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Test X180 Ignite

 Review Summary

I read several Test X180 Ignite reviews in several review platforms that exemplified its benefits and effectiveness as a T-booster. After a personal trial with the supplement, I’m of the high opinion that this is one of the fairly effective T-booster products in the market.

In the personal trial that lasted around six months, I experienced a surge in my sexual desires and also lost some weight. Test X180 Ignite is one among several T-boosters, but like many of its substitutes, there is little clinical information available out there. It is therefore left largely to consumers to determine the potency of the product from other consumers’ reviews.

Basically, the supplement is 100% natural-based, making it a good substitute for Pharma- based pills. Pharma-based solutions have short-term results with long-term hazardous effect on the body. It is, however, still important to read this review further concomitant with others, with the aim of establishing the ingredients, pros, cons, and side effects of the supplement.


Full Review


The review is my personal opinion of the supplement based on customer reviews, personal experimentation, and its composition. I have read and written reviews about several T-boosters, mostly delving into their effectiveness.

In this review, I have gone a step further to include other details such as its ingredients and have also answered questions such as whether the product is a scam or not. In addition, the review has not only explained the advantage of using this supplement but also sought to highlight some notable cons as well.

It is also important for me to state that my experimentation and review does not wholesomely endorse the product. It is simply to help you make informed decisions about the product.  Nonetheless, I hold that the product is effective, has potent ingredients, and has plenty of advantages.


What is Test X180 Ignite?

Test x180ignite is a natural-based health and nutritional supplement which aims at boosting, increasing, and maintaining healthy levels of testosterone in men.

The male supplement is a product of Force Factor. There is little-known information about Force Factor, which is strangely the characteristic of similar manufacturers of T-boosters. The company, however, has a functional official website and some contact information.

The manufacturer claims its product can alleviate and intervene in several situations. It champions the products as a powerful libido booster by boosting testosterone production.

In addition, the company claims that its product has the capacity to aid in bone and muscle building. It bases this claim on various factors such as immune system enhancement, nutritional value, and enhancing moods.

Force Factor also claims that Test x180 Ignite has the potential to assist in cutting weight. The force behind the claim is the product’s capacity to heighten the user’s physical as well as anabolic activity.



The production of T-boosters is invaluable to men. It is estimated that nearly all men experience libido related problems at some time in their lives. The problem is especially more prevalent in men after the age of 40.

The effects of these problems on their self-esteem are numerous. Some men often suffer from depression. This also aggravates the problem further. Depression is usually the beginning of other ailments and conditions such as obesity and several lifestyle-related diseases.

Other problems such as spousal conflicts, separation, and divorce emanating from failure by men to perform optimally in bed can also occur.


This state of affair simply confirms the advantages of T-boosters. Nonetheless, a majority of solutions out there are pharma-based pills which have short-term effects and numerous side effects, mostly hazardous. They must also be taken strictly under a doctor’s prescription.


Since antiquity, expert herbalists and nutritionists have been gathering numerous aphrodisiacs to tackle this problem. By utilizing this experience along with knowledge of clinically proven ingredients, Test X180 Ignite was created.


In summary, the supplement was made to counteract the problems of decreased testosterone.  It is supposed to offer a natural and risk-free solution to the problem of decreased libido and bodily energy as well as the proliferation of obesity.


What ingredients are in Test X180 Ignite?


This is one of the few 100% natural-based supplements that showcase its ingredients to the users. This is a positive representation that Force Factor believes in ethical practices and protection of consumers. The ingredients that made up the supplement are as follows:


  • Magnesium (a critical mineral that aids in the freeing of bound testosterone)


Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body. It has over 300 metabolic functions and is essential in the process of creating, storing, and producing energy in the human cells. In addition, magnesium is essential in relation to testosterone because it inhibits the conversion of the hormone as well as its binding by SBHG (sex hormone binding globulin). SBHG is responsible for the decreasing levels of the vital sex hormones through binding and converting available testosterone. The supplement includes an unsubstantiated amount of magnesium stearate.


  • Avena sativa (effective as a sex enhancer and energy booster)


Avena sativa is an extract from oat straw. This crop, which has been cultivated by humans since the onset of domestication of grains, is renowned for its record-breaking nutritional, healing, and aphrodisiac properties.


The extract is clinically proven to possess an anti-inflammatory property. This is essential to keep the body healthy and free from free radicals that lead to the destruction of body tissues.


In addition, the extract has a great potential to improve libido. There is no universal acceptance of the effect of Avena on testosterone. Nonetheless, clinical studies suggest an improvement in the overall mood, stability, and energy as a result of taking the extract.


Moreover, the extract helps in decreasing the levels of cholesterol in the body which is essential for a functioning heart, heightened body activity, improved mood, and loss of extra fats.


  • Caffeine (boosts energy and improves concentration)


Increased energy is vital because it leads to more physical prowess. With increased energy, you can undergo extra hours of workouts and other physical activities. Also, caffeine leads to extra motivation and concentration, which in turn leads to improved self-esteem, focus, and a forward-looking attitude.


The two roles of caffeine wholesomely contribute to a more invigorated and refreshed you. Increased body energy at the disposal of workouts also implies an improvement in your body structure, muscles, and bones.


  • Green tea leaf extracts (improves metabolism and oxidation)


The extract is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. It has numerous benefits such as boosting the body’s metabolism, improving alertness, and maintaining a healthy prostate. It is also effective in preventing several diseases and stress-related conditions.


Green tea has a considerable amount of caffeine that is very helpful in boosting vigor and vitality as well as boosting brain functions. Its antioxidant properties are also helpful in aiding in metabolism and improving the function of the circulatory system. Overall, green tea is essential for boosting body energy and prevention against ailments.


  • Horny Goat Weed Extract (a reputable ancient libido-boosting natural aphrodisiac)


It is also known as Epimedium leaf extract. Traditionally, it originated from China. There is a story that it was unveiled by a Chinese herd keeper who observed improved copulation in his goats as a result of feeding on the weed. This is the reason why it’s called “horny goat weed”.


Clinical research has indicated that the weed’s extract is a very powerful libido-boosting ingredient. Researchers concluded that it is rich in a compound known as Icarin, which has the sexual drive force equivalent to blue pills.


  • White Tea Extract (has anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties)


There are numerous health functions of white tea. The extract protects your body from bacterial infection and also from several forms of cancer. In addition, the extract has been applauded for its weight loss benefits.


Its antioxidant properties protect the body against free radicals that destroy body tissues.  With less destruction of the body tissues, the process aging is significantly slowed down. It also helps improve the performance of the body organs.


In addition, taking an extract of white tea daily leads to the shedding of adipose tissues that usually contribute to obesity. Burning of these fats is not only vital for a healthy sex life but also for a better body structure.


  • Testofen (increases testosterone levels)


This extract is made from Fenugreek seeds. The extract provides a wide variety of nourishment, besides increasing the level of testosterone in the body. It also protects and heals several ailments. The ancient herb is native to the Mediterranean region, as well as South East Asia and Europe.


The herb is very vital for diagnosing low libido and treating erectile dysfunction in men. The extract contains enough saponin called diosgenin, a catalyst in the manufacturing of testosterone. In addition, the extract has an anti-inflammatory property that protects the body against free radicals and helps in body reparation. This is essential for a fully functioning and stronger body.


  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (suppresses appetite)


The extract has antioxidant properties that protect the body against free radicals that destroy body tissues. It is also rich in caffeine that helps in boosting energy levels and enhancing your mood.


More importantly, the extract has overwhelming saponins with qualities of suppressing appetite. In addition, the extract helps in promoting satiety. These properties are vital for cutting weight.


It is important to note that Force Factor does not include the percentage composition of its ingredients. This is helpful, but naming the ingredients to begin with, is a step in the right direction. On the other hand, several manufacturers not only hide the percentage but also leave the ingredients to guesswork.


Clinical studies


Natural T-boosting supplements are not regulated by authorities and are not recognized as drugs to warrant that. This has resulted in little coordinated clinical research about the supplements. The case is the same for almost all supplements, scams or real. There is no real telling whether a supplement delivers any result from a clinical research point of view. This is because technically, there is none.


Nonetheless, numerous studies have been conducted on the main natural ingredients that formulate Test X180 Ignite. These ingredients are also co-shared among several related T-boosting supplements, which also imply that they are not risky for consumption.

An example of such a research was conducted on the horny goat weed. The participant showed an improved sexual libido after periods of self-induced decrease in libido levels. Traditionally, the weed had been confirmed to help in boosting libido. The findings of this research were published in the journal medicine, and it attributed success to the presence of Icarin.


Green tea leaf extract was subjected to research in 2010 by the America Chemical Society. The study confirmed the traditionally held benefits of green tea leaf extract. In 2006, another study conducted and published in the journal of the American Medical Association on the green leaf concluded and confirmed further its anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. The study was conducted on a record-breaking sample of 40,000 Japanese individuals.


Each and every study conducted on the other ingredients reaffirms the possibility of their potency to cure diseases, maintain a healthy body, and increase levels of testosterone. A study done on Testefon showed a doubling potential of testosterone levels for men who participated in the study as volunteers. It is against such a backdrop that the makers of Test X180 Ignite created their T-boosting supplement.


Are there any side effects associated with the use of Test X180 ignite supplement?


Judging from its formulation, Test X180 Ignite is 100% based on natural ingredients. This implies that there is little to no major side effect that you can expect from using the product. This is in clear contrast with pharma-based testosterone solutions.


I did not experience any major side effects in the entire period I used the supplement. I cannot tell whether this exposure was enough. I was also very determined to achieve weight loss results, and thus my motivation possibly could have overlooked any short-term effects. Up to date, I have not experienced any major side effects.


Nevertheless, people and their bodies react differently to different allergens. It is particularly advisable to seek medical advice from a professional medic before making a major purchase. It is more important to consider this piece of advice whenever a person is using another type of supplement. Some products cannot be taken together.


Pregnant mothers are also supposed to stay away from this supplement. It is still not substantiated what effect it can have on the unborn as well as the mother. In case you have undergone surgical treatment, you are also advised not to take the supplement. The supplement should also be kept away from children as the effects may not be exciting.


The supplements may have the following effects in the short run:


  • Irritability
  • Digestive problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Uneasiness


Some reviews have reported unsubstantiated claims of people who suffered from erectile dysfunction. This is a serious problem that would require a great deal of investigation. Normally, this side effect is rampant in pharma-based pills.


Can Test x180 Ignite supplement really help boost your testosterone?


There is a high possibility that the product may deliver relative results in the long run. This is because the ingredients that the supplements are based on have been subjected to various studies and were proven to work. In addition, most of the ingredients have been used in other supplements that have been delivering results.


The inclusion of horny goat weed extract, for example, is a thumbs up because it is renowned for producing fast and powerful libido-boosting effects. Natural ingredients such as green tea are simply as effective as natural herbs.


Caffeine is also an added advantage. Caffeine is tried, tested, and proven. In addition, most of the natural extracts are rich in natural caffeine. The extract is a natural energy booster that is conventionally accepted as such.


In the six months that I used the supplement, I can confirm that I experienced an improvement in my sexual urges. However, the most successful result I observed was weight loss.


I cannot tell for sure the potency of the product. It is in the same period that I adhered to a strict diet and practiced a lot of yoga. I practically attribute the supplement nonetheless for some energized sessions of workouts in my indoor gym facility.


In summary, there is no real telling for sure whether the product leads to increased testosterone levels in the body. However, it is highly possible that some results are likely in weight loss and mood enhancement.


Where to buy Test X180 Ignite supplement?


The product can be purchased from Amazon and the manufacturer’s official site. You will not find the supplement as an over-the-counter drug in a local chemist or supermarket. There is a high possibility that counterfeits may be out there, and the best way to protect yourself is to buy from those two sites only.


In addition, there are some affiliate marketing links that give samples and sell the product. Due diligence is recommended before parting with your hard-earned money. These sites should basically redirect you to Amazon or its official website.


One bottle costs $69.99 and contains 120 capsules. Also, you can expect discounts and a free shipping when you order in bulk. The manufacturer also offers a free sample if you want to test the product before committing to a monthly order.


Does the supplement really work?

The supplement worked fine for me. This was after taking two pills a day, for three months, initially. That is when I started experiencing some effects. I’m healthy though and currently forty years old.

Different people react differently, and hence my situation could be different, probably anecdotal and unscientific. But overall, tons of positive reviews on the supplement suggest that the product is probably one of the best out T-boosters out there.


There are reported successes such as:


  • Enhanced sexual life– several consumers highlighted heightened sexual activity after a period of taking the drug.
  • Enhanced moods – it’sprobably due to its caffeine-rich extract. There are tons of positive reviews mentioning better moods after taking the supplement.
  • Boosted energy – this is also related to caffeine. They reported increased energy levels which also contributed to more work out sessions.
  • Loss of weight – improved energy levels, mood, and motivation are the possible cause of heightened physical activity, which ultimately led to more workout and ultimately, weight loss. Green tea is also very effective in burning fat.




  • It is made of all-natural ingredients
  • It has short-term side effects, but even they are uncommon
  • It enhances your mood
  • It maintains a healthy level of testosterone
  • It comes with a money back guarantee and ships globally
  • Most of its ingredients have undergone thorough clinical trials
  • It has a substantial number of positive reviews




  • The product has not disclosed the exact dosage of its ingredients
  • It’s a bit expensive
  • There is little clinical information out there regarding the supplement
  • Some adverse side effects such as erectile dysfunction may be experienced


How to use the Test X180 Ignite supplement?


The product should be taken together with a lot of water at least twice a day. Each serving is around 700gms. The first capsule should be taken in the morning along with breakfast, while the second should be before working out.


How to maintain healthy levels of testosterone and healthy body weight?

It is important to keep taking the supplement. It is believed that some of its effects may disappear if the supplementation is stopped midway. Nevertheless, the supplement is based on natural ingredients, hence you shouldn’t be afraid of any dangerous side effects.

You should never stop sticking to a healthy diet and regular exercise along with this supplement.


The Final Verdict


I infer that this supplement lives to its claim despite a few shortcomings. Important still, it has free samples for trial and even has a money back guarantee. Compared to other T-boosters I have encountered, I’m of the opinion that this supplement is not a scam. The product is definitely a good choice, but I’m still hesitant whether it should be among the best testosterone supplements out there.




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