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Real Limitless Pill – NZT 48 (Know the Truth)

“Real NZT-48 Pill!”

“Smart Drugs: Secret of the World’s Tech Billionaires?” (Huffington UK)

“Real Limitless Pill Used by top 1%!”

You must have seen these headlines screaming at you in your social media feeds, random news sites and it just never stops. If you have watched the “Limitless” movie starring Bradley Cooper, you know what I am talking about. In the movie, the lead uses NZT-48 pill to achieve fame, fortune and beat the villain.

Sharper, stronger, faster and smarter than you ever were!

You may watch this over-the-top (Almost fake) ad if you are still not sure what NZT pill is all about.


In the movie, Brad comes across a smart drug that basically makes him limitless.

The lead writes a complete book in 3 days, learns 6 foreign languages, conquers the Wall Street and also masters martial skills! All with one clear mystery pill.

Do Limitless pills exist?

How awesome would that be if it were real? I mean really.

Well, there are few prescription medicines (Adderall, Modafinil, Ritalin etc) who market themselves as smart pills. These are clinically proven to work wonderfully. But they have a wide range of side-effects apart from the potential of addiction (that is why you can not take these without prescription from doctors).

Now, let me ask you one question. If there exists a real limitless pill which is a natural supplement with no addictive potential, would you take it?

Most probably you would and there are a lot of companies claiming to be the real limitless drug.

In this article, I would examine most popular products and find out the best ones and call out ineffective products and scams. I will show you how you can see the truth behind fake celeb endorsements or fake promotional articles.

First, let me cover the basic science behind smart pills.

How do smart pills work?

The one big misleading principle propagated in Limitless movie; that humans only use one tenth of their brains. The fact is; we are already using 100% of it and nootropics(smart pills) are not designed to unlock or activate some of its parts. These medications work in 2 ways:

  1. Modulation of the activity of neurotrophins (brain growth factors) and neurotransmitters.
  2. Hack one’s sleep and alertness system like what Modafinil and caffeine do.

Many times, it has been cited that intelligence is dependent on the percentage of the active brain used. Smart drugs can have the following effects.

  1. Faster learning
  2. Boosted creativity
  3. Enhanced memory recall


Products claiming to be real “Limitless Pill”

Though there are more hundreds of such products, I would cover the most popular ones first and filter out the best one.

Synagen IQ

I came across Synagen IQ on a celeb website in which it claimed to be featured in CNN and endorsed by none other than Stephen Hawking and Bill gates. When I did a bit background check, it was just another case of misleading advertising. Still, it had decent reviews in forums; so I gave it a try for 2 weeks. It had almost marginal to no effect on my system. I would publish a detailed review of Synagen IQ soon but it is NOT on my recommended list.

MZT 48

It has a name very close to NZT 48 and one of my readers had asked me a feedback on this. But, given its negative coverage across Nootropics forums, I skipped this. Apart from that, they use same misleading Stephen Hawking’s fake endorsement which makes me skeptic towards the brand. NOT recommended.


You probably have heard this name before in TV and media ads. It is one of the most heavily marketed promote in smart pills niche and also it has been widely reviewed (mostly negative though). You might also see many positive reviews on Amazon and they claim the movie Limitless was inspired by it and like to call themselves as “Booster for the brain”. Though the marketers(or makers) of this pill suggest it has been clinically tested by Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit (NCTU), I could not find any third party information about the study (which is surprising). So, it is not in my recommended list yet.

BrainStorm Elite, Congniflex, Neuro3X , Intellux are other popular products which were rejected due to lack of published report, over the top misleading marketing. Many of these products are actually same thing rebranded after the previous one got negative reviews. One of the issues with many brands is that their formula is full of a ton of caffeine. It creates a feeling of hard-crash when the effect of pills wear off.

Now,  let us come to the products who stand out among the peers for superior results and reviews.

Modvigil (FDA approved), Adrafinil, CILTEP, and Adrafinil by Absrobhealth  are top in my chart now. Note that rankings may change in future and results might vary from person to person.

Need for a better memory recall and more speed in learning

This issue can be resolved with Noopept. This pill is formulated to boost memory retention. Users of this product felt a big difference after a month of taking the pill. The increased density built in their memories made them feel like a year has passed by in just 30 days!

As you grow older, you feel like years go by speedily too. This is because you have lesser retention in your past memories. And sometimes, such sensation feels like getting out of control. But Noopept will help you feel like returning to childhood when the time moved slower. This drug makes learning easy too and this can be another result of your improved perception of time.

Combats writer’s block and boosts creativity

Neuroplasticity is one effect if Noopept. This is when your brain’s structure will speedily change. When this happens, you experience the following:

  1. Adapt to new tasks easily
  2. Overcome helplessness
  3. Be more creative
  4. Improve learning faculties
  5. Able to interlink ideas and build new concepts

With the change of connections inside your brain, improved thoughts will surface in your consciousness. Though there are so many nootropics sold in the market these days, none of them can equal or exceed what Noopept has to offer. NZT-48 may only be a fictitious drug but it points the truth that the only way to perfect any task is to have a powerful focus. And Noopept can help you regarding this matter.  However, this drug,  when taken alone can be distracting, hence the need to combine it with a powerful stimulant and Modafinil can be your best choice.

Longing to have a God-like attention?

In the movie Limitless, it was possible for Bradley Cooper to write a book in just 4 days. And this was all because he took NZT which enables him to focus for long hours on what he was doing without any distraction.  But do you know that there are drugs that can help improve your focus too? These are the cognitive enhancers like Modafinil and Armodafinil which act as stimulants.  And no, they are not related to amphetamines, hence a lot safer to use too. And they are proven to increase your attention ability. A lot of countries sell these substances and the good news is; they are available online.  Though they are both similar substances, they differ in a fact that Modafinil is a racemic version while Armodafinil is chiral. If you take Modafinil, your brain will be alert the entire day. You won’t feel sleepy and no averting random thoughts will get into your mind. Hence you won’t be distracted. You will only have one single goal and a tunnel straight vision to reach it.

However, take note that Modafinil is not NZT. So do not expect that you will be as limitless as how Bradley Cooper turned to be on the movie. However, this drug will suffice to start a modern scientific revolution if it becomes wide spread. Come to think of it, do you think it is a coincidence when the diffusion of coffee in Europe happened simultaneously with its scientific revolution?

Word of caution

Modafinil can make your thoughts function like a machine or a computer. Hence, you can end up working relentlessly on your pre-determined goal. Again, it can’t be used as an aid for creativeness. It only boosts what is already in you. To make the most of Modafinil’s effect, take it with Noopept. They are the perfect combination to radically change how you think. A perfect version of yourself will not happen overnight but taking the hardcore combination of drugs can be a good start.




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Side effects


Customer Feedback

  1. Reply
    Gibson October 17, 2016 at 12:55 am

    Side effects


    Customer Feedback


    I do not know if to recommend it or not.I tried this Optimind thing. I mistakenly took 2 pills instead of one, once. I almost kept working for straight 18 hours. The product works and it is like I’m on a harsh kick than anything. But it seems to do what it says. It helps to focus and work far better than a lot of so called natural supplements that I have tried till now.

  2. Reply
    Andrew January 9, 2017 at 11:29 am

    Side effects


    Customer Feedback


    Do not buy into this claim that a magic pill will do everything .
    Do you want to improve focus? Do not eat processed foods and fast food/

    Try these food.
    20 % meat , 30% fish , i.e. Tuna , cod , and halibut . 40% greens and any of them will do . 10% nuts and fruits , almonds , peanuts etc . Fruits oranges , kiwi, banana etc .
    Do this , and you will see the difference . Don’t take my word for it try it and you will see it in months. You would not need any smart limitless pill.
    Good luck


  3. Reply
    Crazyguys April 17, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    I can’t believe a movie can start this crazyness called popping the pills. Unless you are in a high performance job, I would not take it.

  4. Reply
    Rob December 15, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    what aload off shit if a pill was available that worked even halfway as good as NZT in the film it would be worth, we’ll itd be priceless an every one would want it can you imagine a world full of enlightened people not total wankers all climbing up the social or financial ladders

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