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Real Limitless Pill – NZT 48 (Know the Truth)

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Limitless Pill Real?

Cognitive enhancers are not as famous until Bradley Cooper’s movie; Limitless was shown on big screens in 2011. It tells of a story where a person’s life can turn as what one wanted it to be by empowering one’s mind through a pill. The film may be fictitious but this is the exaggerated explanation on how nootropics work. Nootropics refer to any cognitive enhancers sold in the market these days.

On the movie, the actor was taking one pill of NZT-48; a drug that works the same way as the substances mentioned on this site (though NZT-48 is just an exaggerated version, as many fiction films are expected to be).

There is just one misleading principle taught on the film; that humans only use one tenth of their brains. Fact is; we are already using 100% of it and nootropics are not designed to unlock or activate some of its parts. These medications work in 2 ways:

  1. Modulation in the activity of neurotrophins (brain growth factors) and neurotransmitters.
  2. Hack one’s sleep and alertness system like what Modafinil and caffeine do.

Many times, it has been cited that intelligence is dependent on the percentage of active brain used. Apart from Limitless, this was emphasized in the movie; Lucy too.  However, this is a big lie. On the movie; Limitless, the actor suffers from writer’s block as manifested through his attention deficit symptoms and signs of depression. However, his life turned the other way around when the NZT-48 pill transformed him into a clever Wall Street shark. He has a perfect memory, unlimited focus and supreme intelligence. In real life, these effects can be experienced in some degree when you take nootropic drugs. Among the things you will experience will be:

  1. Faster learning
  2. Boosted creativity
  3. Enhanced memory recall

Need for a better memory recall and more speed in learning

Image from cinemablend.com

Image from cinemablend.com

This issue can be resolved with Noopept. This pill is formulated to boost memory retention. Users of this product felt a big difference after a month of taking the pill. The increased density built in their memories made them feel like a year has passed by in just 30 days!

As you grow older, you feel like years go by speedily too. This is because you have lesser retention in your passed memories. And sometimes, such sensation feels like getting out of control. But Noopept will help you feel like returning to childhood when the time moved slower. This drug makes learning easy too and this can be another result of your improved perception of time.

Combats writer’s block and boosts creativity

Image from nootriment.com

Image from nootriment.com

Neuroplasticity is one effect if Noopept. This is when your brain’s structure will speedily change. When this happens, you experience the following:

  1. Adapt to new tasks easily
  2. Overcome helplessness
  3. Be more creative
  4. Improve learning faculties
  5. Able to interlink ideas and build new concepts

With the change of connections inside your brain, improved thoughts will surface in your consciousness. Though there are so many nootropics sold in the market these days, none of them can equal or exceed what Noopept has to offer. NZT-48 may only be a fictitious drug but it points the truth that the only way to perfect any task is to have a powerful focus. And Noopept can help you regarding this matter.  However, this drug,  when taken alone can be distracting, hence the need to combine it with a powerful stimulant and Modafinil can be your best choice.

Longing to have a God-like attention?

Image from dealpharmarx.com

Image from dealpharmarx.com

In the movie Limitless, it was possible for Bradley Cooper to write a book in just 4 days. And this was all because he took NZT which enables him to focus for long hours on what he was doing without any distraction.  But do you know that there are drugs that can help improve your focus too? These are the cognitive enhancers like Modafinil and Armodafinil which act as stimulants.  And no, they are not related to amphetamines, hence a lot safer to use too. And they are proven to increase your attention ability. A lot of countries sell these substances and the good news is; they are available online.  Though they are both similar substances, they differ in a fact that Modafinil is a racemic version while Armodafinil is chiral. If you take Modafinil, your brain will be alert the entire day. You won’t feel sleepy and no averting random thoughts will get into your mind. Hence you won’t be distracted. You will only have one single goal and a tunnel straight vision to reach it.

However, take note that Modafinil is not NZT. So do not expect that you will be as limitless as how Bradley Cooper turned to be on the movie. However, this drug will suffice to start a modern scientific revolution if it becomes wide spread. Come to think of it, do you think it is a coincidence when the diffusion of coffee in Europe happened simultaneously with its scientific revolution?

Word of caution

Modafinil can make your thoughts function like a machine or a computer. Hence, you can end up working relentlessly on your pre-determined goal. Again, it can’t be used as an aid for creativeness. It only boosts what is already in you. To make the most of Modafinil’s effect, take it with Noopept. They are the perfect combination to radically change how you think. A perfect version of yourself will not happen overnight but taking the hardcore combination of drugs can be a good start.






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