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SizeGenetics Review

A lot of men these days would do anything to improve the size of their manhood. In fact, others would even go beyond convenience and comfort by undergoing cosmetic surgery. After all, size matters. However, there’s a better option in the market today and unlike surgery, these options are not invasive. These are the male enhancement products.

SizeGenetics is a type of extender that promises increase in both length and girth when worn consistently for 8 months. Some of its users even claimed that it resulted to .5 inch gain in just one month of use! However, this does not mean that you stop wearing the device. Otherwise, the result will just fade away. In 6 months, expect to gain 1 inch and at 1 year of use, many claimed that it gave them 1.8 inches of increase. If you have been wearing the device for 12 months, the result can be permanent, even if you stop wearing Size genetics for a few days.

SizeGenetics is also indicated for the following conditions:

  • For those who want to improve the length of their penis .
  • Micro penis syndrome
  • Bend penis syndrome

For those who want to correct their curved penis, you try SizeGenetic. You will also be rewarded with more gains as you do so.

What’s in the package

SizeGenetics come in different packages. All that’s left for you to do is to pick the one that meets your needs:

  1. Value Edition Package

If you have a tight budget then this is best for you. Its downside is that its elongation bars, straps and comfort pad can be uncomfortable after long use.  However, you have the option to purchase extra parts when you have more money to spare.


  • Stretcher
  • Instructional DVD
  • Default comfort pad
  • Elongation bars
  • Strap

2. Ultimate or Advanced Comfort System

Since this is comfortable, it is ideal for long term use. It’s very convenient to use too.


  • Multi-head piece – This includes head beds and parts that minimize friction and stabilize your penis’ head.
  • Traction Plus Powder – The powder is needed to create traction between the stretcher and the penis for a more comfortable amidst stronger pressure.
  • After care moisturizer – This is needed for tissue regeneration process.

3. Ultimate System Extras


  • Exercise DVD
  • 3M comfort plasters

Side Effects

As long as you follow the instruction provided by its manufacturers, the product will not cause any adverse effect. No report has been received that the product caused harm to its users. It is safe to use.

How to Use

Its kit comes with a DVD that contains straightforward instruction on how to use the product. Here are the simple steps on how to use it.

  1. Fit your penis on the base ring.
  2. Put the elongated bars.
  3. Make sure that you insert the head of your penis in the headpiece.
  4. There are bands on the comfort straps, pull them.
  5. Make necessary adjustments making sure that you use the right size for a comfort fit.
  6. Be gradual in the amount of usage, starting at only 1 hour a day until you are okay wearing it at its recommended amount of time. It still takes a while for your member to get used to it.
  7. You can wear the device underneath loose clothes. Hence, you can let it do its work while you sit at home or work at your yard. Others even use this at night when they are asleep.

User Reviews

Effective yet very comfortable

“I have been wearing SizeGenetics for many months and can attest that it truly works”. After 2 months of use, I noticed 1 inch growth. However, this can only happen if you are willing to pay the price of wearing this every single day”- Julien

Amazing product

“I have just tried SizeGenetics for a few days now and noticed that it works. In fact, I am now more confident and in a good mood meeting new women if opportunity arise.” – Jia

Results are gradual but very consistent

“After 3 months of use, I noticed that my “member” has grown 1cm longer. But the device never failed me over months of use. Now, I have 13.9 cm length. But my goal is to lengthen my circumcised penis up to 15.6 cm” – pe doc

Where to Buy

You can buy SizeGenetics from its official website. Other resellers offer China made product using plastic as its material. Getting the wrong product will be a waste of money, time and gives you a lot of frustrations!

SizeGenetics manufacturer will also give you full refund and the privilege to keep the device if after 6 moths of use, you send them a “before and after photos However, this means you have to religiously document the changes of your penis’ size throughout the process. And the catch is that you need to have this device for 6 months!

Final Words

SizeGenetics has been in the market for 2 decades now. Any product won’t last this long if it is not effective. In fact, they are confident enough in their trade that they offer a 6 month money back guarantee! No other company offers a warranty this long. In fact, it ends up not having to spend any centavo for the product since they are willing to send you a full refund after 6 months of using it; provided that you show before and after images to prove your claim. Surely with SizeGenetics, you have nothing to lose, just everything to gain.