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ProExtender Reviews and Results


A longer penis is what every man wanted. There can be a lot of reasons behind this. Apart from a small sized penis, erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues make a man want to do better in bed. Of course, one can always resort to creams, supplements and gels. But a penis extender will surely make a lot of difference both in size and performance.

In ancient time, penis extension is done by manual stretching. Hence, the effectiveness of a penis extender has already been validated in ancient times. However, one can’t ignore the possibility of ending up with a fake product that can be detrimental in one’s health.
In 1994, a famous surgeon from Denmark invented a device called ProExtender System. He is Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, a reputable penile surgeon. Eventually, this product was innovated to meet the demands and needs of the public. In fact, you can now buy this even without any prescription. In Spain, ProExtender is highly recommended by physicians, even by hospitals.
Take note that designers are not the manufacturers of the product too. However, suppliers of ProExtender assure the public that ProExtender is not just durable but comfortable to use too. However, it turned out to be made of durable plastic with no indication of a “medical grade” mark. This is one thing that has to be present for the extender to be considered as high grade.
If you buy the ProExtender system package, you will get the extension device, penis enlarging exercise CD as well as supplements coming from Albion Nutraceuticals and Dana Medic pharmaceutical companies. All these will maximize the effects of the extension device. Among the supplements included are Semenax pills (check our review on this product here) and VigRX pills (click this link to read its review).


• Sold with 100% money back guarantee
• Medical professionals endorse this product.
• Additional supplements added with the package promise better results.
• Can be used discreetly.
• It is one option to resolve curvature of the penis (Peyronies’ Disease)
• Helps treat erectile dysfunction as well as other penile problems.
• Increases the girth and size of the penis.
• Invented and designed by a surgeon.


• Some users question the efficacy of the supplements added to the package.
• Extra parts added are only limited.
• Costly
• Can only be bought online.

Words of Caution

Under most conditions, this is considered to be easy to use and safe. However, you may feel a stretching sensation and soreness on the crotch in your initial use of the device. However, with continued use, this will ultimately disappear.


This product can be somewhat costly. When you buy the basic package, you will get the original ProExtender device only. Meaning, there is no supplements, extra parts or DVD added. This costs $299.95.
If you opt for the least expensive package, go for the cheapest package amounting to $329.95. Though this time, it contains the exercise DVD and supplements, no extra parts are added.

How It Helps

Its ability to enhance the size of the penis has been proven medically. Tribes men in the olden days would elongate body parts like fingers, neck or ears through stretching. Rapid cellular division tends to promote fast growth and regeneration of cells, allowing the part to expand. Hence, when using ProExtender, you can expect the result to be long lasting.

Expert’s Recommendations

A higher quality extender was introduced to the market and this is the PeniMasterPro System (you can check out a full detail review about it here). And because the latter is more comfortable to use, we strongly recommend this over ProExtender (basing on customer reviews. However, PeniMaster is more expensive by $50. But this is in exchange for its high-quality parts and better adjustment option which turns out to be more comfortable than ProExtender.

Shipment Limitation

Effective October 2014, shipment of the product is no longer allowed for US customers. And as per the recommendation of FDA, the distribution of this product must only be done by the licensed medical establishments.

Buying Guide

Though ProExtender System is sold by many sites, you must be aware in the existence of bogus websites. Hence, it is highly advised to consumers to buy this product from its official website. Discount coupon scams are also circulating in the market. So better be careful when doing your shopping online. But if you are lucky enough, you may come across sites that offer authentic products at discounted prices.

Packages Available

• System (DVD guide with pills included)
• Deluxe ProExtender 399.95
• Original ProExtender 299.95
Note: An additional $30 will be collected for the additional DVD Guide and Pills.

Does it Really Work?

Men would do anything just to give in to their innermost desire- to increase the size of their penis. For them, this determines their manhood and will have a great impact in their self-esteem. If you have a crooked or bent penis, you need help to resolve this issue. When the problem is the size, you try to find ways to increase its size.
ProExtender works through traction. A human body can divide and grow new cells naturally and this can be done by stretching a tissue. Once stretching is often done, it tends to collapse and eventually heal the damaged tissue by multiplying. Pain can even be barely felt or not felt at all. And damages done can be invisible to a naked human eye. Traction is not only used to enlarge penis but also in other medical procedures like treating skin on burnt patients or lengthening a short leg.
The effects of ProExtender was tested in Barcelona Spain by the International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery in Barcelona, Spain and results of the study showed that the penis’ size enlarged up to 30% in just 24 weeks of use.

Final Words

If you read its customers’ reviews, you can sense the users of ProExtender are satisfied with the product. Meaning, it worked as expected. However, we can’t deny the fact that some people are still skeptics question its effectiveness. However, at the end of the day, what matters most is that you are free to choose a device that you want and as long as you are satisfied with its effects, you will always end up a winner and your investment will always be worth it.



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