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Perfomix SST Review

Performix SST is a fat burning supplement ensconced in an amazingly charming packaging and product design that calls you out to buy it. But before you do, please resist the temptation and take a look at the cold, hard facts before getting too hyped up about it.

Take a look at this review and learn why the Performix SST supplement never made it to our top 10 choices for effective fat burners in the market despite having the coolest, most alluring product design we have ever seen.


What Performix SST Claims Can Do

  • Enhances your performance– the product is said to give users a superior mental drive all throughout the day while displaying a positive mood, sharp alertness, and heightened mental focus.
  • Increased strength and stamina– it is said that the ingredients found in Performix SST will enhance energy levels during a physical activity as well as stimulate thermogenesis, the human body’s process of burning calories by generating heat.
  • Burns fat– the product also claims to improve your resting metabolism, thus enabling the body to burn fat faster and create leaner muscles.


How It Works

The supplement contains a proprietary concoction of 100% natural ingredients. These ingredients have been meticulously researched for their ability to burn fat. The theory here is that it is ideal if you can use a safe, natural supplement to lose weight rather than using something that is highly dangerous such as steroids.

Natural fat burning supplements like the Performix product increase the stimulation of fat stores. This enables the fat to be released into the body’s bloodstream after which it is transformed into energy.

Yes, there are many products that contain the same natural ingredients that work, but it is the dosage and the overall formula capacity that makes the top fat burners stand out from the rest.

Another method that fat burners use is by decreasing the user’s calorie consumption. They contain ingredients that suppress or weaken your appetite, thus leading you to a decreased appetite and a sensation of fullness. This is because in order to lose weight, you must place equal attention on fat burning as well as preventing fat gain.

Fat burners can also work by using stimulants, among the most commonly consumed which is caffeine. It can help users work out harder and allow them to perform certain activities for even longer periods of time than usual. As a result, they are able to burn more calories.

The main concern with Performix SST lies in its proprietary blend. This is added by the fact that the blend itself is not as strong as you think it is. It is for these reasons why we don’t recommend you the use of Performix SST.

Instead, we suggest that you read our other reviews of the top fat burners if you want to get your desired results.


What Makes Performix SST Work?

At 1,200 MG per serving, the product’s proprietary blend is able to display a bit of potency. However, I have reviewed several other supplements which have a potency of around 1,500 to 2,000. While 1,200 MG isn’t that bad, it’s not that good either.

Aside from its potency, the ingredients that make up this proprietary blend are superb. It contains ashwagandha root (also described as Indian ginseng), citrus aurantium (bitter orange), caffeine anhydrous, and many others.

With these natural ingredients, the proprietary blend seems fairly convincing. However, it’s still not enough, considering that there’s still one issue with the supplement’s blend.

The issue is that individual doses of the ingredients are not displayed for public perusal. This is a huge red flag because the dosage of each ingredient is important. Without it, we have no means of determining if the supplement is effective or not. It also makes us think twice about its safety. The vagueness of the product information available is not enough for us to make a bold decision.


Reviews on the Product

Reading lots of reviews is highly important for you to determine if a supplement is worth your money or not. Generally, Performix SST has some positive reviews. Some users stated that they have seen and felt results after taking the supplement for one week.

These include an increase in their energy levels, thus causing them to work out for longer periods of time. The increased energy also makes them feel like they want to do some rigorous exercises while sitting at their offices. Some even claimed that the appetite suppression effect worked for them.

Performix SST also has its fair share of negative reviews. Reviewers say that this fat burner supplement didn’t meet their expectations. Some even said that the supplement is overvalued due to its standard retail price.

There are also reviews from users who reported experiencing negative side effects when taking Performix SST. This is due to the blend having a variety of stimulants. Users who are highly sensitive to caffeine reported that they experienced dizziness, headaches, insomnia, and the inability to focus. Some also experienced cold sweats, dry mouths, as well as a fast heart rate.



  • An impressive list of ingredients
  • Potent blend
  • A combination of almost 10 ingredients
  • Every pill contains a Terra smart release system
  • Both the tablet and natural powder form include a month’s worth of supply
  • There’s a good number of positive reviews


  • Its proprietary blend has a vague information, which explains why we can’t confidently recommend this to you
  • Stimulants included in its proprietary blend can induce some negative side effects


Final Verdict

As stated previously, the Performix SST supplement is designed in a way that makes it look like an excellent fat burner supplement. Its packaging and design look superbly cool, not to mention its nutrition label looks profound. However, we do not think that it can outperform some of the best, highly recommended fat burners that we’ve reviewed.

Despite having a promising mix of ingredients, the information provided by the product’s label is not enough – and such information is highly valuable. Due to this, we won’t recommend the product to you.

However, it has many positive reviews from satisfied users, and that might be enough reason for you to try it out. Although we are encouraging you to check out our list of the Top 10 Fat Burners, all of which we recommend with great confidence.

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