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Quick Extender Pro (QEP) Reviews 2021

Penis extenders will be nonexistent without QEP (Quick Extender Pro). It pioneered the penis extenders that we have these days. Though this is the first traditional extender of its kind, a lot of men still want to use it. Thanks to its DSS System (Dual Strap Support). With this addition, it makes the device wearable without any feeling of discomfort. And the dual strap makes this product distinct from all its counterparts.

This is the first traditional type of penis extender. And you cannot find any other device that comes with a Dual Support System like this one. It comes with better wearability and comfort. Although founded in 2004, this was introduced to the market in its First Deluxe Edition by 2007. And it satisfactorily meets the demands of its users over the years. Its second generation came up by 2015which was designed with the following additional features:

  • Lighter material used from steel to aluminium.
  • Its medical grade materials allow better strength and tension.
  • Better glan support and shape.

Quick Extender Pro comes in 4 editions:

  1. Curvature and Peyronie

This is meant to correct curvature. By doing so, it expands the penis too.

  1. Deluxe Limited

This is the brand’s flagship. It comes with many parts and extras that sustain its purpose even after a year of use.

  1. Value Edition

This is a cost-effective option for anyone who wants to improve the size of their manhood.

  1. Deluxe Standard

This is the most reputable edition. It has everything you need to have the gain that you desire without overspending.


Side Effects

Be mindful when buying the product since there are reseller websites that offer the product’s counterfeit. Hence, you end up not enjoying the high quality that only genuine products can offer.

Side effects include tenderness or soreness on the area surrounding the pelvic region. This is caused by the reshaping process and the presence of an enlarging penis. However, this must not be something that will concern you since it is just normal and a part of the process.

How to Use

The kit comes with a DVD with straightforward instruction that you can follow.  Here are the simple steps on how to use it:

  1. Do some adjustment of the transaction rod, making sure that your penis will comfortably fit into it.
  2. Insert your penis inside the extender.
  3. Secure your penis with the silicone straps provided. This will also serve as a protection for your glans and makes the device comfortable to wear. Other brands can choke your glans and this is very painful. Its dual strap system makes the device wearable and comfortable even when applied for a long period of time.
  4. For the first week, you can wear the device for three hours, gradually extending to 6 hours on the second week. After 3 weeks, expect a steady growth.

User Reviews


“I bought a cheap extender from eBay. But after 2 weeks of use, it broke. Hence, I decided to invest on a Quick Extender Pro”. Since it is made in US, it lasted longer. When it comes to durability, its like “night and day” difference compared to my previous extender.


“I gained 1.1 inches during erection after 3 months of use. My girth gained .22. This product is amazing! I love its double strap since it is not as complicated as the other brands when worn. It’s DSS system gives me the peace of mind knowing that the device won’t slip off”.


“It’s very light to wear; hence I don’t mind wearing this most of the time”.

A lot of its users commend the comfort that it brings. And since it not restrictive, it allows flow of blood circulation. Others even wear this when they sleep without feeling any sensation that will keep them from resting.

Where to Buy

Nothing can be more certain than buying Quick Extender Pro from its official website. After all, it pays to always use the authentic product. You can even have the advantage of using discount coupons so that you can save on your budget. Buying from sites not affiliated with their official website puts you at risk of using the wrong item that will compromise your safety. Also, you must be cautious when purchasing this product so you would always end up with genuine high product.

Final Words…

Regardless if you are a newbie on extenders or not, Quick Extender Pro can always be your best choice. With this product, you can have fast result. It is ideal for various sizes, even to those with “micropenis”. It comes with a wide base which makes it ideal for any fit. And if you are among those people who believe that nothing beats a traditional way of doing things then Quick Extender Pro is the best one for you.


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