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TestoFuel Reviews and Results

Review Summary

Testofuel is one of the more well-known testosterone enhancement supplements that you can find in the market. I have been an avid user of the brand and discovered a whole plethora of benefits with regard to both my workout and sex life.

I noticed that my muscle pains lessened even after I went through a really heavy lifting regimen, my gains were faster and bigger, my erections lasted longer, and my stamina went up.

Of course, you can take my word for it, but it’ll also be better if you knew more about the product yourself before you choose to buy it or not. This is why I’ll be talking about the product so you can better understand what it is and how it helps.


Full Review

 Aside from my own experience, you’ll find that there are many other reviews as well about Testofuel, so you can cross-reference if you like. In this full review, I’ll be delving into what the product is, what’s in it, how to buy, possible side effects, tips on usage, benefits, and possible drawbacks.

With this review, you’ll be able to know everything there is to know about Testofuel. You can then make an objective and informed decision as to whether the product is actually for you or not. Let’s start by knowing what exactly is Testofuel and what it can do for you.


What is Testofuel?

 In a nutshell, Testofuel is a supplement that enhances the levels of testosterone in your body. Testofuel is, in fact, one of the most popular products because a lot of men who have taken the supplement swore to its effectiveness. In fact, people who have taken the product have stated that Testofuel is so much better than steroids because it produces somewhat the same results but without the side effects.

No doubt that steroids are a serious matter because the side effects they produce can destroy the body in the long run. That’s why a product like Testofuel is a great alternative for achieving not only a better sex life but also a more chiseled body as well.



 First of all, I’d like to emphasize the benefits that this supplement may have on your sex life. The great thing about Testofuel is that it is extremely effective in increasing testosterone levels naturally. Unlike steroids, it doesn’t force the body to produce excessive testosterone, but rather it prompts the body to balance the testosterone levels and reach its optimal peak.

Of course, this means that the male sex hormone will be prompted to increase as well, thereby increasing sperm quality as well as energy. More energy means more stamina in bed and also longer lasting erections. As a whole, this allows you to have more clout in bed and have better performance as a whole.

How about muscle growth? I’ve also mentioned that Testofuel helps with your workout too, so let’s take a look at that aspect. Most people are aware that the building blocks of muscles are amino acids which are found in proteins.

What amino acids do is build new muscle fibers. The building of these fibers is what makes your muscles bigger. So the more proteins you take, the more amino acids your body will get for building muscle fiber.

Where does testosterone come in? Well, testosterone increases protein synthesis. While more protein means more chances of muscle growth, not all proteins would be utilized by the body. Having more testosterone in the body means that the proteins you consume have a better chance to be optimally utilized for muscle building.

Testosterone builds androgen receptors in the muscle tissues which not only makes you build muscle but also repairs broken tissues after an intense workout.


What Ingredients are in Testofuel?

 Before you consume any supplement, you have to make sure that you know exactly what is inside. You must know all ingredients by heart and understand what function they have in your body. This way, you’ll be able to know whether what you’re taking is safe or not. For your knowledge, I’ve listed the ingredients of Testofuel here and some details about them too.


  • D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

The primary ingredient of this supplement is none other than D-Aspartic acid, otherwise known as DAA. There have been a lot of studies that show how DAA was able to increase testosterone levels by almost 50% in a short period of time (I’ll share some of the studies later on in the article).

Basically, DAA is a type of amino acid that encourages the sperm cells and human growth hormones. This is why DAA is really good for muscle growth and for helping produce quality sperm.

  • Vitamin D

Another active ingredient in Testofuel is Vitamin D which has been studied to help with those who have problems with the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. You see, problems with those body parts may also mean low production of testosterone.

So if you have a low production of testosterone, taking more Vitamin D can help. Other than that, Vitamin D is also used for regulating metabolism which makes it also really great for weight loss and getting lean.


  • Oyster Extract

When most people think of aphrodisiac food, the first thing that will usually enter their heads would be oysters. This is because oysters really do have libido-boosting properties. Oysters have an extremely high level of zinc which does wonders for your testosterone levels. It makes total sense because zinc is needed for repairing and maintaining your prostate tissues. With this, you can actually have much better sexual health.

To add to that, there have been a lot of studies that back the claim of oysters improving your reproductive health (I’ll mention a study later on). While zinc is the main reason behind that, other nutrients such as Omega 3 and 6, amino acids, copper, manganese, and taurine also add to those properties. Taurine is especially known for providing energy. So not only does oyster extract make you better in bed, it increases your energy as well.


  • Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a special type of herb that comes from the Middle Eastern regions. What it does is halt the growth of the sex hormone binding globulin which halts the production of testosterone. This hormone is very detrimental to sexual health because it eats up the testosterone in the blood. Fenugreek stops all of that.

This is why it is one of the most popular ingredients used by many male libido boosting supplements. Aside from halting the production of the sex hormone binding globulin, this ingredient has hormone normalizing properties which allow you to balance your testosterone levels to its optimal peak. This makes you perform much better in bed and give you better erections and thicker sperm.


  • Asian Red Panax Ginseng

For many years, ginseng has been known as one of the top ingredients in libido boosters. Ginseng is known for increasing the levels of adrenocorticotropic hormones which allows you to have more energy and adrenaline. This is why you’ll usually feel very energetic after taking ginseng. It also enhances the sex hormones to give you more stamina and increase your overall performance in bed.

The variety of ginseng that is used for Testofuel is the Asian Red Panax Ginseng, otherwise known as the Red Korean Ginseng. This is one of the strongest ginseng types that you can find in the market. It works as a very powerful aphrodisiac and may even help men who have mild cases of erectile dysfunction.


  • Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is usually found in protein-rich foods such as egg, red meat, and liver. Vitamin K2 is a testosterone balancer that can aid in the production of testosterone and keep the levels at the optimal. This will allow you to experience both better muscle growth and increased energy as a whole.

The great thing about taking Vitamin K2 through Testofuel is that you won’t gain extra weight. Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin K2 from foods like red meat also means you have to take in the high level of fat from these foods. With a Vitamin K2 supplementation, you can get the benefits without putting on weight.


  • Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a nutrient that is beneficial for skin health, eye health, hair growth, and liver health because it helps balance the levels of hemoglobin in the body to allow your blood to easily distribute oxygen to all of the organs in your body.

Other than that, it also acts as a testosterone booster. However, it doesn’t really prompt the body to create more testosterone; rather, it lessens your estrogen levels. One of the enemies of muscle growth and sexual performance is the increase of excess estrogen in the body. In fact, high levels of estrogen can sometimes be attributed to a deficiency of Vitamin B6.

Luckily, Vitamin B6 is there to help suppress the increase in levels of estrogen. Combined with other ingredients, Testofuel both suppresses estrogen and increases testosterone at once.

  • Magnesium

The last on the list is magnesium which is one of the primary nutrients that aid in muscle relaxation. After a workout, you want to make sure that your muscles get a good rest while it repairs any damage so that you can be ready for the next workout.

Magnesium is also the component that is responsible for storing proteins and carbs. Therefore, the more protein that you store in the body, the more can be used for protein synthesis. Of course, this means that your body will need more storage space. This is the job of magnesium.


Clinical Studies

If you check out the official website of Testofuel, you’ll see that the three main ingredients (Vitamin D, Oyster Extract, DAA) have their own respective clinical studies to prove their effectiveness. There are no studies that would study Testofuel specifically, but the studies mentioned in the website delve into each individual ingredient at length, so they’re pretty much enough to prove that the product really does work. Let’s take a look at these studies:

The first study entitled “D-aspartate, a key element for the improvement of sperm quality” is on DAA conducted by Gemma D’Aniello and her team of researchers. In this study, the researchers have studied the impact of DAA on sperm quality using 60 participants who are sub-fertile.

Half of them have oligo-asthenozoospermia and the other half have asthenozoospermia. They’re subjected to the DAA for 90 days. The research recorded the motility of the spermatozoa and the rate of pregnancies with their respective partners. The study concluded that the motility and rate of pregnancies improved after the participants took the DAA in the entire duration.

The next research entitled “Vitamin D and the athlete: risks, recommendations, and benefits” was made by Dana Ogan and focused more on the muscle growth and repair properties of Vitamin D. In this study, Ogan’s team compiled a whole list of other research materials regarding vitamin D to check if Vitamin D is optimal for athletic performance.

The study concluded that vitamin D is not only beneficial to muscle health and bone health but also to physical performance as a whole. It is also known for reducing high stress levels which is one of the biggest factors of bad performance in the bed. The research will tell you that Vitamin D is great for both your workout and your sex life.

The last research entitled “Zinc status and serum testosterone levels of healthy adults” created by Prasad AS and team focused on zinc’s role in healthy testosterone levels. As I mentioned above, oyster extract has extremely high levels of zinc. The research studied 40 men aged 20 to 80 years old and gave them zinc supplementation for 20 weeks.

The study resulted in the participants having an increase in serum testosterone levels after the duration. This showed the importance of zinc in the production of testosterone in the body. With that said, we can see that oyster extract is actually very effective in boosting testosterone since oyster extract has such a high concentration of zinc.


Does Testofuel have any side effects?


I have been taking Testofuel for 5 months straight, and I have not noticed any adverse side effects whatsoever. Some effects that I have experienced are when my body heats up a little more than usual and I get more sexually aroused easily. I also seem to be getting more energy these days after consistently taking the supplement. Of course, these are more of a benefit than a side effect, so I can’t really say if there are any.

If you also check other review sites, you won’t be able to find anyone stating that they’ve experienced some serious side effects. This is because all the ingredients found in the supplement are natural, so they shouldn’t harm you in any way.

You may just have to watch out if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients that were mentioned above. For instance, there are some people who are allergic to ginseng and cannot take male testosterone booster supplements that contain ginseng or anything similar.

That said, you can never be too sure because everyone has a different body constitution. You may have a body that isn’t compatible to the ingredients that are found inside the supplement. That’s why I’d recommend that you pay your physician a visit before you take Testofuel.

You may have some condition or illness that may make it detrimental for you to take testosterone boosters. Of course, it will be your doctor who knows your medical history, so it’s best to consult with him first. If your doctor gives you a green light, then you can go ahead and take the supplement. Just make sure that you’re 18 and above before you take it.


Does Testofuel help increase your sexual performance?


From my own personal experience (and the experiences of a few friends), I would say that it definitely does work. In fact, I already experienced some of the benefits after a month of taking the supplement. The first thing that I noticed was that I had more energy and had more stamina during my workouts. I could jog longer and even do more reps when I did my lifting and pushups.


With that improvement, I tried to see if it increased my sexual performance as well. It actually did! I noticed that I could last longer without getting too tired. I could also sustain an erection for much longer than I did before. I also noticed that the sperm from my ejaculations was more than before. Finally, I noticed that my penis was more sensitive too. This gave me a better sensation when having intercourse. This was all in just one month!


With that, I could say that it’s definitely really effective. With regard to increasing sexual performance, this is a product that I could recommend. This is especially good for men who have very stressful jobs and are too tired to get intimate with their wives when they go home. It can give you more energy and more stamina to make you great in bed.


Where to Buy Testofuel?


The best and safest place to buy Testofuel is its official website because you’re sure of the authenticity. You can use Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amazon Payments, and American Express to pay for the product. One box of this supplement will cost you $65, but you’ll have to pay for the shipping depending on which country you live in.


Testofuel does offer some packages that include some freebies and discounts. If you buy two boxes, you’ll pay for the price of two ($130), but you won’t have to pay for the shipping fee if you live in the UK or US. If you buy a package of three, you’ll get free shipping no matter where you are from along with one free box of Testofuel supplement and 2 free ebooks about effective workouts and nutrition. The package will cost you a total of $195.


One of the best things about buying straight from the website is that you’re covered by a 90-day money back guarantee if the product didn’t work for you. If you decide to make use of the money back guarantee, your money will be refunded fully. However, you need to return the bottle and cover the shipping fee.


If you don’t want to buy from the website, then there’s also the option of looking for an independent distributor. There are distributors on the internet who sell the product. You can look for one near your area. Some people prefer this method instead of online shopping as they feel like it’s safer to get the product upfront. For me, I have bought from the website several times so I can vouch for its reliability. Rarely have I ever gotten my product late when I order from the website.


You may also buy the product from online shopping websites such as Amazon or eBay. However, I would advise against buying from these mediums because there are some sellers who act as distributors of Testofuel but are actually scammers. Some sellers, on the other hand, are actually legit but they charge a hefty price for even just a single box. You can get it much cheaper if you buy from the website itself.


Additionally, you won’t be able to take advantage of the money back guarantee if you purchase it somewhere else.


With that, I highly recommend that you just buy from the website so you won’t have to think about all those things.


Does Testofuel really work?


I want to emphasize that Testofuel definitely works as both a workout supplement and a sexual health supplement. After 5 months of continuously taking the product, I’d like to share my results. So far, these are the results I’ve received:


  • A much better sex life


I experienced results just after one month of using the product, and it just keeps on getting better. Now, I can consistently perform well even though I have a stressful and taxing job.


  • Thicker sperm


I guess this is something that a lot of men who are trying to have children will really appreciate. With thicker and stronger sperm, you’ll increase the chances of impregnating your partner. I will definitely keep this supplement in mind when my wife and I decide to have our second child.


  • Better gains


Whenever I workout, I always take my usual protein shake to gain muscle. Of course, I also take Testofuel as my daily supplement to add to my overall muscle gain. With that combination, my body has become much more chiseled as compared to a few months ago. I’m even starting to see my abs again.


  • Better workout performance


My cardio performance and strength have gone up too. I can now jog for around an hour and a half without stopping. My lifting performance has increased as well.


  • Less belly fat


All of us know that belly fat and love handles are the hardest to get rid of. Somehow, having this testosterone booster besides me, I was able to have more “cuts” on the side and on my abdominal area. My back fats are almost gone too.


  • Less post-workout pain


Back when I just started taking Testofuel, I still had post-workout aches in my arms, legs, and abs which was pretty normal for me. However, after 3 months of taking Testofuel, my aches started lessening. Now, I hardly get any post-workout aches. If I do, they’re pretty bearable.




While I am quite picky about supplements, Testofuel is something that I can recommend. If you’re thinking about buying a box, then here are a few benefits that you may want to know of:


  • It’s made of very safe and effective natural ingredients
  • The ingredients all backed by scientific research
  • The brand is reputable and reliable
  • It can enhance your sexual performance
  • It can increase your stamina both in the bed and the gym
  • It helps in muscle growth and muscle maintenance
  • Has a very simple website and buying system



However, there are also a few cons that you have to take note of before you make your purchase. They are as follows:

  • The effects won’t show right away
  • Quite expensive compared to other brands
  • Does not have that many discounts and promos
  • Not vegan-friendly


Final Verdict

In conclusion, I would definitely say that Testofuel is a product that you should check out if you’re after greater sexual or workout performance as it can help you on both. With a boost in testosterone, you’ll literally become more masculine in your acts and your physique.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Testofuel is the only supplement that you should be taking. You should pair it with a balanced diet, vitamins, and some protein supplements. With the right intake, you can have a much healthier body.

With a healthier body, you’ll be able to perform at your peak and you’ll also have the body of your dreams. With a good lifestyle, adding Testofuel to the equation will get you the best results that you’re looking for.



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