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Vimax Patch Reviews

Some men wish their manhood is longer. They often equate the quality of their bed performance with the size of their penis. Fortunately, pharmaceutical companies are able to meet this part of men’s needs. Hence, they come up with enhancement products specially designed for men. Unfortunately, some companies and resellers of these items took advantage of the weak points of men that they find this an opportunity for personal gain. Meaning, not all male enhancement products work as claimed. Hence, consumers are urged to be very cautious and know when to draw the line between reality and exaggerated marketing strategy.

However, despite all these commercialism, there’s one product that gets everyone’s attention. It is Vimax Patch. This works by increasing your penis’ length and size without the need of taking any pill. This was formulated to improve blood circulation to the penis. The blood will then be stored in certain chambers, causing your manhood to get harder and firmer than before when it erects. And users claim that the effect of Vimax Patch will even be maximized when the person also use extender and do manual exercise.

What’s with the patch?

We know that there are capsules these days marketed as effective male enhancers. But we also know that some men want to escape the part where they need to regularly take pills. For this reason, pharmaceuticals came up with a good alternative; transdermal patches. Besides, capsules take a long way before it can work on your system. They have to go through digestion first before they will be absorbed and work things out for you. But patches do it using shortcuts. Their ingredients are delivered right into your blood stream via transdermal route. And since these ingredients are released in regulated units, you know that there will be the continuous administration of its active ingredients to your system. This makes it more efficient compared to oral meds.

Here’s what Vimax Patch can do for you:

  • Promote blood flow through smooth muscle relaxation,
  • Stimulates increased blood flow to the chambers in your penile area, specifically; corpora cavernosa.
  • Increase stamina that allows longer lasting erection and satisfactory sexual session.
  • Indicated specially for men who are taking antacids. Antacids can interfere with medication absorption; hence oral meds won’t take effect.



Vimax Patch contains potent ingredients that work very well for male enhancement. Among these ingredients are as follows:

  • Siberian and American Ginseng

For more physical energy which helps in boosting the person’s stamina. Hence, he will have more intense sexual desire and more energy to perform better.

  • Gotu Kola

This is a common herbal medicine in Eastern countries that is popularly known as an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction. It also boosts mental stamina and increases physical energy. It is also a potent antitoxin.

  • Fo-Ti

This is known for its ability to restore vigor, fertility and youthfulness, a very effective aphrodisiac.

Other ingredients include:

  • Damiana root with good aphrodisiac qualities
  • Saw palmetto which is also known as a potent aphrodisiac
  • Menthol for better transdermal delivery and its cooling sensation works well in soothing the skin

Side Effects

Vimax Patch has no known side effect. It is very gentle on skin and does not cause any allergy. It also has easy application. Some resellers may exaggerate their ads like causing dramatic enlargement of up to 3-4”. Growth happens gradually so it will take time.

How to Use

Patches are the easiest male enhancement option you can choose these days. All you need to do is:

  1. Apply the patch on the lower abdomen, arm or at any part of your body that you are comfortable having a patch on. Just don’t apply this directly on your penis.
  2. Wait for 3 days. On the third day, you will notice significant results. For it to be more effective, place it on different spots.
  3. After 3 days, replace the old patch with a new one to allow continuous transdermal delivery of male enhancing ingredients through your skin. To remove this, put soap on it. Make sure that you apply it on an area where there is no hair. And stick the patch firmly.
  4. You can still wear the patch while taking a bath or even when doing activities like sports. Besides, it does not come off very easy.

Where to Buy

Buying it online from its official website is the safest and most convenient way to acquire the product.

Does Vimax Patch Work?

Its route of delivery makes Vimax Patch better than oral male enhancers. Their blends of ingredients work well for its users too. Though results may differ from one person to another, we can’t deny the fact that there is a positive outcome that comes from it. Though some waited for 4-6 months to see the changes that they desire, other claimed that they saw dramatic effects after weeks of using it. Most importantly, men using this product are rewarded with improved sexual pleasure.


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