of the penis is a sensitive issue, research points that as many as fifty percent of men are turning towards non-surgical procedures. This is because it reduces the risk of a surgery and also promises some guaranteed results.

Does the penis extender have any side effects?

Discipline is what will give you results here. However, overuse of an extender can harm you. Treat it like any other exercise device. If you end up over-exercising, you will face the risk of muscle injury. The same goes for an extender. When using a penis extender, you also need to take care not to tighten it too much as it will only constrict blood supply to the penis. Be aware of the pressure but do not let it turn into a painful experience.

Best way to use a penis extender

If you are using a penis extender, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Limit the time you use it every day. Talk to an expert and use a penis extender only for a duration that’s recommended to you. Always remember that your comfort comes first. A penis extender is to be worn for long hours, but over-wearing it does not guarantee quick results. Instead, if you wear it for too long, you might injure your penis muscles – and that could be really painful.
  1. Don’t stretch it too much. Yes, you do want the size of your penis to increase. However, stretching it too much won’t help. While putting on an extender, be aware of the traction it is creating on your penis. While you should feel the pressure, it shouldn’t turn into a painful affair. A comfortable stretch will motivate you to use the extender regularly which will guarantee a gain in size.
  1. Use it regularly for months until you achieve results. Using a penis extender requires patience. It isn’t a matter of hours or days. It can take months, but you’ll only achieve noticeable results if you use it regularly. Keep in mind that breaking the routine can affect penile growth. Therefore, it’s ideal to wear an extender regularly until you achieve your desired results.
  1. Practice the head swell. Putting a device on your penis is a sensitive matter, especially if you have to wear the device for an extended period of time. However, there is a trick to getting it right, and that is by using the head swell technique. This technique is especially useful to prevent your penis from going cold. This is a common side effect while using an extender. However, wearing an extender over a head swell ensures that it fits perfectly and can give the right traction without constricting blood supply.

What is a head swell exactly? A head swell refers to the right level of tightness of your penis. It occurs for a few moments when the penis is shaken but not quite to the degree of becoming erect. When you wear an extender during a head swell, you will feel the ‘tense’ muscles and the traction in the middle of the shaft. It will be a slight tension, but it will be one that wouldn’t hurt.

During a head swell, the penis is pumped with blood. This helps in preventing the penis from going cold after an extender is put on. You can do it while standing, sitting, or lying down. For some people, lying works the best. For others, moving around while doing helicopter shakes to the penis will trigger head swell. You can choose which method suits you best.

It’s not actually a 100 percent erection. The chances are just around 30 percent when your penis is not completely flaccid. The penis, in simple words, should be long and loose; not short and loose, or long and hard.

A head swell lasts for merely a few seconds, so the sooner you learn to recognize it, the more time you have to put on the extender while you’re at it. While you might get a head swell as you walk around, once you are at it, refrain from moving around as you may lose the swell.

Carefully put on the extender and leave it at that. Once you master the art of using the head swell while putting on the extender, things will become easier. With the traction just right, the extender becomes comfortable to wear, and you can even stick to it for months to come. This guarantees positive results in the long run.

Where to buy a penis extender?

Many products are available online at competitive rates. While it is an expensive affair, a good penis extender works like a good investment. Comfort and quality both play a crucial role here. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing an extender. Always go for good quality.

Cheap quality products might not produce the desired results and may even irritate your skin. Read reviews and compare extenders that suit different lifestyles and go with the one that suits you best.

While you might find many options online, it is advisable to seek an expert’s advice before investing in any kind of an extender.


There are three big plus points to using a penis extender:


  • Consistent results– over the years, experts have witnessed positive results tied to the use of extenders. Therefore, anyone who’s seeking penis enlargement is first advised to use an extender.
  • Reduced risks– using an extender instantly nullifies the risk involved in a surgery. Surgery is a more expensive option and will require a longer time to heal. It also causes a sudden change in anatomy which might introduce new health problems. Meanwhile, an extender causes the shape of the penis to increase gradually, thus giving the body more time to adapt to the changes.


  • Solution to Peyronie’s disease– an extender is a good solution for people suffering from Peyronie’s disease, a condition in which the tip of the penis is slightly curved. While it is not a life-threatening condition, it can result in issues related to self-esteem and might even make intercourse difficult. Using an extender in such a condition helps improve the shape of the penis without the use of surgery.



  • Complicated to use – some extenders, especially rod-based ones, can get complicated to use. It gets even more difficult due to their rigid frame.
  • Slip-ups– an embarrassing factor of an extender could be a one-off slip up. This is usually the case with flexible extenders.

These cons have been prevalent for a while now, so companies have come up with solutions to deal with the issues. These days, you will notice extenders that can be worn and removed in 30 seconds. Extenders are also being made of materials that won’t slip easily and those that won’t suffocate your penis.

Final Words 

This particular invention has come handy to many, especially those who do not seek surgery to enlarge their stick. Using a penis extender can cause a slight lifestyle change for six months to a year, but the benefits are worth the wait. Studies have clearly indicated that penis extenders work well in getting the desired results by way of traction and gradually stretching the penis to trigger growth. It is proven that the micro-tears caused during the process are not harmful and will help in increasing the size of the penis.

Only word of caution to remember while using it: use it whenever you’re comfortable. Over-using or overstretching is not advisable. Use the device wisely to have a guarantee that you will see a positive change as soon as possible.

If you are a first time user, please seek an expert’s advice about the usage of a penis extender to know which type will suit you best. Invest in a quality product, and do not shy away from asking questions as this device will be your companion for a while.

Many have used penis extenders, and many continue to do so. It is worth a try. Don’t deny yourself the chance of enlarging your penis if its size is bothering you.

Check my Phallosan Forte page (comments section) to see real users reviews and results.

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