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Smile Care Club Review

Smile Direct Club is sometimes called “Smile Care Club”. The highlight of this type of service is the ability to align one’s teeth without spending as much as having it done in a traditional dental clinic. This is done through custom created teeth aligners which have been proven to be effective when it comes to teeth alignment.

What to do

For those interested, simply make an impression mold and send it to Smile Direct Club. They in turn will make your custom dental aligners and mail this to you. Significant effects can be seen in 4-8 months of use and you will be ready to show your new smile by then.

Is it obvious?

No, these invisible teeth aligners from Smile Care Club works like Invisalign. They are subtle and can be hard to notice. Hence, they are much preferred than traditional braces.

How to go through the process


  1. Assessment

The initial phase requires assessment of your teeth to determine if you are qualified for the procedure. If your teeth requires a more extensive work which is beyond the scope of Smile Care Club, they won’t take you as their client.

The first thing you need to do is to comply with the online photo assessment requirement. This can be done through SmileCheck system online. Smile Care Club will in turn mail you an at home teeth impression kit. Once you are done making the mold, mail this back to Smile Care Club. They will in turn formulate a customized treatment plan for your mouth.

Your other option is to schedule for an appointment at Smile Care Club’s SmileShops for a digital teeth scan. Note that they are only located in some cities. This option is ideal for those who do not want to go through the impression mold process.

  1. Creation of your aligners

After your teeth have been assessed by a licensed dental professional, a treatment plan will be created. There will be a collaboration of dentists and labs to come up with the right custom created invisible aligners for you. Upper and lower teeth aligners will be made. This will be mailed to you. Once received, make sure that you wear this daily. You may remove them when taking hot beverages or meal.

  1. Follow-up

Switching of teeth aligners will be done periodically as stipulated on your teeth treatment plan. Online photos must also be submitted so Smile Care Club can monitor your progress and be certain that the treatment is going on as planned.

  1. Results

In 4-8 months, expect to have a new smile. However, take note that the duration will all depend on your individual teeth alignment needs.



  • Affordable

By getting rid of many dental appointments, inflated treatment costs and co-pays, you will only spend a fraction of the cost you usually pay for teeth aligners from traditional dentists.

  • Convenience

Frequent dental visits can disrupt your daily routine and this can be annoying. This would mean being absent from work or school. However, things are a lot different with Smile Care Club. Since a lot of the transaction will be done online, you can get in touch with them even in the comfort of your home.

  • Safe

A 3D treatment plan and frequent teeth evaluation will be made. However, if alignment did not work as planned, you can get a full refund of your money invested.

  • Superb aesthetics

These types of aligners are not just invisible; they are light and thin too. Because of this, it will hardly be noticed by other people. So you can still give your all out smile while your teeth are being straightened and adjusted.

  • Credible

Smile Direct Club only employs licensed dental professionals. They are the one who will come up with a treatment plan and monitor your progress. Meaning, paying less for the alignment doesn’t compromise the service that you are getting.

Note: If you do one-time payment, they will send you a teeth whitening gel for free.




  • Inattentive Customer Service

Some clients complain of unsatisfactory customer service. However, reviews vary.

  • Devoid of retention assistance

A traditional orthodontist will usually schedule you for regular check-ups to ensure that you stay on the track.  However, the same privilege can’t be enjoyed with Smile Direct Club.

  • Does not guarantee satisfactory outcome

All that Smile Direct Club emphasizes is for you to stick on the planned treatment. But this does not promise 100% satisfaction. Hence, they do not consider themselves responsible for lack of result.

  • Minimal Communication

Having someone whom you are comfortable working with pays a lot. But this can’t be possible with Smile Direct Club. Building a good working relationship with your dentist may be easy with a traditional orthodontist whom you see during regular check-ups. But Smile Direct Club has removed this part of the treatment.

  • Potential issues

If plans go awry, potential issues may arise. If for example, one of your trays got lost, you will need to re-order for another one from Smile Direct Club. Hence, you will wait for days for your replacement to arrive. However, a traditional orthodontist will act on the issue speedily. An emergency piece will be provided until they can create a formal tray for you. Not being able to wear the mouth piece for days can affect your treatment plan. A traditional orthodontist will also customize the treatment plan and make some changes if things won’t turn out as expected. However, you won’t be able to enjoy the same advantage with Smile Direct Club.

Is it effective?


This is the first question that comes to mind by anyone who considers availing the invisible aligners of Smile Direct Club. Well, if you have non-major tooth movement or relapse, they can be a solid option for you. However, they are not ideal for extensive teeth work. Tooth movement is not only affecting your looks but your overall oral health as well. Hence, there is a risk in taking major teeth work on your hands.

However, it will always be safe to be diagnosed by Smile Direct Club. After all, assessment is needed to determine if they can handle your case. It will only cost you $99 to undergo this process. However, if you are not a good candidate for their service, a 100% refund will be sent to you.

The good thing is; Smile Direct Club is honest enough to only accept cases they can treat. There will be real doctors who will go through your medical records, impressions and photos. They also determine whether you are qualified for the virtual check-ins.

Note: It is highly suggested that you ask advice from your local orthodontist first before you contact Smile Direct Club. It is always good to ask for an expert advice before trying any new product.

Customer’s Feedback


“I only paid $1000 for my teeth alignment and it is much better than paying $6000 for an Inisalign. Hence, I would say that the lack of consistency and communication with Smile Direct Club doesn’t really matter at all considering all the savings that I got”

– HansofEd

“I’ve had braces in my teens but ditching my retainers earlier than I should cause my crooked teeth to relapse. Good thing I came across Smile Direct Club which fits my budget well. They have satisfactory customer service and a patient care that fits my lifestyle; I should say that they are highly recommended”.

  • Reeves Smith

“I’m done with all 5 sets of the aligners and the results have been amazing! And all these I got at a very reasonable price”.

  • Jodieschram

Before and After Results

These photos came from Smile Direct Club’s website. And looking at them, we can say that the results are impressive.

Costs and Deals

Assessment       $95

100% refundable if you are not qualified for the treatment


Treatment        $1, 500

$1, 735 for installment plan ($250 upfront + $99/month for 15 months)


Maintenance         $99

Custom made invisible retainer – must be worn even at night


Total cost is $1,700. This is a lot cheaper compared to Invisalign or the traditional dental care.


Is this for you?


If you have a tight budget for your teeth aligning needs then Smile Direct Club can be your best choice. So, ask for their assessment and check their treatment. However, asking an expert advice from your local orthodontist can be a good way to start.

Smile Care Club

Smile Care Club

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