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Will Eating the Right Types of Foods Improve Your Sex Life?

Even the sexiest lingerie doesn’t guarantee for a better sex if you don’t have the right eating habits. If you eat the right kind of food, it will boost your overall energy and there will be improved circulation all over your system.

It is also true that foods do not have the capacity to increase your libido. However, if you lack the necessary nutrients needed for your stamina, your body’s circulation will be compromised and you will have decreased libido as a result of it.

What specific vitamins and nutrients then can keep your libido at its peak? Well, these are B Vitamins and Vitamin E to name a few. Hence, to be sure that you are getting all these nutrients from your diet, plan you meals well. By doing so, you will be rewarded with better circulation, more energy and increased confidence at the same time.

What types of foods must you include in your diet then to ensure better sex? Below are some examples of them:



As we know, bananas are good sources of potassium. This type of mineral is needed for your nerve, heart and brain’s health. This is also essential for muscles to function. With healthy muscles, you will have more intense and better contractions during orgasm.


Basil is used as a spice for many foods. But it does more than just making your dishes palatable. Do you know that its smell arouse most men? It has physiologic effects too like improvement of blood flow which follows after your heart rate increases. This is also used for its anti-inflammatory properties. With the reduction in the swelling of your body, it will promote better circulation to various parts of your body and this does not exclude your sex organs.

Cayenne Powder

If you have been always on the lookout for foods that trigger sexual desires, you must have noticed that Cayenne Powder is always present on the list. Basically, this is a spice that came from South America. Its active ingredient called “capsaicin” proved to increase heart rate, promote metabolism, increase sweat production and promote a better circulation. All these physiological factors are needed when you have sex. However, this does not mean you have to consume a lot of Cayenne Powder in your diet. Just a little dash of it will surely favor your performance on bed.


We know chocolate to be a happy aphrodisiac. That is why many people who feel sad and depressed take this to elevate or lighten up their mood. Apart from the fact that chocolate makes a lovely desert, Science has proven this to produce euphoric feeling which makes a person happy. This is because of its phenylethylamine content. Once you eat chocolates, dopamine will be released. This type of neurotransmitter is at its peak when the person has an orgasm. According to a study conducted; this increases libido among women too.


Cinnamon does not only give you sweet, warm feeling when taken with your food. This spices your sex life as well. In a study that was published in 2009, it acts by reducing glucose in your blood. Once your blood sugar level is stable, your energy will be sustained too. Hence, spikes and crashes will be prevented, otherwise, you bedroom mood will be interrupted.


This promotes better circulation to your sex organs. And this is because of its “allicin” content. Better blood flow would make your sex organs more sensitive. This is not only good for your organ’s health but offers you more pleasure when making love at the same time.


Any sex expert will surely recommend oysters in your diet. Such has been known to be an aphrodisiac for so long now. The appearance of oysters alone is already sexually provocative. But more than that, it has great zinc content too. Zinc boosts testosterone level among men, which is good both for their health and sex life.


Spinach is widely known, thanks to Popeye creators. Because of them, this has been well advertised as a healthy food. Within its leafy greens is folate which is an essential B vitamin needed in the production of red blood cells. It boosts energy and improves circulation. Hence, it counters irritability and fatigue; 2 things that you will need for an excellent bed performance.


Drink this with chocolate and expect your libido to be ceiling high. You need to know that it comes in many forms. Aside from being used as food flavor, this is also available as perfume and oil, producing a scent that arouses men. A creamy vanilla desert for your romantic dinner will surely end up with a night you will never forget.


This is often sought for because of its refreshing and palatable taste. But do you know that it makes your bedroom performance a lot better as well? Its amino acid called “citrulline” increases libido. It also dilates blood vessels and has similar effect with that of a ED medications; a drug commonly used for erectile dysfunction.

You can always count on the food you eat, not just in promoting your good health but to back you up in your bed performance as well. The ones mentioned above have been proven to be effective. So if you want to improve your sex life, better add some of them to your diet.



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